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  1. Sydney Wide 21.01.2018 - (un)Forgettable day !

    Shame you missed out, certainly wasn't for lack of trying. Went for a troll wide of the Port Hacking on the Saturday for the same result. At least you found some nice water, all i found was green water around 22 degress. But like you i was already planning my next trip as i came back to the ramp. Have to keep trying, next trip will be the one. Ash
  2. Lesson Learnt - Terrigal Fad

    Beautiful looking fish straight out of the water. I fished Port Hacking wide Fad today for a similar result. 2 just legals and a few throw backs. Water temp was 22 degrees and not much current. I had livies that were a bit big for the dollies, one boat looked to do well fishing with pillies. I'll try again in a few weeks and hope they have grown a bit.
  3. feed and a lost lure

    Shame about losing the marlin, although you got to see the initial jumps which is a big part of the fun. Don't worry about the lost lure I'll happily accept a feed of pearlie fillets to replace what was probably one of my lures.
  4. What would you do

    I had the same situation a year ago with my new boat. I purchased my boat from a place in SE Qld, Dealers in Sydney wanted $5000 more. I had even flown up for the day to go to the Brisbane boat show to see the boat model as there where none around here. When it came time to collect I decided to drive up and get it and I'm glad I did. The boat had a big mark on the side that needed to be buffed out and the trailer was poorly set up. I had these things fixed before I took the boat. For the process of getting the boat home. I had a RMS temporary rego for the trailer, which was easy to organise, had insurance Ifor the boat and had a second driver who was experienced at towing come with me(thanks Dad). I live in sutherland, work in the city, dad brought my car picked me up after work and we drove to south west rocks, free accommodation. Stopped for the night, started early next morning drove up collected the boat, fixed the hassle and drove home arrived in Sydney at 11pm. A big day driving but having an experienced second driver meant you could actually relax and rest when not your turn behind the wheel. One year on now and am very happy with the boat and the money saved.
  5. Bate Bay

    I was out on tuesday too, I saw a little tinnie with one guy in it heading back in when i was at Ooborne Shoal, Thought it might of been you. No flathead out from the bombie tried heaps of depths for one flaty and one red spot. Managed a feed drifting the reef edges, but nothing special. Ash
  6. Fishing Date

    Squid were caught drifting in 10-20m to the north of the bombie, big area of reef to explore there. Yes the boat is a Horizon Scorpion 525, I got it new in November and have been very happy with it from playing in the shallows with the family to chasing dollies around the fads and wider it has done everything I need it to. Fitted with a Yamaha 70 4stroke I would happily recommend the boat. Yes they are blue spot flathead in the pic, photos aren't great might be time to upgrade the phone. No sorry no available sister LOL, also she didn't come trained as a fisherwoman. Mel didn't fish when me met but she took it up as she realised it was important to me and she took to the sport in no time and really enjoys the challenge of it. Her favourite is wading the shallows fishing with nippers chasing whiting. Thanks for reading and thanks for the replies Ash
  7. Fishing Date

    Saturday 26/8/17 The plan for the trip started earlier in the week when my mum rung up offering to baby sit the three kids on Saturday if my wife and I wanted a date night. Quick call to my wife and she agreed, called back to my mum and took her up on the offer asked her to come round at 6:00 (pause)....AM, we were going fishing. Mum agreed she would come round and as the kids woke up she would fix their breakfast and mind them till we got home. Pre kids my wife and I fished a lot together but except for a similar date a few months ago she had hardly serious fished in the last 6 years. Launched at 630 from Grays Point, a little bit late as Melissa insisted on a bakery stop on the way to the ramp which required a detour, even lifted her onto the boat so she could keep her feet dry. First stop was Jibbon bombie for a squid fish, rigged the lines and started our drifted cast out jigs and working them back towards the boat. After a few cast Melissa got the first squid and then a couple of casts later she got the second, she then kindly stop fishing to eat her croissant claiming it would give me a chance to catch up. After a change of jigs and a few more casts I was on to my first, a solid squid that took a surprising amount of line. Melissa did the honours with the net and I was on the board with the biggest squid so far, 34cm hood length 90 cm overall. This got her back fishing as she didn't want me to catch up, a few more casts and I was on again to a smaller squid, into the net and it was two all. She said her two were greater in total I argued I caught the biggest, decided we had enough either way and went out to drift for flathead. Started in about 35m straight out off the bombie, consistent bites and fish it was just a matter of waiting for the bigger fish. After 45 mins we had 4 keepers in the esky and a heap of throw backs some legal but very skinny that went back. Saw a turtle, a seal and a pod of dolphins while we were out there. After that we had enough fish and headed back in, as it was a "date" we stopped on Deeban Sand spit to take a walk on the sand and sit as a couple soaking up the sun. Being on the beach and not having to worry about watching 3 young kids was very relaxing and spending time on the Port Hacking on a quiet sunny day certainly felt a million miles away and the turquoise colour of the water added to the experience. Stayed as long as we could before it was time to head back home and back to reality, got home to our three very excited kids who were happy to see us and see what we had brought home. A very enjoyable day on the water and particularly getting the chance to spend time with my wife just being a couple, although she insists our next "date" is to Summer Salt, Zimzala, Jensens etc. Thanks for reading Ash.
  8. Maroubra 8/7/17

