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  1. I second the braid. even 100lb if you cant find 200lb thats whats on mine and its good with 10lb bomb. will stop that horrible hum through boat too.
  2. Haha well done fellas. flyfishing is very challenging compared to the spin gear, so many variables. your really getting into it tying your own flies already so good on ya! take great whites advice and chase some salmon (if you have a boat) they are real good fun on a 6wt and you could get a king outta the same school along with bonito and tailor and frigates. il be firing up the long wand soon (been busy with luderick and centrpins lately) flystration! Thats a good one lol! il take 1 on the fly over 5 on the spin and over 20 on bait lol.
  3. buddy you really need to decide exactly what you want to do. there is soooo much specialist tackle available now, guys will have multiple combos to chase 1 species with different methods (trolling, casting, plastics, metals, poppers, stickbaits, downrigging, jigging etc. so you need to decide on A species, next you need to decide where (beach, rock, boat, shallow, deep etc) then decide how you would like to catch them (bait, plastics, metals, sticbaits etc) once you know what you want to do we can help more. alternatively you can spool your rod up with 10pd line and try and catch a fish (not in the most efficient way but doable anyway) get back to us.
  4. Sweet as, I wasn't aware of them being cooked is ok so cheers for that. good info for people anyway! so no RAW imported prawns peeps lol.
  5. Did you click the link bud?
  6. Scroll down to catchin jacks post in this link. https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=3&ved=0ahUKEwjoybbou8TXAhXDVZQKHdjwD10QFggPMAI&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fishraider.com.au%2FInvision%2Ftopic%2F69413-cheap-raw-prawns%2F&usg=AOvVaw0mdeYhs3YAur6AnWhMf8xy
  7. Arent vannemei prawns from Vietnam?
  8. Hi mate, to me fresh bait is what has been caught on the day and preferably kept alive until ready for use. id still call fresh bait anything thats been caught on the day then killed and used within the session 6-10hrsish (kept in esky with wrapped frozen bottles) thats my version of fresh. anything else is not fresh imo. i sometimes use frozen bait to catch fresh bait (pillies, prawns erc for yakkas and slimies) but mainly use squid so most days we go with zero bait, just a few squidjigs. estuaries we catch prawns and poddy mullet but have found plastics more effective (easier to cover more and better water) sabikis are good without bait too in a berley trail.
  9. Nice mate. i love all the other aspects of “fishing” as much as catching fish. sometimes my mates will be fishing hard and i will put the rod down and just go and sit and appreciate the surroundings lol.
  10. Hey Rick, same here mate! It is a shame that they are mud suckers and breed so prolofic. has anyone ever tried eating one? i havent, but overseas they seem to go down well.
  11. Haha that sounds like a kingy to me, what lb line were you running. sorry for laughing lol took it as soon as it hit the water puts ray outta the equation and theres alot more kings than sharks in that area, plus changing directions and going for the structure on last run! time for an upgrade lol bad luck mate.
  12. Hi mate, thanks for the reply, valid point mate and i respect each persons decision to do what they feel is right at the end of the day. main reason for my original post was to say that by law you do not have to kill them which is the common beleif and i thought that was correct for years myself. You have a good one mate, is it cod season yet?
  13. Sounds justified to me! my mate uses one that ive played with, it LAUNCHES the bigger jigs great. i think its great for landbased casting and getting action into the jig but just Love the fight on my 2-4kg. saying that its only one particular light rod i like to use, others are just too sloppy and slow to get a good cast and jigging action. mainly use 3.0 jigs and it loves it (im sacraficing the cast distance, your sacraficing the fight) landbased id be doing the same as you for sure.
  14. Some tips for people to look after trophy flathead.
  15. Not for killing what im not going to eat, which is why i dont chase them anymore, people get upset when you release them. they are a great sportfish to be fair and on the fly would be sweet. just wanted to point out its not law that you have to kill them, unless laws changed recently, check it out! i understand the consequences of carp in Aus but never thought me killing half a dozen would do any good in the big picture. each to their own but the carp are here to stay im thinking, which is a shame.
  16. BIG flattie, cant wait to see pics! Only 3 more centimetres lol, thats gotta hurt ay lol
  17. You obviously know where to get the sheets I'm assuming if you know about them?
  18. I got the sheets and cut them myself to save $
  19. Done it, do it. ive done it to my bigger reels that I run heavy drag with. eg old saltiga 4500 rated at 10kg drag. Out of the box drag was very spiky after 6kg after wet carbon upgrade it goes to full lock smooth as silk, was pulling 9kg drag and line was coming of spool smooth and slow. 50 percent increase in useable drag in my case. best thing you can do IMO if your reel has Teflon drag washers.
  20. Lol good to hear haha. yeah id thought thatd be the case, tongue was firmly in cheek lol. good stuff fellas!
  21. Sort of, i dont own any “egi rods” but i do chase calamari alot. all my squidding is done from the boat so im fine with my 7foot plastics rod 6-10lb. however if i was landbased i would consider getting one of the egi rods due to its length. main thing for me though above all else is to get a rod that has a really fast action (to make the jig dart properly) i like side to side jigs the best, harimitsu sumizoku range is my favourites and has Paddy says use light hands and fine drags. i use fast rods with braided line, long leaders, light hands and fine drags. works well.
  22. Thats cool fellas, plenty of beers and boats, was waiting for the bush lol. will check out your channel too. re the flathead- did you say measure to make sure its below the limit? Whats your limit on size before you put back? i release them over 55-60 absolute max depending on how were going. 45cm give or take are my fav size to keep. also i like to keep them alive in well and then at days end release the ones that are too big. (To the same spot we caught them) keep it up! you guys need an breath analyser onboard lol.
  23. Whats wrong with you lolol kidding mate, i wish i could fo that stuff lol.
  24. great bass mate, i like the measure to the fork on all fish myself, gives a much truer measure. well done, bet it was hard keeping it out of its snags lol.
  25. only fished the fads once and we had it to ourselves, we were trolling past it and catching small mahi on xmas trees. i think when theres lots of people fishing it you jump in line and take turns drifting past and casting (could be wrong) maybe head out and see what they do.