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  1. All rounder boat

    Just be around when I come up. I can help you launch! Would you consider keeping it and getting a little tinny if you have the room to store it? Possibly join a fishing club and find a deckie. I bet @Scratchie knows a few ;-)
  2. First attempt at a handmade float

    Good luck. Steven was asking when we were going out again on the weekend!
  3. Depth of water at entrance to Patonga Creek

    That other ramp is a pain when you are by yourself and there is any wind or swell good luck!
  4. Dinga sale

    My shimano backbone turned up this week. Looking forward to giving it a run this weekend!
  5. FG Knot tool

    That's good thinking!
  6. New to fishing

    leather jacket! good eating green one looks like a wrasse of some sort.
  7. Bought a boat

    go through the check list about what to take out with you the first time, you don't want to get pulled over on the first trip Looking forward to some fish photos next!
  8. Handlining for Crabbing

    Hi The tangled up line is probably not allowed in areas that you aren't allowed traps. Brisbane water has no traps, so to catch crabs, you need to hand line. A big bait on a big hook is the go. Leave the hand line beside you and start fishing. When a swimmer picks it up, it will usually walk away with your bait and the hand line will unwind. What you need to do then is to slowly pull it in. When you get it near to the surface get your landing net underneath it and scoop it in. If you try to lift it out of the water, it will let go and drop back in to the water. If it drops when you are pulling it up, let your bait go, and it will probably grab hold again. As @MSB says above, the tide switches seem to be the more productive times, but don't listen to him about Queensland, they've had nine lucky seasons ;-) although his sandwich idea sounds pretty good!
  9. Wondabyne Flatties

    Nice report. I tried going there a long time ago. I got off the train and as I sat down on the wharf I noticed a no fishing sign, so i tried to find a land based spot, only to be told by a local that you aren't allowed to be too close to the train lines so I ended up packing and leaving. I always wanted to get my boat there but I've never had the time, and I've seen mullet jumping from the train as well
  10. Interesting Read For Anyone That Fishes Tuggerah Lakes

    Not much caught at the Entrance yesterday. I got one mullet and thats about it
  11. New to fishing

    Some good tips in there @MainframeJames. I'd add that having a light rod will also help, 1-3kg, and a light long leader the length of your rod in the 4lb's range. That will help you with Bream, but you might get a few bust offs with flattys.
  12. Kings and Trags - double fun off Sydney

    nice work!
  13. No Reds But A Bag Of Kings

    nice way to bounce back!
  14. Narrabeen Lake Croc Hunting

    Great read and nice pictures mate. Sorry about your loss
  15. Broken Bay Flathead

    After being struck down with a near fatal does of man flue on Thursday, I didn't think I'd be up to doing any fishing. A visit to the doctor provided drugs and a fishing location for whiting at Swansea, which I'll have to have a go for. Saturday I took my boy and wife up to the entrance to get a few mullet, that was slow going. but ended up with 8 keepers. Sunday morning I felt OK, so I had the boat loaded up and headed outside. The guys had told me that Saturday was very lumpy and they only caught a couple of flathead, so I wasn't hopeful of either keeping my breakfast down or coming back with too much. The sea wasn't too bad and there was a bit of wind going the opposite way, so I went out to about 55 metres and started drifting. It was a slow start but I picked up a couple and my breakfast show no inclination of creating a burly trail. I moved when it was slow and then I started getting the little flathead and green toads. The toads started biting through the traces and I lost a few hooks and sinkers. I was about to move when I pulled up a keeper flathead, so I continued on in my drift, catching more toads losing hooks and traces, and then catching more flathead. I stay pretty busy and didn't notice that the water had calmed down and it turned out to be a pleasant day. The Kama gods looked down on me and said, you've got your ten, now go and do a good deed. I didn't know what that would be but I obliged. As I headed back in, I noticed a yacht in the channel which seemed to be leaned over when it didn't have any sail up. As I went past, he waved me down and said that he was stuck. He was in the Ettalong channel on the ocean side of where the 4 kts speed restriction finishes. He threw me a rope and i spent 20 minutes, not moving him. My 90 HP ETEC wasn't powerful enough. I probably will need to repower with a Yamaha ;-) I rang marine rescue and they told me that high tide was going to be in 5 more hours, it seems he was going through at low tide. My sounder said 1.2 metres and his 37 ft keeler draws 1.8. I wouldn't have normally looked at my sounder in the middle of the channel. I let the guy know that Marine rescue might send out a boat for a training run and when high tide was. I headed in and on the way I saw Martime, so I waved him down and let him know, and it looked like it cheered him up. He said he'd go and see if if boat would be able to do it. I think his twin 200 suzis had a bit grunt that the ETEC. I then saw marine rescue and flagged the second one down to let them know that Maritime might beat them too it, but they seemed happy enough to still head out. I didn't hear but I am guessing that the yacht story ended up ok. So I got back to Koolwong ramp, the first time I've used it since the upgrade. The ramp its self is still the same and possibly a bit skinnier, so your backing has to be pretty reasonable. The wharf itself was pretty nice to tie up to. Getting the boat out by yourself will be problematic on a windy day. There is no easy way to walk your boat on to the trailer unless you have a long painter. With two people, it won't be too hard, or with a drive on you'll probably be fine. I ended up OK, I think, mostly due to the Kama gods watching. I got a late pass to the club weigh in so my catch counted and I got to see a 13.7 kg Dolly weighed in. This was massive and taller than my boy. Sorry, but once again, no pictures. Thanks for reading