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  1. July Frogley's Offshore Catch of the Month 2016

    thank you everyone that voted for me thank you to Stewy for teaching me heaps the prize will help me catch heaps more fish cheers Brando
  2. Port Stephens (Snapper)

    thank you every one it sure did taste good on the plate thanks people cheers Brando
  3. Flathead session sth Port Hacking

    Well done they would of tasted good on the dinner table as well good work dogbox cheers Brando
  4. Whiting fun

    Well done Whiting are a great fish to catch and also great to eat cheers Brando
  5. Port Stephens this morning!

    Well done dad I wonted to come but I had to look after the kids but well done cheers Brando
  6. Port Stephens (Snapper)

    G'day raiders, Yesterday, after dad went fishing early, I was hanging to get out and wet a line as conditions looked really good. it wasn't until the afternoon that my older brother and his mate jack decided they were going for a fish, so I asked if I could go! They said yes, so I grabbed my rod and off we went! Up and down threw bush and along rocks, finally we reach one of our spots we looked out and we saw fish smashing up so my brother casted out and bang onto a nice salmon so we decided to keep the one and use it for bait. so we walk 2 seconds up and we reach our spot.We cast out and we kept getting baby bites but then I decided to cast into the wash and then BANG zzzzzzzz I was onto something that was a nice size so I told jack to jump down and grabb it and so he did and I pulled up a 42cm Snapper I was so stoked but then I was thinking and I had to carry it all the way home but I was up for the challenge thanks for reading cheers Brando

    Thank you Stewie and Donna for the great weekend. I had a ball and it could not get better then that. Thank you to lyn and Geoff for all the help. Also a big thanks to Harold for sponsoring the social Congratulation to sasha to take the win cheers brando
  8. Cowan Creek overnight 25/26 June

    good first report Wellzy good luck on getting your first hair tail they put up a great fight from Brando
  9. Cowan

    looking good for the social can't wait and good report from Brando
  10. Port Stephens (snapper Central)

    well done dad they tasted good on the plate to well done dad:) from Brando
  11. Jewies, bream and monster whiting from the beach

    Great work RexSenior they sure fight good and I am sure they taste good to cheers Brando
  12. Port Stephens snapper!

    great report dad I wish u took me out but I guess it was there turn well do on the snapper to. cheers Brando
  13. Glenbawn Dam 2015

    great work stewy and Donna u pulled more then of course it was pretty pore don't u recon cheers Brando
  14. Broken Bay

    great whiting and lizard also them samon look good to great catch cheers Brando
  15. Clearing the rubbish in Lake Keepit

    great report I have never caught one before I don't no if I won't to cheers Brando