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  1. Good cut and polish should come up nice. Or an oxidation remover. Gumption works a treat on the hard stains but It might be a bit aggressive.. be careful. Looks good!
  2. Trusty 15hp to the rescue! Sounds like a real mixed bag for you
  3. Sweeettttttt how good!! Looks like a good app( free trial )
  4. Just downloaded the free trial.. unreal!! Looks great and user friendly.. just have to sort the data out but I guess I can turn on when I need it
  5. Hey guys in regards to the iPad option.. it sound great big screen and all! How does connectivity work? Do you hot spot to you phone and use mobile data ?
  6. Haha awesome I'll look it up! Na that's it tho.. when something works why change!
  7. How good are the halcos. They would be my Lure of choice for Bonnies. Thats a solid catch! I'd love to be out reeling them in rather than work
  8. You trolling lures by any chance for these?
  9. Legend! I don't get up to the Hawkesbury or Pittwater anywhere near as much as I want.. will definitely be giving it a go!
  10. What a cracker of a weekend. You've got me keen for a weekend fishing now and it's only Monday morning!! Top fish mate.. that's awesome
  11. I need thisssss!!! Mind you I don't know if I'm a worse fisho or a cook
  12. That's unreal!! Brilliant info mate. I'll read up tonight about it. As I said I wanna do it right from the start and this sounds perfect
  13. Na no way mate. She's a big angry ocean out there. I do get what you mean tho. I was in a 5.2 seafarer pumping back to Ulladulla harbour in some average conditions and a 4m and 20 hp was a fair way south battling to get back. Some have more nads than me.
  14. Yeah right so the new vhfs links up your coordinates? I'm in tas this weekend and a fishing expo is on so I may pop down and check it out what's on offer. For the boat build I want to do it right from the start and have its user friendly. I'll have a look into it
  15. Some just assume people overlook safety! Forums.. people are open to opinion I guess.