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  1. surf fishing in winter

    PVC waders on top of thermals (or thick cotton shorts) and thick wool socks are ok for me for short (a few hours) wet winter fishing sessions. If there is a risk of falling I would use wetsuit parts, otherwise consider breathable waders.
  2. weedbeds

    Just google weedless and worm jig. And this:
  3. A girl from Cowan

    Thanks mate!
  4. is there something wrong with my S factor??

    I used a few small and a few large/black/retail tubes. The first one (small one) stayed in a tackle bag over 1 year before I decided to try it, and it worked. Some of them had different colors inside . I was told it is ok and I think it is ok as I saw different colors in the clear small tubes in the tackle shops. The one that did not work - did not have same consistency. It was rather liquid on top and thicker on bottom. I think it was a poor quality control of the batch rather than tube age.
  5. Reel maintenance and problems

    Thank JonD. I did not know about such variety of WD40 products. Could not find the most important one though in the weblink - WD40 The Fish Attractant 😊.
  6. A girl from Cowan

    Thanks mate. Some unforgettable wet experience in the past and Van Staal or ZeeBaas are not an option at the moment . On a serious note , Alveys can be quite practical on a yak if Alvey rig is a bit modded.
  7. Fishing bags

    I use large/travel back pack to bring all the stuff to the fishing spot (so my hands are free e.g for safety on the rocks or heavy tracks at night ) and use a smaller shoulder tackle bag while actually fishing (way easier to reach the stuff comparing to back pack particularly when wading) . I used to use one middle size back pack to keep all stuff with me while fishing - it just heated and made my back wet and cold and pulled me down with weight. Hiking back packs with good air flow will not hold a lot of stuff due to bent shape. I have about 7 back packs now LOL.
  8. A girl from Cowan

    Thanks mate. Larger net would look like a sail on my narrow yak :) May be worth considering it I have a gaff for a larger fish if it meant to be caught for feed.
  9. A girl from Cowan

    Thanks mate. Yes it was some totally unexpected fun. Though once I noticed that the end of hook was sticking out of the mouth lip (no leader to be chewed) it became 'tire the fish' game . The fish tend to pull down most of the time just under the center of kayak so I might have had totally different consequences with light graphite rod.
  10. A girl from Cowan

    Thank you Welster. I have read that fish yakers on Palm beach (Gold Coast) use/used Alveys on their Stealthes however never saw it on youtube. I use mono though I do not do any depth fishing (so far) or high speed troling. I have read that NZ yakkers use braid on alveys ! There are also couple videos on youtube with russian guy using alveys in NZ. I can use alvey for bait casting and bait drifting- no issues with twist . However trolling larger bait while paddling gives some unpleasant twist. I dunked a few eggbeaters in the past - and they are not so smooth since then after service (35 y.o. Daiwa (which l trolled once for 2km in the water) that you can see on the other side of kayak photo - is an exception)
  11. A girl from Cowan

    Thank you guys. Did not expect to catch anything in that weather. Now thinking about adding fishfinder to improve the chances.
  12. A girl from Cowan

    Haven't posted for a while in the report section. The weather forecast for the weekend was meant to be very 'promising'. A the same time my 'kayak itch' was developing, so snelling hooks, checking the gear or similar 'housework' was not an option. Decided to seek sheltered waters and went to Cowan for a yak session on a Sat morning. Took pilchards (as a backup plan) and a plenty of lures. It was windy however more gusts than permanent wind, kayak handled it with ease even without the rudder. So I continued to paddle. Regular showers in a waterproof hat (thanks to @HenryR old advice) in a cool wet weather did not bother me. At the spot I rigged a piece of pilchard on a weighted hook and put a rod in a back rod holder hoping for some lure action. Once I took a 2nd/lure rod in a hand - I felt a 'vibro call' through the body of a yak. I thought - young bream pickers, and casted my SP. Then I felt a weight on a bait rod behind me, so I reeled the SP quickly back. Started winching the bait rod - something heavy on a line. Soon I saw a close to 1 meter white log in a water. I thought - finally Jew from kayak ! , then a log turned over and I saw big square head (bloody PJ!? in Cowan??? ) , then I managed to pull it closer to the 'boat' and a saw a flat head of the fish. Big girl had 5 or so runs. A few times a I weakened and re-tightened the drag hoping that Big W 4 size hook will not let me down. When the big girl was exhausted I had a dilemma whether to pull the fish to the shore or try to take it aboard. A shore was a bit away, so paddling and pulling the fish in a water probably would take a while. I managed to put a fish in landing net when the fish was a bit quiet, and pulled it in a yak. The last thing that I wanted - was a big girl lap dance in a 65 cm narrow tippy kayak with all the head spikes and usual flathead landing 'fun'. The girl was unusually quiet in a kayak (unlike her 60cm brother a few weeks ago). So I paddled to the shore to measure the fish, make some photos and bring the fish back. The flathead was 88 cm ( PB for me ). The big girl was released in the same spot to multiply and harass local bait fish population. A few bites, however no catches later. Alvey 500 size and very Ugly Stik did the job. No feed, cold and wet a$$, a smile for the day, new PB , a few pictures and plenty of good memories. Tight lines!
  13. Shimano Stradic Handle Cap

    Mate, call/visit a few local tackle shops, some of them do repairs on site and might have cheap spare used/new parts. They usually keep handles+caps.
  14. Sidearm casting

    Baitcaster on a shorter rod?
  15. Travelling Rod Case

    Check the forum sponsor Dinga website. They used to have travel rod tubes at very reasonable price, sometimes even throwing them in for free when buying the rods from them + free delivery.