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  1. need to replace windscreen

    Is it hard for DIYers to fix perspex screen?
  2. 27mhz radio - no support after 2015

    Me too. Thanx, Phil
  3. Floatation

    Hi Gappy, I went to Aus-thyrene to get my foam when I had accidentally spilled the petrol inside the boat. They got a lot of off-cut there. Last time I just paid them $20.00 for a half load of ute. It is located in Kings park near Blacktown. i found out there are different types of polystyrene they got. Some of them are more firm and some of them are soft. Cheers Phil
  4. 1st fish of 2014! (And not a bad one)

    Hi, How big was the boat? and what size of the outboard attached on it? Cheers, Phil
  5. 100hp yamaha 4stroke to replace 90 hp yamaha 2stroke

    Would u mind tell me how much did u spend for the brand new 4 stroke yamaha? PM me if u dont mind. Thanx
  6. First Jew on Lure!

    So can someone explain what is micro jigs?
  7. Any one been too the hump

    Where is the hump? Sydney?
  8. Twin under floor fuel tanks

    What really makes an aluminium tank so expensive? Does it need to be certified? How thick is the fuel tank wall? I believe it will only need less than a half sheet of aluminium plate to fabricate 40 litres tank.
  9. New to site

    Hi Gibson, I had the same problem with my Johnson 90 HP outboard before but it was fixed when I changed the old fuel and the two stroke oil change to xd-50. Rather than using ear muff, flush your outboard from the tail will also help to clean up in detail. You can also take out the prop and clean it up further and install it back after finish cleaning. cheers, Phil
  10. Hawkesbury mullet

    Me too. There r plenty of them in upper lane cove river but no idea how to hook them up.
  11. Botany Bay/Foreshore Rd Ramp Incident

    Hi, In this case, the boat insurance cover the damaged car or only cover the boat and trailer? On the other hand, does car insurance cover the boat and trailer? Phil
  12. Would like to get my boat license

    Hi FranticD, Same as hookmeup, I did my course in D'albora but Cabarita instead of five dock. The instructor was very helpful and never fail anyone (at least no-one fail in my group). There's a chinese guy who knows little English also pass the test so your chance to fail the test is zero (thats what I believe). They also let us drive their aluminum catamaran during the pracical. Very nice and steady boat. Goodluck cheers, phil
  13. Outboard not pumping water

    I think u can also flush the outboard from the tell tale with the outboard running as well instead of using muff. Regards, Phil
  14. Roseville Ramp Upgrade - Completed 19th June

    That always happen in government's project. The toilet of the tafe building that i'm attending has been renovated since early april are still not finished and sometimes i've to use the female toilet with scare that gals bump in. hopeless contractors.
  15. Motor for Quintrex Escape 510

    Hi benzeness, Just wondering what is the brake cable? R u referring to the trailer brake cable? Or is it some kind of component from the boat? Thanx