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    Hi Neil All the best... you better celebrate by going fishing! Cheers Jim
  2. FADs

    Hi Sam, Not sure how the currents are at the moment but the Sydney FAD gets some pretty strong currents running past it. The Botany Fad is not such a problem. As far as whether the Dollies are around at the moment I don't know... haven't heard much news Good luck when you venture out. Its no big deal as long a you are sensible about what weather you go out in. Cheers Jim
  3. 'bidgee update

    Cheers to that Neil!
  4. Any gardeners out there?

    Another fine effort Fabian. Cheers Jim
  5. 'bidgee update

    Thanks for asking Neil... I am doing ok...struggling a bit with work at the moment so I don't have any time for much else. ... but I have an exit strategy for semi retirement starting next year so if that all works out you may see a fishing report every couple of days from me! Woo Hoo! Cheers Jim
  6. 'bidgee update

    Great read! Thanks Neil. Cheers Jim
  7. Painting Advice

    Thanks Fabian, Excellent explanation and it makes complete sense. Cheers Jim
  8. Painting Advice

    Thanks Fabian, I suspected that you would find this post eventually and help me out! That all makes sense. What I have been finding is that there ends up being over spray of "dry-ish" paint on the margins of the blend. Can I just buff those out? Cheers and thanks again. Jim
  9. Painting Advice

    Hmmm... so no painters out there?
  10. Painting Advice

    LOL! To be honest I am thinking about the resale value. I am thinking of selling boat and buying one a little more ocean going. BTW... I think that last line describes me... except it's 58 and falling apart from over use!
  11. Painting Advice

    Hi Raiders, About 12 months ago I fixed up some blistering paint on my Quintrex. The paint was blistered so I sanded it back to bare metal and used some etch primer followed by Telwater White all straight out of the can. The result was and remains excellent but the area was on a corner of the boat rather than on a large flat surface so it was easy to mask off and blend in. The boat had a few bubbling paint issues inside the first 5 months and the dealer fixed these for me at no charge and they have not resurfaced 3 years later. Similarly, the one I fixed has also, at least after 12 months, has not suffered any problems. I now want to tackle some other blistering on some larger surfaces and as I am happy with the result straight our of the can I would like to continue this way as I touch up a few small areas. So I have a question for those more experienced than myself. Is there a way of blending small areas on larger flat panels so you don't have to respray the whole area? Your help would be much appreciated. Cheers Jim
  12. 12 lb line

    Also lighter line means less diameter and it will be better for distance casting which is often important in the surf depending on where the gutters are. In my view heavier diameter nylon line does have advantages in the surf as it is is less likely to tangle with your sinker in the wash than braid for example but as long as you keep some tension on the line this is generally not an issue. Cheers Jim
  13. saragossa vs saltist

    I am in favour of the Saragossa too. There is a lot of common technology taken from the Stella range but without the cost. Cheers Jim
  14. Battery charger opinions

    25 percent is way too high a rate to charge a wet cell lead acid battery. You can achieve higher with other lead acid batteries such as gel batteries. As far as I am aware ( I worked with Excide Batteries when I was in the Materials Handling Industry) there is no real impact on battery life from using very low charge current. You are correct that it is very difficult to find information regarding charging a battery too slowly and that's probably because it not really a problem and people don't write articles about things that are not a problem. If you want to charge a battery you should have a quality charger. Poor quality chargers or chargers not designed for lead acid batteries are a greater danger because they may not regulate correctly through the 3 stages of battery charging. So, if you accept that you should be using a decent battery charger then they are almost certainly going to be at least a 3 Amp capacity and therefor the whole issue about whether the charge current is potentially too low is gone. BTW. Let me know if you need a battery charger as I may have a spare one hanging around. Cheers Jim
  15. Jervis kings

    Lots of good comments here and I agree with many of them. Having fished JB regularly many years ago would tend to agree with Squidmarks about leader and line rating but also to some degree with JonD in that it can be tough hanging onto a long rod with a loaded drag and an angry Kingy on the end of your line. I believe many of the old LBG spots in JB such as The Tubes are now off limits but in the past this was a top location for Kings, amongst other species. Off the rocks you simply had to go heavy as possible and really put some hurt on big fish. Wedge yourself in the rock, get someone to hang on to you but unless the kings runs straight out to sea ( which they rarely do) then you will get busted off in seconds. We are talking 15Kg plus fish on a regular basis. As the best example I can think of check out the guys on Big Angry Fish for their approach to Big Kings off the rocks.Check our their web site and see how different the approach is to harbour kings on the flats. It certainly is different to Kings on the flats where they do let the Kings run a little and are easier on the drag. The same thing applies to boats of course when you can have a little water depth to work with. As a matter of interest the approach at The Tubes to Yellow Fin in particular was very different - these fish can strip off 500meters or more of line off in a single run without an issue and with that amount of line out the actual applied drag on the fish is impacted by the resistance of the line in the water and the mechanical advantage the fish has as the reel's spool becomes more empty. Getting reefed is less of problem than simple getting busted off because you didn't back of the drag as the fish took more line. Having said all that I do understand JohnD's experience as I think Kings tend to pull harder if you pull harder so with light line and less drag you may get them up higher in the water column early where the structure is less of an issue. Cheers Jim