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  1. G'day all, a few pics of wildlife from some of my outings. Some friendly Lorikeets waiting for food at Wagonga Inlet, a young goat on the rocky edge of Jindabyne Dam and mum with her baby in Wallis Lake. Cheers Dave
  2. Your rod holder/tackle box / seat fisholb looks the goods mate. You wear the same adidas thongs as me too
  3. Thanks bn, some more great ideas for me to consider. Agree, definitely need to have those holders pointing in different directions. Speaking from experience, its a pain in the proverbial when you have untangle lines whilst on the water, when you should be fishing. cheers
  4. Yep I see that. Thanks will look at that option too.
  5. Thanks PaddyT, that looks great. I have a similar but more basic setup on the front of my side console. But I think I will do up something like you have done above your side pockets for storing/carrying small rods. Thanks for the ideas and pics. Dave
  6. Thanks for the reply Fab. I have researched online and there are heaps of options, but was just more interested to see what this community had come up with. Someone (and quite often its you ) usually has some great ideas that are worth following. ps like the lazy fisherman, I have a daughter exactly the same, but its funny if she gets a bite....all hell breaks loose lol Cheers Dave
  7. So no-one has knocked up their own rod holder designs that they wish to share?
  8. Hey all, just wondering what you use and maybe make in the way of rod holders in your boat. In mine I have the built in holders in the gunwale, plus a few of those scotty adjustable ones, but was wondering what others might have done in the way of making their own with conduit or similar. Thinking of knocking up a few extras, but not sure the best way to go. Appreciate any comments and pics if you have them too. cheeers Dave
  9. My absolute favourite for 30 odd years has been the Rebel Crawfish, but you know what Scratchie..........your best (like all of us I reckon) will be the one that after lots of trial & error, works best for you
  10. As others have said, the best advice is to keep their head under water when landing them. If you don't, thats when they go ballistic and will more than likely rub/abrase you off. As long as you keep their head under and net them cleanly, dont think it matters what size line/leader you use.
  11. Awesome mate, whatever your first fish is ...its definitely memorable and gives you an absolute buzz
  12. I thought straight it away that its definitely a Murray Cod....mouth & markings seem to be spot on! Its obviously not an everyday occurrence, but according to this report....they do exist in WA
  13. Yep, I meant exactly what captain spanner said
  14. Cant help you where to get that exact clip mate, unless you order it online from NZ, but postage could be more than the clip unfortunately. Wondering whether an outrigger/downrigger clip could do the same job for you? Just a thought. Cheers Dave
  15. Mate, if you have a sounder in your boat, look for the bait schools around the inlet. If you can find them, you will generally find fish lurking around/under them. Some good fish have been taken in Wagonga, but I must say, even though I'm not a local I have fished/frequented the area for nearly 50 years, fishing in that inlet is generally hard work (as JonD said)! Try also up the back around the edges using plastics for flatties, they tend to sit around the shallow margins sunning themselves and waiting for a feed. Hope you get onto some and even if you dont, its a magnificent waterway with awesome scenery. Cheers Dave .