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  1. All good. I did slightly hijack the thread as a suggestion for an alternative for a surf reel. I found an Oz site that has OH casting reels and sent a PM. I hope you get a zebra. Spot is an excellent name!
  2. It looks exactly like my Fin Nor Lethal LT100
  3. Alan Hawk, the reel reviewer, quite liked them Alan Hawke Review
  4. I had heard that when you use the plastics for Flattys, you need to get it in contact with the bottom. Also, when you catch one, remember to check the leader for any roughness and if you find some, retie. They have a rough old mouth and they can wear through the leader 4lb for bream is good advice.
  5. Sorry to hear your LT100 experience wasn't so good. I really like mine
  6. The local boating and fishing shop sells the Daiwa Crossfire surf rod for around $65 If you get the 3-5 kg one then you can swap reels and chase bream and flathead with it too
  7. Do you get the birds nest when you are cast O/H reels and is it a bit of a learning curve like you have with baitcasters? If thats the case then it would be a smaller target market I guess. Spin reels like the LT100 would be excellent if you wanted to try them. That said, I've just bought a new O/H reel, but its more for a boat rod I think.
  8. Nice boat and nice catch well done Sam. Love the G2 , colour matched too! I'd be interested in more impressions of the engine as you get more hours on it. Did you get the version when the steering is inside the engine too?
  9. That was a great read @MainframeJames and thank you for your kind words, Great to meet up with you. Going by your name, I was expecting a grizzly old Unix admin. How wrong was I. There are a few of us in the IT business. I'm please that you had a good time and more importantly that you were able to catch a couple of new species. As @Regan says, great fun on light gear. Thanks for removing the hook from my finger, just after I had warned you about how easy it can happen when the mullet get excited when you try and take them off the hook. ! We must have been doing something right as we also had the osprey swoop in and pick up a mullet from the bread burley trail. That was a first for me. Glad that you tried eating the mullet, they can be a bit under rated, but being so oily, they are really good for you. @mrsswordfisherman, thanks for the nomination Donna. I've been lucky to know a few people who have given me some advice to help me get started, and its good to help out others, I know how disheartening it can be to put in a lot of hours and not get much return, plus I like meeting up with other raiders. I'm enjoying being able to spend some time with the young fella while he is young and still wants to hang out with me. I must try and remember that he is only six, and that tangles happen. He had an absolute ball and was very excited to show mum his mullet. I probably had him out there a bit long, but when the fish are biting, time flies! The Entrance was pretty shallow near the boat ramp, has anyone else notice this? I've just noticed my shiny new badge. Thanks!
  10. hahahah For the most part, I'm fine, then I get about 20 seconds warning and berley here we come! Last time I had my blue compound meds and was ok. It might have been because I didn't loose much and didn't have my head down retying too. The wind got up a bit at the entrance today, but we had fun and got on to some good mullet
  11. The wind is a killer, especially when you're fishing lite. Comp next weekend for me too. I'm hoping for some calm sea's so that my breakfast and I don't part company.
  12. Bobs tackle is on Manns Road West Gosford. Its the last set of shops on the right before you head up the hill. His hours can be a bit hit and miss, but he knows his stuff. Are you looking for anything in particular? I also saw that there was new tackle shop in Woy Woy near the drive through bottle store. Gosford Fishing Club do a raffle every Thursday at Gosford RSL. It might be worth joining if you want to find a regualr person to fish with.
  13. will let you know Not sure what I am up to this weekend Maybe mullet at the entrance tomorrow with the young feller.
  14. Maybe we can team up and have a go. I'm in Gosford. Brisbane waters is my backyard