    We were fishing of the rifle range, south of Maroubra. fishing out of a white 5m aluminium cuddy cabin (No bimini). Only boat near us looked like a 6m white fibreglass boat maybe a Trophy centre cabin. I took my kids out whale watching on Queens birthday Monday out from port hacking and south. We had a pod of dolphins playing in the boats wake and saw a dozen or so whales in about 2 hours, 4 jumping and playing, the kids loved it.
  9. Maroubra 8/7/17

    Fished Saturday morning with my dad (hookerbruce) from my boat. Launched at first light from Sylvania waters, plan was to catch some lives and head out to the peak. First part of the plan worked well with live bait caught at the artificial reef. Started heading for the Peak but after a few kms with the westerly wind blowing and the sloppy conditions we decided today was not the day for it, Yes we could have made it out and back but it would of been a bumpy trip and hard fishing once out there. Turned around and headed back in to the shelter of the cliffs. Drifted the reef edge and back over the sand. Caught a few good flathead 45-50cm, a few six spin jackets 38-40cm and assorted wrasse and other throw backs and a heap of undersize red bream and flathead. Also took home a baracouta as my boys love fish and with its vicious teeth it would be interesting to them. Picked up a half eaten cuttlefish on the way home which will give me a few trips worth of bait and an interesting back bone to show the kids. The run home across the bay was glassy smooth and i even managed to get home 10 minutes early. Not the original plan for the day but still fun and managed to come home with a feed of fish. Thanks for reading Ash
  10. Fished Saturday morning out from Port hacking. Fishing with my dad from my boat, after 30 years of taking me and my brother fishing dad is more than keen to come fishing on our boats where all he has to do is turns up to the ramp with a couple of rods and jump on the boat. I even turned the boat around so he could step onto the stern without taking his shoes off while i stood in the water to push off. Headed out to Jibbon bombie and picked up a couple of squid, proceeded to troll and drift all around the reefy area for nothing. Moved down to Marley and tried again, at least this time we saw a couple of rat kings, they followed the baits up but the baits were too big. Gave up on this and decided to put the squid in the esky for us. Had a quick drift for flathead on the way back up which produced four keepers, so at least we had something to show. Went back to the ramp for the second part of the trip, organised for dad to go to my house pick up my 3 year old and bring him down to the ramp ( no such thing as a free trip). In the 20mins they were gone i caught a few poddy mullet, dad return and dropped of baxter and went home while i took baxter fishing. Anchored in the mouth of yowie bay, plan was to play with the small reddies (great fun when you are 3) and have a couple of livies out. Dropped the first poddy to the bottom and went to get the next rod ready turned back to see the first rod buckled over, must of dropped it on his nose. Grab the rod solid weight couple of big head shakes, call for the net that my companion brings and declare "he will net it". Solid weight but no real fight and a big flatty comes into view. Baxter decides to let me help net it, this is where things get fun. Straight into the net but only half fits and start to lift now this wakes the fish up and it explodes in the net thrashing i lift it over the side hanging by a couple of his spikes as it jumps out of the net it hits the floor with a thump and continues to thrash and crash around the floor, find a glove and manage to get a thumb grib after a few goes. Turn around to find my helper is hiding in the cabin peaking out from behind a tackle bag. With the fish under control he comes back out for a look. Onto the measuring tape, 85cm and solid and a new pb for me, take a couple of photos and get ready to release her. Pick up the phone to film the release and notice its off and wont turn on, assume flat battery. We release the fish and watch it swim away strongly. Get back to fishing a spend a enjoyable hour catching red bream, leather jacket, yellowtail and garfish with my little fishing companion. Get home 10 mins earlier than i said i would so brownie points for me. Here is where the tale gets a little fishy. Put the phone on the charge and it turns on, half battery which seems odd, check the gallery and find the last two photos are blank error messages. My pb flathead and no photos and an unreliable witness who told mummy it was a shark and again in the arvo told grandpa it was a shark. So no proof of my pb but still an enjoyable day on the water. Took the boat out again on the Sunday, this time a family trip out in Botany Bay to see the seals. Launched the boat at kurnell and dropped in some crab pots and headed over to molineaux point to have a look at the seals found 7 or 8 splashing around or sunning on the rocks. Spent half hour watching the seals kids loved it. Didn't see much get caught by the boats in that time. Went over to the runways to watch the planes land which the kids also loved. Wind picked up so it was time to head home. No crabs in the traps. A passerby was nice enough to help get the boat back on the trailer as the northwest wind made it awkward, just having someone hold a back corner rope made a huge difference to me.
  11. Port Hacking FAD + a Family Trip Friday 21/4/17

