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  1. Soft floor repairs

    Nice finish!
  2. First Keeper Red

    Outboard is an Etec 90. Fastest I seen is around 60km/hr. I think that the GPS over heated for a bit, turned off and then when it cooled down, I'd moved so it did a quick calc and came up with the speed. @MainframeJames, come down to the club on Thursday night and we will try and tee you with someone to go fishing with. I''m going out somewhere next weekend, I'm just not sure. I guess wait and see about the weather. What snapper rod did you end up buying? cheers
  3. After some Leatherjacket tips

    @notoriousTASH, I haven't forgotten that I said I'd take you out Finding time is the killer ATM Nice jacket!
  4. Soft floor repairs

    Keep posting, I love these!
  5. Fish farm

    Not yet tried one.
  6. Fish farm

    I do that. I have a 1000 litre plastic tank with Silver perch in it. I ordered them online and they turned up in the post. I pump the water up to a grow bed, this is a big container that is filled with gravel, and I planted veges in it. The water is filtered and runs back clean, in to the tank. Depends where you are, what fish you get. I'm on the Central Coast, too cool in winter for Barra, and too hot in summer for trout. Silver perch are a good compromise. Its not cheaper than buying from the super market, but I've enjoyed it. Perch are about 25-30 cm atm, and its taken about 3 or 4 years to get that big. I haven't been trying too hard to get them to grow too fast
  7. First Keeper Red

    thank for the encouragement guys. the travel rod broke in the middle and I have a spare one, the guy I was with said I was high sticking and graphite isn't so good for that, so it might have been operator error. Not sure about the other rod, although it was $80 reduced to $29 on sale, and then with my members card $22, so I'm not too upset, although I did like it. I'll look out for some of your rods Zoran. I guess my next step is to back up my catch and do it without my buddy. There is an art to finding a spot and then being able to anchor on it. If you start catching flower pots, then you are too close to the reef, and if you catch flathead, you are too far away. Ideally if you catch both of those while swinging, then you are in the right spot, well that's what I got told. Probably won't be out this weekend.
  8. Brisbane Waters, Wonderful Whiting

    Nice work getting whiting not on worms! Great eating fish
  9. First Keeper Red

    Hi all I got the chance to head outside with a mate from the fishing club to target snapper. I'd not managed a keeper before (in Aus),although I'd not really targeted them. So an early start and we headed off to a broken bay reef to see what we could find. I decided that I needed to test out my new travel rod. So I rigged up a paternoster and dropped it over. Something big picked it up, bent the rod and then it snapped. The little reel was struggling, the rod tip went over and the fish was still on. Then it broke off, so I figured I'd been bitten off and the rod tip had fallen off. I wound up and my rig was still there, along with my rod end and a very surprised Sargent baker that seemed to have lost it scales. We were thinking that I'd hooked the Sargent baker, that was then picked up by a shark, and when the rod tip ran down the line it surprised it, and it spat the baker out. Annoyed that I'd broken my rod on its first trip. We carried on fishing and I used my other rod. We got on to a couple of bonnys, and then I noticed that my rod tip had a bend in it, sure enough, a few minutes later, it broke off as well. No idea why this happened. The fish went quiet so we moved. Next place we started fishing again, and I was able to use my broken rod, with the tip missing. I got on to my first red, and it went 1kg clean, then I started picking up some morwongs, and my day was looking better, until the rod snapped again.On to rod number three and I stayed with that for the rest of the day. After that we came back in and picked up some more snapper and morwongs before calling it a day. Ended up with a good bag that I added to the next day with some mullet at the entrance. Sorry for the late notice @MainframeJames, the entrance was good, but there was a bit of a storm half way through. So I add three new keepers to my list,snapper, morwong and trevs. I used a paternoster rig, exactly the same as I would use for flathead drifting, the only difference being I had a smaller (snapper) lead. I also put on a soft plastic, as @zmk1962, taught me a while back. The blue and white (pilchard) one worked best, a plain white was was ok, but nothing else did any good. Morwongs were only picked up on a cut pilly and you were more likely to get a snapper on a whole pilly. My Navionics says that I went 88km and I filled up with 38.4 litres and used between 340-700 mls of oil. The navionics turned off for a while when the tablet over heated and also reported that the ETEC managed to get the boat to a max speed of 142 km/h! I think that for most of the time, I wasn't going any fast than 30km/h. It was a bit bumpy but I didn't get sick. I changed four things from that last vomit trip I did. I had company, I only had one beer on Friday night, I took my blue compound pill when I got up and I had a 1 1/2 litre bottle of ginger beer to drink during the day. I think that these combined with being quite busy for the 12 hours meant that I didn't have a chance to think about anything else. After that, I had to decide how to cook the snapper, and ended up going for a simple smoked paprika, lemon pepper seasoning and lightly floured pan fried in coconut oil, butter and a little olive oil, and I think they turned out pretty well and served with a salad. Thanks for reading!
  10. Flathead outside and Harbour Kings

    Great report!
  11. Broken Bay - spur of the moment

    Nice work @zmk1962. I was out on Saturday too, but chased snapper instead. I better write up my own report. I managed to keep my food down. No flatties for me this time, but then again, I wasn't targeting them. Its a good idea to head wider when you are chasing them if you don't get any. Those spot whiting are good eating too. I kept a couple of the larger ones from my last trip out after I was told that they don't have a size limit. Pretty good eating I though. I also found the head of one, inside a flatty that I caught. It was very nice of you to give your wife the good side of the boat too. It happens a lot, one side seems to be better than the other, I have no idea how this can be.
  12. Fluorocarbon Leader

    The Bimini twist isn't too hard to do I'm never sure about what to use to get the leader attached if its not a wind-on I also just had some braid snap above the double uni knot. I made myself some spoon lures to throw at tailor if i go out this weekend and i was practicing casting in the backyard. I'd done a few casts before it just snapped so I was able to go and retreve it. It was brand new Spider wire Dura Silk 20lb. Ryan Moody's Bimini Twist is pretty fast to do. He must had tough feet, I always feel I'm going to cut my toes off!
  13. LED marine 12v strip lights red

    Does this make it easier to view? The remote could be good, change the lights to red when some jetskier goes past at mach 12 5 metres from you!
  14. No more tight shackle pins

    that would have saved me a couple of sets of pliers! I'm going to see what I have too. Thanks guys
  15. Port Stephens

    looks good. The John Bostons aren't too bad either!