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  1. What a stonka! Surface lures are so much fun on the sand flats.
  2. I've caught plenty of Trev's at night on soft plastics. They go nuts for the squidgy wriggler in dark green.
  3. Awesome catch!
  4. Berkeley Pop Dog in Warrigal. Best Bream lure I have ever used.
  5. What a horse!
  6. Great report! That's an area that I've never fished, but keen as to get down there. Does it produce much land based around the wharf?
  7. I have one of these loaders for when I had my Prado. Essentially the same as the Nautic, but with an electric winch, which loaded it really easily. Cost around $1k from a company in Coffs Harbour.
  8. I've seen far too many sharks only metres from shore. Not just at the beach, but in middle harbour as well. We only let our jack russell swim in the lake, and even then only up to waist deep - 10m from shore.......mainly out of paranoia!
  9. I use the Sea to Summit trolly on my Jackson kayak. Holds up very well.
  10. Awesome catch! Probably getting a bit late in the season for kings at this stage. The more known spots might still be holding a few though. If you strike out on the kings, stick on a metal lure for some tailor. There's plenty of decent size ones around and they are a fun by-catch.
  11. Great report. I will be up there on boxing day and can't wait. I will remember to stock up on some salmon first!
  12. I will look into them a bit more. The thing is, my steering is foot controlled, so I would have very busy feet in tight areas!
  13. Great report. I'm heading up there in a couple of weeks, and chomping at the bit to get there! Are there any restrictions up there? I was up there 5 years ago and there was none, but my brother (who doesn't fish), said something about that you can't fish somewhere near the marina. Hopefully I'm not hijacking the thread...apologies if I am!
  14. Hey Brains Trust, I have a Jackson Big Tuna with a 50lb Minn Kota transom mounted. The power switch is a knob is mounted near the seat (I will put up some pics in a few days to show what it looks like) and was wondering if someone has a similar set-up - what you are using for your speed/power selector. The power switch/knob that is pictured is what I currently being used and is ok, but I wouldn't mind upgrading to something a bit better. Any and all suggestions appreciated. Cheers, Scott.
  15. I have a Jackson "Big Tuna" with a 50lb Minn Kota on the back, and absolutely love it. Picked it up on eBay, fully loaded with oar, rudder kit, 2 seats, motor and battery for $1600. The same set-up with Hobie, would probably set you back well over $2k 2nd hand. I think Jackson gets over-looked a lot because for a little more you can get a Hoblie, but the thing with the jackson is that they are just as stable, around the same weight and turn on a dime. Loads of storage, I can fit the girlfriend, dog, all my gear and still fish comfortably. Don't get me wrong, I do like the Hobie kayaks, and if I saw one at the right price, I would find it hard to pass it up!