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  1. Rio is the go with half a small chain link welded to the top ,make a few different lenghts depending on what the current is doing
  2. Thanks Reefmagic it was a good day ,top captain and the decky was a legend thanks fellas
  3. Mad love the Fad
  4. Nice feed in that fish ,you would have to watch ya back close to the shore
  5. I seen a couple in the bin today at the botany ramp and two massive dolly Frames
  6. That's the go looks like you have a few kilos
  7. Nice Mako are they any good for the table
  8. I like the little chunk out of the tail how was the fat content and colour ,Nice fish
  9. I hope your connection is right
  10. Good read mate ,Congrats on the fish
  11. Looks like a great day
  12. How far is it out to Southern Canyons fellas
  13. Great Fish cant wait to catch one myself
  14. Mobs of weed at work at the moment if you can get out to Leppington freshwater weed,
  15. looks like you all had a mad session