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  1. +1 for Willy weather. You can convert the wind speed to show km/h but even better it classes the wind speed as well eg. calm, light, gale , cyclone etc. It's also got swell height and tides. cheers Richard
  2. From Daiso? Could be anything, like a potato peeler or a foot warmer
  3. Luke, don't teach him too well or for the rest of your life you'll trying to beat his PBs richard
  4. Congrats Wellzy, The fact that she fishes was more than enough reason to marry her!! Like myself, I see you're punching way above you weight LOL. All the best on a great life together. cheers Richard
  5. Love your work mate. With the W hooks is there any reason you leave the split ring on? I would of thought W hook directly to lure would be better so both hooks face backwards. Am I missing something? Richard
  6. Good report. I guess you get good and bad days. A tip with the parking. Park at the top of the hill before the hairpin turn, it's free. cheers Richard
  7. I use a drop of glue with Z man SP, coz they're so stretchy they won't stay snug next to the jig weight. Here on the tackle tactics website the recommend a drop of glue to lock in the plastic. cheers richard
  8. Dont think it's fake as there are plenty of hits if you goggle it. It reckon it's old stock no longer in production or maybe from overseas rich
  9. thanks for the great advice derek. one of the main reasons FR is such a great site!!
  10. Well done DRC. Congrats. It's amazing how often the old "one last cast" comes up trumps!! richard
  11. Also great coz there's no scales and so easy to skin!
  12. Sweet Jewie!!
  13. I can't speak for ebay vibes, but what I do is refit my vibes with W hooks and this has resulted in a lot less losses richard
  14. That's a really nice flattie, hope it tasted great. If you want to target them might I suggest you try soft plastic lures. I've actually never heard of a flathead caught on your type of metal lure before!! Mods is that possibly a FR record? Flathead on metal slice.
  15. Found this on the cause of Lordosis Vertebral anomalies have been found in various kinds of fish stocks and wild populations. Vertebral deformities like scoliosis (abnormal lateral curvature), lordosis (excessive inward curvature), kyphosis (excessive outward curvature) and ankylosis (abnormal stiffening and immobility of joint due to fusion of bones), though rare, but have been recorded for many species of teleosts. The causes of these have been ascribed to hazardous effects of environmental contamination, scarcity of nutrients, oxygen deficiency, sudden changes in temperature, water current, mutation, inbreeding, parasitic infestation and mechanic trauma, attack from predators etc. I think the actual cause is they just don't know