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  1. Hi All, Big boil of Bonnies off Box Head today. Should be close by tomorrow as they were holding there. Also small tailor schools every 100 metres about 1 km out. Mostly small however we found some larger ones around West Reef.
  2. About a month ago I saw a guy catch a carp in the lake in front of Westfield Belconnen. If looking from the Westfield he was on the board walk off to the left. There is a few car parks there and you walk across the grass. Not sure what he was using for bait or rig. Good luck.
  3. Beach usually fishes well with dead baits. Pilchards and prawns will get you flathead, bream, tailor, salmon and the occasional jew (especially if the lake is open). Whiting and dart are also common. Look for the deeper water (gutters) usually around the lake. Southern end near the flags doesn't fish well. Rocks are good at the southern end however you will need cleats otherwise you are likely to slip and fall in. I've seen it heaps of times. Good luck.
  4. Hey Zoran, Did you get out there? Are they still around? Anyone else do Barrenjoey on the weekend? I'm taking two guys out tomorrow who don't fish much so would love to know if anyone got any this weekend?
  5. Hi mate, Cape Le Grand is nice for camping and fishing. Also ask the ranger for directions to Margaret Cove (Secret spot). Very remote which is great if you want some isolation. Fitzgerald NP had fish and abolone. Mussels in front of Rivermouth Caravan Park in Denmark. Pemberton has the Gloucester tree to climb. Busselton has the pier which you can go under the water to view the fish. If caves are of interest there are a few south of Margaret River. I think Lake Cave was our favourite. North of Busselton is a campground that is dusty at Herron Point, Harvey Inlet that you can get prawns and crabs. This was all back in 2004 so much could have changed. Enjoy.
  6. Yep, that's the one.
  7. Good luck. Hope the wind drops for you.
  8. Halcos are the best. I've caught everything from GTs to Coral Trout to Cobias to Black Jewfish up north on them. Never fail. Lost too many to those bloody baracudas in recent months. My recent report on the Mako was a Halco too. And no, I'm not a shareholder - wish I was!!
  9. Yes, had an xrap out in pink that got bitten off straight away. Just used the one rod after that due to being solo and the swell. Halco Laser pro white head did all the damage. Caught about 15 Bonnies and 5 tailor.
  10. The tailor in the photo was 40 so just above that.
  11. Hey Guys, Just a quick heads up to those who fish Pittwater/Hawkesbury. The bonnies and tailor are around in decent numbers between Barrenjoey and West Head. Had heaps of fun today however the swell is nasty so be careful. Look for the birds. Good luck.
  12. Yep, shovelnose ray/shark
  13. Hi all, Last week the family and I stayed in some cabins on Wallis Lake part of a caravan park. Highly recommend the spot if anyone wants to PM me even if you just want to relax and not fish. We were there for my father in law's birthday so managed a few sessions with him, my brother in law and my son. First session caught a few small flathead on a hard body, a long tom on a live mullet and some really fat big bream on mullet strips. All were released. There is a channel there that you wade to so your feet go through weed (more on that later) and you're no more than waste deep. Second session was at night in the same spot with live mullet. Managed a 55 cm flathead, some bream and this river monster! It was nearly as long as my leg and fatter than my calf. Made us think twice about wadding through the weeds! Imagine that rubbing up against you in the dead of the night! Great few days with the kids as it's perfect for them with the shallow water. A few days later went out in Pittwater overnight with my daughter and moored in Americas Bay. Managed a 55cm flathead, some garfish and this guy. Can you guess what it is?
  14. I can't get away from them. My last four trips all had baracouta catches. Went out for a troll this afternoon with a mate and we couldn't get away from them. They were at Barrenjoey Headland, 2 km off as well, Lion Island, Box Head and West Reef. Only managed one tailor in between many many baracouta. Losing too many lures at the moment! Back to the shop. This was off Lion Island. We hooked up before even closing the bail arm many times. Anyone know why so many are here and when they will move on?
  15. Hi All, Managed to get out yesterday for a solo session on my boat. Left Akuna Bay around mid morning and got out past Barrenjoey shortly after. Trolled around for a few hours and managed to get a few just legal tailor and barracouta. Birds everywhere. Not long after getting a barracouta my halco pro got absolutely slammed with line screaming for a good minute. I left it in the holder while I got the other line in and finally after about 150 metres it jumped. A massive mako. I only had 60lb mono leader on so I thought this won't last long. It jumped a few more times easily clearing the water by a couple of metres and goings crazy. Managed to hold on for 30 minutes and got it to within 10 metres of the boat before it had enough, thrashed again, and bit me off. I got a decent look at it and it was well over my height so I'm guessing 2.5 metres ++ On mono I'm calling it catch and release! Called it a day as it doesn't get much better than that, headed back in and took a few photos of these guys on the way back. They are on a rock off Barrenjoey headland. Great morning to be out. Cheers Brew