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  1. LBG setup

    Last one taken in 1989! OMG! Shows how old I am but more to the point how disappointing it is. Sorry if mislead anyone... obviously I am a little out of touch with the South Coast LBG scene. Sometimes I forget how blessed we were in what is approaching 4o years ago. We live baited off those rocks huddled up against the cliffs behind The Tubes for long sessions which would of course be much less likely to result in a end in a tuna or marlin than bag one. There were certainly some long waits between fish. Hooking them of course was only part of the problem while getting spooled or pulling a hook was too often the result. Anyway... here a link to the Jervis Bay of the past on Steve Starling's website ...and here is Bobby Russo's account ... its an interesting read. Cheers Jim
  2. LBG setup

    What he said! Also if you can find any articles by Bobby Russo, a local LBG legend in the 80s. He wrote the occasional article for fishing world. Not sure if you are allowed to fish The Tubes anymore but certainly there were many great Yellowfin and black marlin takes from there. Cheers Jim
  3. LBG setup

    Where were you fishing?
  4. Corrosion

    Hi Raiders, I came across this article when I was clearing out old computer files. I think its a pretty good explanation of the causes and preventative measures around boat corrosion. Worth a look at particularly the stuff about electrolytic corrosion from your electrical system ( or other boats if your boat is in a marina) as my experience is that the wiring on popular brands can be a bit dodgey ... particularly around optional extras that they have fitted. Cheers Jim
  5. Port Stephens- late arvo sesh!!

    Now there's a good feed! Easy choice to release the tailor when you have a feed of Snapper! Cheers Jim
  6. Going outside on Saturday?

    So, I guess Saturday is not a good day to outside the heads! At least the Swell Period gives you a little rest between the 6.5 meter waves!
  7. Bag of Blue Spots Means Beer!

    Nice haul... and the best excuse I have heard in a while for a coldie! Cheers Jim
  8. Tips for fishing for bait eg yakka

    You should find yakkas anywhere close enough to the ocean where the water is clear and clean. Look close to the shoreline on rock outcrops with kelp. Like Arc says burley up with soaked bread .. mix with a pilchard to add a little oil and fishing flavour. Don't over burley. I generally use a small long shank and a small piece of pilchard towards from towards the tail end of a pilchard but as soon as I catch a yakka or a slimey I fillet it and cut it up into small baits... I think this works best and the yakka baits in particular are very firm when they are freshly filleted. Cheers Jim
  9. A good day...

    Another great report Neil. As always .. love the pictures! Cheers Jim
  10. Hi Raiders, Haven't been out for a few months due to work commitments but I did find the time to get out today. It was a relaxing day but not that productive. Caught some slimeys and yakkas for live bait and headed out to Long Reef just on dawn. Anchored up along The Wall and set out a burley trail and floated down a pilchard prospecting for a snapper or perhaps a hungry king.. Also had a live slimey out under a balloon. No takers after 2 hours on the live bait and pickers just kept devastating the pilchards. Downrigged a slimey and ran up and down the wall 3 or four times with no takers. There was not much on the sounder. I was contemplating whether to stay there for the change of tide or head off to the Sydney Harbour FAD also for the change of tide (9:53). There was no wind and bugger all swell so I decided to head off to the FAD. The water temp at the FAD was 22.1 . The current was not running particularly fast. There were scattered marks all over the FAD on the sounder and out to about 50 metes so I went in close and drifted past with a livey set down at about 20 meters and also tossed a half pilchard towards the FAD. The pilchard was hit straight away by a juvenile Dollie of about 40 cm. Meanwhile I had drifted about 50 meters from the FAD and the livey was looking a bit nervous. Soon after hooked another Dollie. This time probably around 60 cm. I mentally noted how far from the FAD and at what depth fish were on the sounder and I drifted from in close to the FAD up to about 100 meters away. adjusting the depth of the live bait as I went. I repeated this a few times with the same result until about 11am when the wind came up and headed off to the Artificial Reef . The Artificial looked good on the sounder but it wasn't long before I discovered that it was chockers with Jackets. I jigged for a while, dropped a livey down but I just foul hooked leather jackets so I gave up and headed back inside. I anchored off Sow and Pigs and, typical of this time of the year there were a lot of Trevally about but undersized at the moment. Like I said not particularly productive but I enjoyed getting away from work for the day. Cheers Jim
  11. Successful day on Cowan creek + feeding frenzy

    Lots of reports of Longtail in that system over the last few weeks. Cheers Jim
  12. Supermarket (frozen) squid and octopus?

    Yes, I get that but sometimes I think the fish get a little spooked if it doesn't look right... and a bright white a quid may not look quite right. The day purple dye returns the dead squid to approximately the colour of a live squid. I have mentioned this before but I have noticed that kings eating scraps in the burley trail may completely ignore anything you throw at them unless you completely hide the hook. Then they will take the bait which suggests to me that they refuse it because it looks a little odd. On a good day of course you can throw pretty much anything at them and they will inhale it... particularly rats. Cheers Jim
  13. Supermarket (frozen) squid and octopus?

    I have caught plenty of fish on quality frozen or food quality fresh squid , Jews and Kings included but, the results are so much better with live or recently dead squid. The fishing guides in the Harbour ( who need to get results) will spend perhaps 3 hours in the morning looking for and catching live squid - that's how important they believe it is. In the US many who target swordfish dye their thawed squid using food colouring. I have seen some guys in Sydney use dyed squid ( Purple food colouring) around the wedding cakes with quite good results. Cheers Jim
  14. Different type of Hooks

    As far as I am aware Gamakatsu Live Bait hooks are just a more robust live bait hook designed for tougher fish species that can bend or break a hook. Good for Kings and Tuna. As far as the other hook types you have mentioned I think their Octopus hooks come in all kinds of configuration. Hooks are a very interesting subject. I have read in a commercial fishing study on Snapper that circle hooks out fished all other types of hooks tested in long line fishing. There are many factors in play here of course, long lining effectively means the fish hook themselves . This is bait fishing not live baiting and certainly its a more passive fishing technique than many of us use. My personal experience is that J hooks out fish circle hooks but I don't use them with set baits because of the gut hook problems for catch and release. I think there are some ex-commercial fishermen in the Fishraider community so they may be able to comment on what commercial fisherman use. Thanks for posting the question Spool. Cheers Jim
  15. Thanks Donna & Stewie for finding a way to keep this site going and moving forward. Welcome to Mike and crew at Deckee. Cheers Jim