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  1. Spinning Reel and Rod - Buying

    I think the major benefit is for the fish. It will not have to survive with 20m of mono behind it - if the line breaks on knot between leader and mainline.
  2. Tuggerah lake

    Rick, a few questions please. - do you mind to show (photo) how you rig the gulp worm on the jig? -how lightest is enough as there is no need to cast a mile from kayak - would be 1/32 , weightless/small weedless jig OK for gulp worm for sand flats ? - why Tuggerah lake whiting taste so funny at least near The Entrance? Thanks.
  3. Spinning Reel and Rod - Buying

    Rods may have one or several ratings. They are usually in ranges e.g. 2-4 kg. If the rating is in lb or kg - it is suggested line rating for the rod. If the rating in g (gram) - it is suggested lure/casting(bait+sinker) weight. If the rating in PE - it is suggested line thickness rating. If you multiply stated PE rating by 10 you will get aproximate line rating in lb. Usually all the available info is on a rod and rod manufacturer website. Sometimes full information is on tackle shop website.
  4. Mixed bag for the Christmas dinner table

    Bream. I would consider making Ukrainian taranka (air-dried salted fish) though it will take time. Drummer. I cook whole cleaned drummer with a bit of garlic/pepper/salt in a foil in oven, and prefer drummer to bream. Never had issues with drummer stomaches though likely it depends where they lived and what they usually ate. Kelpfish. Never kept kelpfish , though I believe Chinese eat it, so presumably it is not so bad if cooked properly.
  5. Soft plastics VS Hard body lures

    Like Rick mentioned - rather broad question. Most of large online fishing tackle shops have their lures products section organized by lure types now. So, usually plenty of info with lure type pictures, prices, brands, sizes, action etc. to start. Have a look at Dinga's tackle website.
  6. Jig heads !

    @flatheadluke , no matter what flathead thinks or likes, tackle shops will be selling every year new lures . @Kaneo, have a look at fishing article section of the forum. There are 4 articles that cover Flathead fishing on SP in details. I do not have a favorite SP lure for Flathead, jig weight is enough to cast to the spot and to bring the lure slowly to the bottom. Hook size probably 1/0.

    Neil, just click on a heart sign in the corner and you will see further 4 options/signs with explanation including FA Cup .
  8. Single hook or trebled?

    Which store is that one? I cannot find these hooks on website. I felt once very connected to impatient flathead by a lure with 2 trebles. We became blood brothers.
  9. Jig heads !

    A few more notes based on personal experience. - 1 bag should be enough unless the SP bags comes with some liquid. - it is easier just to wash and dry the lures that you used, rather than all those exposed to the salty environment. Metal lures in the box may get wet (condensate) and sticky just due to difference in temperature as those plano trays are not air tight. - Some soft plastic may destroy fully lead on jigheads if stored for long time in a full bag of SP
  10. Jig heads !

    Good idea to keep them in the original bag. Alternatively you can buy a pack of small sealed bags from Woolies/Coles. I prefer those bags as I do not want to take all my soft plastic "collection" with me. I keep those bags with lures in a Sistema plastic box (from the mentioned stores) which makes it waterproof, sandproof and smell-proof (if necessary for smelly gulp or other scented stuff )). I prefer same sealed bags for hard bodies or hooks as well - as large open tackle box tends to collect salt, water and sand which result in rust (particularly quickly for delicate trebles) .
  11. Rod challenge

    Thank you.

    Sorry to hear that. If there is no choice -google "mobile tyre repairs" and there should be some options at cost.
  13. Rod challenge

    The sponsor's Sienna is a newer model. I think Shimano reduced from 2 ball bearings to 1 in it. If they drop the last one in the next model then that will be the cheapest "waterproof " reel with 10 year warranty 😊. What lures and line did she use for bass from kayak?
  14. Rod challenge

    Good catch and thanks again for the photos. Did $20 challenge include just a rod, or rod reel set (incl. Sienna on the photo)? If you want to take the challenge to the next level - Big orange snake store has regularly mojiko rider? combos on sale for $10. Reel is cr@p , however rod is reasonably good for casting lures within its weight range. I liked its size (below 6") for casting lures from difficult areas -near/under the hanging trees/bushes etc. Short butt allows easy working lures from kayak.
  15. Old School Groper Alvey setup

    The new/shorter tip will be stiffer and will allow to handle better heavier line and heavier casting weights. If the donor rod is 2 piece then I might trim from both tip and butt otherwise the new/uneven-length rod pieces will look ugly.