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  1. Interesting, thanks guys. 4.8m bowrider would be great but unfortunately they all look about $25k+. I am looking at something more modest for the harbour, so probably will look at runabouts or centre/side consoles which seem to go for quite a bit cheaper How is the learning curve for your first boat?
  2. Curious to hear peoples' stories as its something that is tempting me more and more. Would love a 4.5ish bowrider that could double as a fishing boat and a social boat with non fisho friends.
  3. Oh god. I hate those things. Unsettling looking things. Apparently they are good eating. Someone told me people from the pacific islands go out and intentionally catch em to eat. Not sure how it is prepared though
  4. cheers. might give that a go next time. can you freeze them after you buy them or do you have to use it fresh close to when you bought it? when i leave in the early AM its hard to get to open shops
  5. is tweed bait "good" or "bad" in your opinion?
  6. holy smoke, what ar ig what model boat is that?
  7. awesome, what boat did you get? pics! this weekend looks shot unfortunately
  8. never fished a FAD before but would I be correct in assuming it gets packed? every fisho with a boat must be trolling around there on the weekens?
  9. It's a shame but I feel like the boating industry really need to get younger people on board, especially people who werent around boats in their youth. Finding info on buying a first boat or how to get into it isn't exactly easy. Same could be said for fishing. I learnt it from my dad but my friends who didnt have that influence struggle to learn much fishing info. So much jargon and conflicting advice makes it hard for newbies...
  10. Yeah I've got the kastking blackhawk. It's good. There's a good review of it on YT. Ish with fish
  11. awesome, cheers
  12. anyone know what the agenda for this will be? all theory or do we go out for a walk? anyone been to something similar in the past? cheers
  13. Cheers. I'll try to get etc some poddy mullet while I'm there. Live bait a bit Are there large fish this deep into the system? Is there any point throwing about metals or 12cm shallow xraps? Or just soak a bait and hope for some bream
  14. Hi Guys Going to Berowra Waters for the long weekend with friends. Will be there from Sat to Mon and the house has its own little pier and tinnie. Hoping to get a fair amount of fishing in. Some questions. Do metals work in this part of the river? I assume the water is still pretty cold so dont really fancy my chances - should i even try? Whats a reasonable jig head size for plastics? Smallest i have is 1/8th I think. I got my zmans in motor oil and bloodworm which seemed to be recommended on a few sites. Hoping they do the damage plus ill get some squid, prawn and pillies too. Cheers
  15. Awesome, thanks guys. Really helpful but probably still eaves me in semi analysis paralysis! Will keep an eye out for good deal and refer to this thread in the future. Thanks again