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  1. South Sydney artificial reef

    Will do smasher. I’m in a 4.7 yellow runabout. Reel nauti on the side. These should do so well. I watched a video today and it said they plan on doing atleast 5 more up and down the nsw coast line.
  2. South Sydney artificial reef

    Hey all! has anyone done any exploring around the newish artificial reef south of jibbon bommie , port hacking? Much on offer yet or still too early? Ill probably throw some hard bodies out and troll down south along the cliffs and check it out in my travels. Cheers!
  3. Bate bay

    Bate bay is straight out from port hacking Cronulla. It’s a good spot, always plenty of boats out.
  4. Bate bay

  5. Bate bay

  6. Bate bay

    What a morning to be on the water. Took the tub out for the first proper fish since purchase and major service. She’s running like a dream and handles well. I headed straight into the bate bay to see if I can find the flatties, took a few drifts but Found them out deeper then what I usually do however I Boated 6 fish and they tasted a treat for a late arvo lunch. Headed to jibbon for an hour or so and threw a yakka filler over and hooked up almost straight away. LITTLE !!! rat king came up and two more followed after that around the same size. I then Trolled nearish to the Bommie for two laps and got two fish as a reward. If you guys see me on the water say gday. Usually float around the hacking and harbour.
  7. Restoring Paint on Fiberglass Hull

    Good cut and polish should come up nice. Or an oxidation remover. Gumption works a treat on the hard stains but It might be a bit aggressive.. be careful. Looks good!
  8. Bonnies and Tailor - Barrenjoey

    Trusty 15hp to the rescue! Sounds like a real mixed bag for you
  9. Boat sounder with gps or without.. what do you think?

    Sweeettttttt how good!! Looks like a good app( free trial )
  10. Boat sounder with gps or without.. what do you think?

    Just downloaded the free trial.. unreal!! Looks great and user friendly.. just have to sort the data out but I guess I can turn on when I need it
  11. Boat sounder with gps or without.. what do you think?

    Hey guys in regards to the iPad option.. it sound great big screen and all! How does connectivity work? Do you hot spot to you phone and use mobile data ?
  12. Bonnies and Tailor - Barrenjoey

    Haha awesome I'll look it up! Na that's it tho.. when something works why change!
  13. Bonnies and Tailor - Barrenjoey

    How good are the halcos. They would be my Lure of choice for Bonnies. Thats a solid catch! I'd love to be out reeling them in rather than work
  14. Bonnies and Tailor - Barrenjoey

    You trolling lures by any chance for these?
  15. Hawkesbury Jewfish & Kings

    Legend! I don't get up to the Hawkesbury or Pittwater anywhere near as much as I want.. will definitely be giving it a go!