    Hi sorry for the delay getting back to you, Sometimes life gets in the way. Thanks all for reading and your comments. Fish were caught on live yellowtail. Fished unweighted on 50lb trace, i find if the fish are there but not bighting i start dropping Down the trace line to encourage a take, happy to fish as light as 12lb trace on a circle hook to get a bite. Season is over for me now, time to target other species.
  12. The weather, family and fishing gods finely lined up again for me to get a chance to run wide and chase dolphin fish, haven't fished wide since mid February and this would be only my second trip for the season. Planned to be at the heads at first light but had to re-settle a child that I woke getting ready and than lost a bit more time chatting to a bloke at the petrol station, he had been looking at buying a bigger boat and had not come across Horizon boats before and had a few questions and wanted to have a look, always happy to talk boats so lost a bit more time there. Got to the Grays Point ramp just after 600 only one trailer in the carpark, love how quite the ramps get at this time of year. Conditions where good, water in close was 20 degrees and green but increased to 25 and a great blue colour out wide, I was able to run out to the FAD at 4000-5000 RPM arrived at 7ish, first boat there. Cast out the first livie and it was immediately set upon by dozens of fish, solid hook up a quick fight and the first fish was in the esky. Ran back up and did it again 2nd fish in the esky, ran back up and tried again this time I missed the strike but got my livie back cast my now chewed livie and they would not touch it, I could see fish swimming up and looking at it but just not taking it, changed to a fresh livie and they smashed it straight away. Plenty of spectacular surface strikes with lit up fish smashing the livies. By now two other boats had turned up but without live bait they seemed to struggle only catching a few fish. With 6 fish in the esky i decided to take advantage of the calm conditions and play around on lighter gear ( 8lb braid, 1500 size real, 3-6kg rod & 20lb leader). First cast the obvious happen and I hooked slightly better fish. Had to lock up as I drifted past the FAD managed to keep him about 1 meter my side of the FAD after that I was in clear water and could enjoy the fight, he took most of the braid in a surface run and had to be chased, not easy on your own but made me thankful a don't have a bimini on the boat yet and could easily wind and drive, after that he went deep and took most of the line straight down. A fun 20min fight before I had him in the boat not a big fish but at 83cm and solid was my biggest of the day. Caught 1 more on the light gear before I had had enough and went for a troll, worked a current line inside the shelf till a ran out of time. Conditions where still great and I could run home at speed. Plan was to meet my wife and kids at the ramp at 1100 and have a family day, unfortunately the one year olds morning sleep was an issue and my wife couldn't meet me, so I pulled the boat out and went home. The One year old woke at 1ish and we made the quick decision to cling wrap the sandwiches and go back out in the boat, swapped the big gear for the estuary and kiddies rods and went back to the ramp, re-lanched at 1330, still parking in the main carpark, love this time of year. Went to Lilli Pilli and anchored up, no fish at the first spot but at least this gave us chance to eat our lunch. Moved the boat maybe 50m to the second spot and tried again this spot produced a magical hour or two for the family with constant bites and fish, I took a back seat to the fishing and mainly maintained the lines while my wife and 5 year old girl did most of the fishing, Got to the stage where the little girl was tired of pulling in fish and just wanted to net them. My wife enjoyed getting a chance to fish as I did more child care than normal and she fished more than normal, all fish were on 1 or 2 Kg outfits ( even my 5 year old girl uses 1kg pretest at times, although her fluoro pink rod has 2kg line) so all fish gave a good account of themselves. Ended up keeping 3 bream 31-33cm, 2 flathead mid 40's, 1 whiting and one blue swimmer crab and released a dozen or so fish close to legal or just over (didn't need any more fish). My wife also caught a shovel nose ray that I lifted on board for the kiddies to have a look at before releasing and had a big eagle ray cruising around the back of the boat for a while. Pulled the boat out about 5ish and went home, all in all a long day on the water but well worth it. Thanks for reading Ash.
  13. Garmin Map HELP! Garmin 7410

    Not sure if this helps, but my new lowrance unit you had to go through the settings and select the map chip over the pre - installed (crap) basic map. Good luck Ash
  14. The highs to lowes

    Hi Surfacejunky, as mentioned above I fish for blackfish in the rivers when the weather turns cold. happy to let you know when I start to fish for them probably may/june depending on water temps and other species I like to chase. Ash
  15. Almost Perfect Day

    Thanks for reading and thanks for the replies. Sebcox i would of been fishing the same techniques as what my dad showed you. Good luck if you get out there. They are great fun to catch and great eating. We ate lots fresh, gave lots away and froze down the rest. I was probably a bit lucky as it was my first attempt for the season and i don't get many chances to get out wide. Also bad weather would of kept most boats away from the fads for a couple of days prior to my trip. Interestingly when my dad got to the fad all the boats were gone and they wouldn't touch the lives. He got a couple around 70cm on pilchard pieces.