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  1. Hi All, Keep a close eye on your crab traps and lobster pots in Broken Bay as there is a thief on the loose. My lobster pot was taken Tues night/ Wed morning from Lion Island. PM me if you get offered one cheap or see one online!
  2. A mate just told me he saw the same thing an hour ago at Bobbin Head. They were feeding the bream at the marina when a monster went through and busted them up.
  3. IMPORTANT SURVEY ALL - show our relevance

    Done also
  4. Coral Crab

    If you ever get one don’t throw it back. Very tasty. A bit more salty than a blue swimmer. Similar to the saltiness of a prawn. The claws have white meat also as opposed to the browny meat in a blue swimmer. Now I just need to repair my traps as something ripped one and decimated the other leaving just a blue swimmer claw to tease me!!
  5. Coral Crab

    Hi guys, Caught this Coral Crab at the mouth of the Hawkesbury last night. Can’t see anything on Fishraider about them and not much on the web. Is it rare for the area and how do they taste?
  6. Solo Offshore Broken Bay

    Well done. Did you go past the Sydney North FAD?
  7. Narrabeen PB

    Well done. Cracking fish.
  8. Knottable wire leader

  9. Knottable wire leader

    Hi Luke, You can get graphite knottable steel leader. Mine is 15kg. 5 metres was $19. If you want the bait shop where I got it shoot me a PM and you can ring them to see if they still stock it. Brew
  10. Hey guys, I was in Americas Bay (Hawkesbury/Pittwater system) on Tuesday night when a commercial fisherman rocked up at around midnight. He was in a tinnie and set nets up hard against the rocks. He would set them up in virtual darkness and collect them in with full spotlights on. Just curious what he was going for, mullet, squid? Any one know?
  11. Wet Weather Tactics

    They’re made of bamboo rayon and modal. They feel soft and they say anti odour and blister free so we’ll see.
  12. Wet Weather Tactics

    In winter when wet and cold I wear an old pair of ski pants - waterproof and warm. When hairtail-ing I wear a battery heated bike top under a rain jacket, the ski pants and fake $5 buck ugg boots. Some may say get an injection of concrete but I’m happy and warm in those bitterly cold Hawkesbury nights. Lastly, my better half just got me some waterproof socks for my birthday. Looking forward to giving them a go in the winter off the beach when I usually wear shoes. Shoes can get soaked but in theory my feet should be warm and dry.
  13. avoca 02/01/2018

    Pippis are few and far between at the moment. Heaps of worms. As per Rick no yabbies on beaches. For the worms you need to move away from the flags at both ends.
  14. Dolphin Fish Mahi Mahi

    Hi Paddy, Do you mean the Sydney Harbour FAD which is near the Dee Why waverider? Don't think there is a waverider near the Sydney North FAD. I don't want raiders searching all day for something that isn't there. Brew
  15. avoca 02/01/2018

    For tailor/salmon I usually use 40-60lb leader on about a 15lb line. You can go way smaller however. For Whiting go as light as possible. 1-2lbs is fine. You don't need a heavier leader as use a small long shank hook and you will hook them in the lip nearly every time. The bream are usually just over legal so you could go the same as Whiting or a little heavier plus a slightly heavier leader. You can get some big bream there so you might get dusted occasionally. I recently got a 43cm as a by catch when fishing for jews and it took a half bonito fillet on a 6/0 hook.