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  1. Fish farm

    Fish Farm?
  2. Attaching a SP or HB

    Not disagreeing with your method but not sure how you can have a 2 metre leader and not run it through the guides (maybe im missing something here) also surely an albright knot is the most KISS friendly (one knot instead of 2)
  3. Attaching a SP or HB

    Re leader length, i do similar to above but not quite as long. i like to make it so the albright knot is just off of the reel when about to cast so depending how much line you want hanging out the end of rod to cast comfortably will dictate the length of leader. i dont change lures too much and if i do i try and waste as little line as possible.
  4. Boat Street Parking in Sydney

    Good idea mate 👍 one of my customers “rents” a spot on her lawn for a neighbours vehicle in exchange for some weeding in her gardens.
  5. Broughton reds

  6. Smoked Mullet

    Sounds pretty much spot on mate and it’s yummy lol. Definitely give it a go
  7. Fishing goal this summer

  8. Smoked Mullet

    They look good, ive only eaten mullet raw, well cooked in lemon juice in a dish thats very popular with pacific islanders, coconut cream, chilli, onion, raw mullet and lemon juice, im sure theres other ingredients too but ive never made it myself so not sure what. its delicious and the mullets great like that. dont even remember what they call the dish but its goooood.
  9. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    i use the yellow ones too so im not gunna read all that lol hurts looking at it! i will take your word for it as i was “told” without evidence lol. if you say its not there im happy with that lol. 👍
  10. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    I was told they are required in nsw lol.
  11. Fishing goal this summer

    Easily pleased but really its true!
  12. Boat Street Parking in Sydney

    Same here, must you live in an apartment? so restrictive, i would rather move out west and deal with traffic or public transport than live in the big smoke in apartments. my brother lives in apartment and ive had his second vehicle on my lawn for 5 years 🙁 each to their own i guess but its not for me, a man needs a boat, 4x4, car, and trailer lol.
  13. Crikey!

    Yeah i live not too far from chippo and have heard stories about the horses from warwick farm and the dogs too, i knew they were there but seeing it really makes it real lol. ive heard if the conditions are ok they will travel 100s if not 1000s klm upstream so yeah the only thing stopping them going further is the weirs so yes im sure they get upto audley too Yowie. top predators!
  14. Crikey!

    Pic says it all lol
  15. Prawning

    Hi again, yeah i know you do the right thing, wasnt suggesting otherwise bud. hey thats still a good bag of prawns mate, good going. bummer about the lamp 🙁 how are you even awake? Lol.
  16. Fishing goal this summer

    First doggie and gt, heading to vanuatu in april so could be a reality 🤞 has to be on lure and also wanna get stretched on the flyrod with a jellybean yellowfin! heres hoping!
  17. What Are These? "Blackspot Goatfish"

    Your like a fish species encyclopedia mate, serious fish knowledge!
  18. avoca 02/01/2018

    Ouch! That must’ve hurt a bit lol.
  19. Prawning

    $12500 worth of prawns right there. thats what it ended up costing them hahaha.
  20. Prawning

    Hey Frank. hope you had a fun night! reminded me of this post i saw on fisheries fb
  21. Any gardeners out there?

    WoW never thought that would happen, farout lol!
  22. juno point flatty!

    Gday mate, what a catch! so close to the magic metre mark lol. well done letting her go too, the hawks needs all the help it can get, one tip mate, try not to hold them up by the mouth like that, get your hand under her belly to support her weight. i know they van be scary at that size but if your gentle they will be quite calm. also if you can, try using a glove instead of the bogas, try like in pic for photograph too (looks awesome lol)

    Lol andrew “the billboard” ettinghausen cant stand to listen to that guy lol.

    Hearing ya mate, i havent read the new regs but your making good points. Should just ban people leaving their homes as its such a dangerous state nsw.
  25. Blackfish Floats

    Very nice and i like the idea of weighting them too. 👍