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  1. Yeah was a good day even thow the fish were quite will post date and times of the next outing probably do a roseville trip
  2. Gonna hit the hacking this sunday if anyone is keen gonna push off say 6am from wallys wharf weather and tides seem nice
  3. You know im down brother what about razzel were is he
  4. So Who is Keen for this saturday from port kembla boat ramp from aiming for a 5am launch so we can load up on some yakkas and hopefully a squid or 2
  5. So Who is Keen for Saturday 17th Launching From Yowie Bay or Wallys Wharf more the people we get more the Bragging Rights for the Biggest Fish Caught
  6. Very Nice why the change from a pa to the outback
  7. Hey Mate i bought my Hobie PA14 Last year and i cant be happier with it there fast and easy to use there is very little need to pimp it most people have there preference on the hobie or the native crafts these 2 brands are by far the market leaders best bet is to keep an eye out for the try before you buy days i know penrith Bass Angler do it also there is another place in north sydney i think do it . personally i found the pa14 had more room and was more stable and @ 120kg im no light weight and i find it very easy to stand in and cast till my hearts content good luck with your choice and remember to post picks and brag about your new yak in the forums
  8. the beach next to the treament works isnt to bad with a 2 people its very doable
  9. you wanna go back to willis road or just launch from PK ramp again and we dont need to worry about sharks i had a small tiger visit mine when i went to to port mac , there usually just curious we have more of a chance running in to a bull shark in sydney harbour or in the hawkesbury
  10. Hey Dude been waiting for the Text message to say your all mended im keen to hit the island at port to we can launch from a beach near hill 60
  11. Anyone up for a Kayak Session thinking inner Harbor Somewhere or middle harbor open to suggestions its been a while
  12. Dam well done unfortunately wife was in hospital but looks like you did well
  13. its this weekend champ was thinking about launching from somewhere near cottage tree point
  14. is anyone keen on meeting up with the hairtail social crew on the saturday on the yaks and try our luck on catching hairtail from the yaks
  15. Best Tip is to leave your beer out on the Deck over night and you will have a nice frosty brew for the next day Also wonder how i would go sleeping on the hobie over night been thing about this i have