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  1. Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    I can bring the weed, mate I owe you a fish. And Waza I'd like to try for John Dory.
  2. Vintage Len Butterworth Glassmaster

    After heaps of research ( funny how much leads back to fishraider) I think the ferrule has gone missing. Ive booked it in for a trip to the rod doctor. The pattern in the glass is really cool, I know it's early and Butterworth used other fibreglass blanks before producing their own.
  3. Hi Raiders Im looking for some advice. I picked up this rod today from the tip buy back center for $5 It's 11ft long 2 piece labeled 'Estuary'. The first guide has a ceramic insert, the next 4 and tip are all metal. It has a whipping action and I'm thinking it might be a Bream/ Blackfish rod. It's the older style brown sanded blank. Although its old and two piece it doesn't have a ferrule. As it is the top section sides inside the bottom section only about 4 cm. Is this normal or does it need to be repaired. Any advice appreciated. Cheers
  4. Zebra Fish? (Zebra Fish Girella zebra)

    Shouldn't it be Girella zebra.
  5. Travelling Rod Case

    Plano do a great rod tube that extends to over 8 ft. Sturdy and lockable, I ve been using mine for over 15 years. Beware which airline you use, eg Jetstar has no bulk hold so nothing over 2 meters, everything has to fit into baggage containers. Smaller planes can be difficult, it depends how cooperative the pilot is. I've had my tube lying on the floor under seats in a twin Otter to the outer Solomon Islands. Rods made it OK but my luggage didn't show up.
  6. Green slip refund

    A bit of good news. https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/claim-ctp-green-slip-refund We've been paying more and more since Green slips were introduced. Now we can get a little back.
  7. Fish ID please. "Bluebottle Fish"

    Looks like juvenile Nomeus gronovii, Bluebottle fish.
  8. Balmain Blackfish

    Cheers guys. I recently lost the private access to Johns Jetty. He sold up for 5mil +. Spot belongs to another client who keeps a very low profile. Sorry Papafish, I can't take anyone else onto the property
  9. Middle harbour King mushy

    Shame you can't tell before you cook them.http://www.sydneyfishmarket.com.au/seafood-school/seafood-info/health-safety-faqs/faq-details?cat=10&id=117
  10. Balmain Blackfish

    I'm sure we can find a few. August is the worst. Yes, you need to bleed them. Luderick Angler also taught me to nick the spine after you gut them to get more blood out. And if you are cooking them whole, clean out the black stomach lining with a scourer as it taints the flesh. I usually fillet, skin and bone them, dust in flour and fry them. Last night I made fish tacos. Smoking is also a great option. Once again LA showed me. Smoked blackfish roe sack is incredible.
  11. Balmain Blackfish

    Hi Neil The fish feed at a certain depth. I set my float stopper to the assumed depth. Too deep, they will bait you and the float will hardly move. Too shallow they will ignore it. By shortening up I meant I moved the float stopper down my line so the bait is presented a little shallower, or further up off the bottom. Next time you're in the big smoke we can have another crack at them.
  12. Balmain Blackfish

    Hi Raiders I fished the runout tide from about 11am. There were good signs of life on the first drift. My float just dipped below the surface a couple of times, there were fish around, they just wouldn't commit. I shortened up 6 inches and 2 drifts later I was on. A good solid 40cm specimen.The action continued and I bagged 5 more in the next half hour. Then I had a problem. I cast out and got a huge overrun and tangle on the old Trudex. I got most of it out before I managed to tighten the last few loops into a solid knot. A quick tug and the line snapped. When I looked back at the water my float was gone, I laid down my rod and brought in the line hand over hand. Another good fish made the net. I rerigged, thought about changing the leader, but didn't. Next fish I snapped off. Typical. I replaced the leader but things went quiet for a while. I guess the fish went and told his mates. With the tide running out I changed depth a few times before I found the fish again. The drift changed and started coming back towards the wharf and the fish were right at my feet. When I hooked up they went straight under and around the pylons. I lost 2 more, 1 was most likely a surgeon, my float popped up then shot down out of sight in a split second. I pulled the hook on both. I managed 1 more but called it, and left them biting.
  13. Scumbag in Botany Bay

    I heard this a while ago, and its supposed to put the scumbags off. Attach a condom a couple of meters below your float.
  14. What is it ( southern fusilier)

    Yellowtail fusilier