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  1. We are not allowed to name businesses that are not sponsors on the the forum. Google affordable fishing tackle australia and have a look at website that start with D. I would not suggest you buying anything online until you understand exactly what you need and what you are buying. Same applies to the local brick and mortar shops without no questions return policy.
  2. Bunnings has cheap tackle boxes if you need them, just under different name. I find fishing bag or durable backpack way more comfortable. Prefilled tackle boxes are usually half-filled with useless junk and you usually will not realize that until you gain some fishing experience Cheaper fishing tackle is usually online, sometimes even with free shipping, another option is sales period in big fishing camping chain stores.
  3. I presume that's because Alvey filled the local "niche" of beach and rock fishing for a long time until spin reels became stronger and more durable.
  4. Did you check NZ market? Shimano etc supply more LBG/OH stuff there than to AU. Should be easier to order and deliver.
  5. Have a look on your rod.There should be a line rating on it. Same about reel.
  6. I just buy 'fresh' fish at seafood market, salt it and use it for a while to catch a fresh baitfish. Quite disappointing experience with quality of frozen servo baits and bait prices at tackle shops. If you can not use lures due to injuries - check if you still can slowly drag a stripe of fish or chicken or even SP with pauses along the bottom - tasty flatties are easily fooled.
  7. I use Platypus.Try googling - there are still plenty of mono line for alveys comparisons/discussions available online.
  8. How about TXT messages - probably no need to get the phone out of the zip lock bags?
  9. May be. I find it easier to use anti-reverse rather than then pull the thin braid with bare hands under 3-5 kg drag. For lures (with lighter drag) - it is just a habit..
  10. There is a book called Complete Fishing Bible, quite common as was re-issued a plenty of times, high chance to find in a local library or in a bookstore. The book should rate eating qualities for most fish species. Also, some of the free Android fishing Apps also have fish eating qualities details. Easy to download and check. I do not rely on those ratings anyway as sometimes they can be almost opposite.
  11. I do not find anti-reverse annoying - quite opposite - useful. I do realize that it is another chance for potential reel problems under heavy use. Usually I use anti-reverse to adjust the distance from sinker or lure to the rod tip for better casting. It can be tricky to adjust the heavy sinker distance by open bail arm at night in winter with frozen hands or without light. I also use anti-reverse if I keep rigged rods with reels in the car - to remove pressure on braid or graphite rod tip. Most modern Alveys have Drag On/Off switch which can be used as anti-reverse.
  12. Plenty of overhead and Alvey reels have fish alarm and allow to pre-set the drag.
  13. Ugly Stik 2-5kg should be a soft slow action rod for bait fishing, so not quite suitable for casting far, and no large spool/reel required. Shakespeare reels are frequently paired in combos with Ugly Stiks or Shakespeare rods in fishing tackle shops. Have a look at them in a few shops, and it might give you a better idea and a feeling of different matches.
  14. The price in the store can be also different from their website.
  15. The issue is usually for casting braid and not so much for mono.