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  1. Can you eat them?
  2. Cattai Creek does hold Bass, but you need to get closer to the Hawkesbury River.
  3. Thank you Flatheadluke, it did look like Salmon to me, but now that you point it out, I can see it is pickled ginger
  4. Tuna and Salmon?
  5. Sounds like a simple recipe
  6. Well I have been fishing up here at Kempsey for the past week, with only an undersize Bream to brag about. A friend of my mate, former professional Fisho took us out on the river and showed us the ropes. He uses gulps and took us to some of his hot spots and we bagged out on flathead. What a great day and what a great fishing teacher he was. We are eating the results of todays outing as I type. It does truly make a big difference in results when a fishing master gives you tips.
  7. NSW just does not have the passion that QLD have. They need to play for the state not them selves.
  8. Taps, let's see if this site is well read and the finder returns it to you.
  9. LuckyFil, we were at Kinchela and drifted down to Jersyville. Plastics were the preferred bait.
  10. raging, there is public weight bridge at Box Hill, near the intersection of Garfield Rd and Windsor Rd.
  11. Big Neil, I feel that it is not too late and this site is a prime example of how we, as Fishos can make a positive difference,
  12. I am off to South West Rocks to have a go at estuary fishing. My mate who lives there has stated that the Flatties are on.
  13. What type of squid are they?
  14. I agree with John Dory, sometimes things just happen. Try again.
  15. Is this a double post?
  16. I will give this a go, thank you Rob81.
  17. Perhaps a bit late in the season and with the current rain, too much fresh water?
  18. They are great to eat, but how do you get rid of he sand in them?
  19. The rat does look realistic.
  20. Big Neil has the herpes virus been released? I wonder if it may have killed off the Carp?
  21. What a striking fish the first Rainbow is!
  22. Yes, fishing sessions like this make the sport so enjoyable.
  23. Hello Regan, just use the search section and type in Hawkesbury Jews. There are numerous topics which will assist you. Have a great time fishing.
  24. In response to part A, I feel that any crab that is fresh and cooked correctly is delicious to eat. Part B This is not the optimum time of the year to catch crabs around Sydney. September onwards.
  25. Hey, Chris457, there is only on way to find out if there are any fish there. Give it a go and the best of luck.