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  1. winter fishing

    Tyrone, I understood the best time to do this is while the tide is slack, ie an hour before and after high and low tide. Is this correct?? cheers Richard
  2. size improving

    Well done, great report, looking forward to the next one cheers Richard
  3. weedbeds

    Weedless soft plastics
  4. 30min session

    Excellent fish but more excellent discipline. If I got one second cast I reckon i'd probably still be there. lol richard
  5. Spending tips

    Here you go. Don't know if you've used Dinga before but I can guarantee you'll be blown away by the price and service Hi Fishraiders, Thank you for the warm welcome, and great to hear many of you have already experienced the benefits and advantages of DINGA Online, and why it unanimously considered the #1 for Fishing Tackle by Australia's Angling Community In addition to our already low prices (if not the lowest prices in Australia), we would like to offer all Fishraider members (new & existing), an additional 5% discount on all their orders. Before placing an order please email us at with the below details and we will assign you to a special customer group which will provide you with an additional 5% discount off our already low prices. Plus we will deliver every order to you within Australia free. All you need to do is email us with the following details: 1. Email address 2. Fishraider "Display Name" ... and we will apply this special extra discount offer to all of your orders from that time on. If you are not already a DINGA Club member, just go to this page and join (free) and fill in your details before you emails us with your details. At DINGA Online we don’t offer discounts on inflated prices. Our special offers are truly special offers. We pride ourselves on being a cut above the competition, but what really sets us apart is what we like to call "The DINGA Difference". • Super fast, FREE shipping (Signed in DINGA Club Members) • All products backed by the DINGA 100% Guarantee (Easy Returns) • Best Value Guarantee (We will beat any advertised online price that an Australian competitor has in stock) • Protect your purchase from Click to Delivery • DINGA Buyer Protection (On all Transactions) • Enjoy 5 Star Service (Before & After Purchase) We are always happy to help you if you require assistance - please let us know by email, or call us during business hours on 02 4960 8840.
  6. Bail arm snapping over on spinning reel

    Does this help??
  7. Newcastle Beaches

    mmmm whiting
  8. Disposing of acetone

    I'd keep it, it comes in quite useful as a solvent
  9. weipa

    Nice haul
  10. Flathead on light leader

    thanks mate
  11. is there something wrong with my S factor??

    thanks Scatchie
  12. is there something wrong with my S factor??

  13. is there something wrong with my S factor??

    Sorry I did attach a photo that doesn't seem to have come out. Hope this one comes out. It actually looks lighter to me
  14. Back to the battery

    I suppose just make sure you got proof of purchase in case you need a warranty claim. with the acid it would have been a lot worse if you'd scratched yourself downstairs. so tasting was probably only the second dumbest thing to do!! LOL
  15. Hi, I purchased some S factor in a large tube about a year ago, haven't needed to open it till recently as I've been using up the small tubes you get with the Pro range. When I opened the tube it looks different to the stuff in the small tubes. Is this correct?