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  1. 1) You can either strike when the fish bites or sometimes the fish will hook itself, you will ind your preffered method by practice. 2) In my opinion, pealed prawns are the best bait for bream especially, you can buy a bag of peeled prawns from Aldi which i find good bait. 3) Main tip to catch more fish is a road question as there are many things but i will name a few. For bait fishing you should berley, this is when you throw in fish bait or fish attractant suh as prawn heads, bread mixed with tuna oil or so on in the water to attract the fish to your area. Also use google maps to find an area you think will hold fish. Fish will always hold around structure or a food source such as rock walls, pylons, jettys, weedbeds, drop offs and so on so aim your spots around areas with these structures. Hope this helped, goodluck, Daniel.
  2. So if you are using a spin reel which i assume you are there will be a drag setting on the top of the spool. Ifyou turn this to the left as to loosen it this will loosen the drag. You can pull the line out yourself to test how loose it is and adjust it to your preffered setting, once loose enough, this sound will go off at the smallest of takes. So once you hear the fish take it you can then tighten your drag and fight the fish. Hope this helped! Daniel.
  3. Thankyou very much for both replies. I will ensure to put all that advice into praice when I go next wednesday. Thankyou again, Daniel.
  4. Bump
  5. I definitely agree that trevally will often move around in schools. A berley trail of smashed pilchards has worked for me in the past so i would recomend that. Goodluck. Daniel.
  6. I can also vouch for the schneider line, it's good quality!
  7. Hi all, am using my tinny for the first time and jjust wanted a quiet spot to test it for the maiden voyage. I live in camden so anywhere within an hour give or take 10 minutes. Thinking a quiet ramp to the georges river. I will be going mid weekso shouldnt be to much of an issue. Will have a fish so mybe somewhere with some bream or bass? Thanks guys Daniel.
  8. Love the aussie bass. Nice ones mate! How big was the flathead, would have been a nice surprise.
  9. Love catching trout in the rivers, would have given you a good run I imagine. Awesome fish.
  10. Awesome, thanks very much neil.
  11. Hi all, Have recently purchased an electric motor for my tiny and have finally set up battery am just waiting to mount the mounting late. My question is can i use the foot control and hand remote at the same time. So if i use foot control at one time and then my mate has the hand remote can we both use the controls as long as we dont use them at the exact same time? Im even confusing myself with how i worded this but i hope someone has an answer. Thankyou, Daniel.
  12. Thankyou for all those replies i will take into account everything mentioned. Any more replies would also be greatly appreciated
  13. Hi all, so i am going on a trip at the end of the year mainly to target bream but while me and my mate are stopped at merimbula for a few days we were gong to try and get some kings off the rocks. Our plan of attack was to fish either merimbula point, mowarry or green cape. I am aware of the dangers of rock fishing as i have done it many times before and i will be wearing a life jacket and am with a mate. Does anyone have any tips on thse spots, what lures to use? I have a 10-15kg rod with a 8000 saragosa spooled with 50lb braid. We will also use live bait such as yakkas and squid if we can get any. Any tips regarding this style of fishing would be greatly appreciated. As always, thanks in advance. Thankyou, Daniel.
  14. Thanks for the replies everyone, i have tried ebay with not much luck, i shall kep looking.
  15. Not a problem mate, goodluck with it and hopefully it improves things for you!!!