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  1. Kingys

    Ricks bang on the money mate 110km upstream very unlikely also, overhead reel not the best for casting lures i know i would be untangling birds nests every second cast haha maybe try an egg eater with braid line and mono leader
  2. Interesting One "Marbled Flathead"

    Hi All I thought this attachment might be useful to those who want to identify flathead.
  3. Kingfish Round 2

    Great work team scratchie ! Thats just unreal. Very jealous !!!! Cant say iv ever caught a legal king on gum, but u see something new every day!
  4. Terrigal Dolphin Fish, finally some good ones

    Great fish, got to love the colors when they come out if the water its one of natures best i tell ya
  5. PB Dolly

    Thats a great fish mate.... would have been good eating too 👍👍
  6. Solar for house

    I manage projects for my clients and can tell you with some level of certainty that in most situations solar panels are a waste of time. The only time i would recommend you install solar panels is if the government has offered a funding scheme. Even then the suppliers and installers just up their prices even further and you dont pocket the full saving 🤦‍♂️ Solar panels produce peak power at the time most people are at work, and therefore dont use the power produced. If you work from home then this might actually be a viable option. Additionally, the PV cells need constant maintenance in order to keep producing energy at the same rate as new. All this not even considering the orientation of your roof, mounting positions, obstructions to sunlight such as trees/neighbouring buildings etc One study i read some years ago on a 10 year life cycle analysis suggested that by the time you factor in upfront capital costs, ongoing maintenance/servicing then deduct savings made it becomes a cost neutral exercise. All that being said, there has been some serious technological leaps in the area of renewable energies and i think at some point we will find them in every household at an affordable price. Just not now
  7. Operating dual battery

    PS - i dont have a VSR
  8. Operating dual battery

    Certainly seems like a far more complex question than I anticipated! At the time i purchased my boat the dealer told me i can operate the boat on a single battery so hence my question. I currently run on both batteries One thing that i didnt mention (and assume has some impact on the end answer) is that my ETEC G2 150 HO produces 133 amps, 50amps of which are purely dedicated to battery charge and operations of equipment whilst the motor is running. With 50amp spare coming off the motor and with only two touch screens running id be surprised if i ever ran out of battery running a single battery? But when it comes to electrical engineering i am absolutely illiterate so i could be 100% wrong Zoran thx for the offer and will do a bit of homework on how everything is currently wired up on my boat before i come over for a beer so that all my answers arent "not sure il have to check and get back to u" haha 🤦‍♂️
  9. Operating dual battery

    Gday Raiders The internet is a very big big place isnt it. You would think that with the amount of information available finding answers should be easy. These days i find too many answers, most of which contradict each other ! Anyway, looking for realtime responses from those who operate dual battery packs. When your out for the day fishing do you only use one battery or both ? I dont run alot of electronics on board, just lowrance gps/sonar, evinrude touch screen and hardwired radio. Occasionally the pump for live bait well and deck wash will come on. Would i be best off using one battery when out and about, and alternate between battery 1 and battery 2 on each trip?
  10. Sydney Saturday

    Still kicking myself mate haha !!! Am glad i got in close before that southerly blew up, could have been nasty getting into the harbor with the southerly coming head on at me Fingers crossed mate, its been blowing a gale so lets hope so. Cheers Thanks mate, always best to get out and have a go ! Sounds like ur mate did well on his first go, connecting is the easy part, bringing it in is the hard part ! I dont have the gear yet to take on a 180kg beastie bUt these smaller inshore strippies i think i can have a go
  11. Sydney Saturday

    Gday Raiders Headed out on saturday for some trolling after reading some reports of small stripies feeding on bait schools inshore in 30-40m of water. Trolled skirts from north head heading north towards longy, then headed north east past the FAD and then further north east to the waverider. No takers... headed further east and realised i was the only idiot out wide and there wasnt any bait on the sounder. At this stage i realised that i should have trusted my gut instinct and stayed in close, heard lots of action in 20-30 fathoms. Hard Lesson learnt and missed opportunity.... water tempt was 23.2 There was a nasty southerly forecast for early afternoon, so we gave up and did some bottom bashing for an hour landing two nice pannies and my first ever trag in 65m water wide of dee why. Saved face a little. Interestingly no blue spots around The southerly breeze blew up big time so we headed back in and headed home. I wonder if the striped marlin will still be hanging around inshore for the coming weekend? Thanks for reading Sam
  12. Barrenjoey Wide 12/1/2018

    Thats a nice eating bag Zoran. great work. you always manage to pick your days well and do the homework beforehand ! I like concept of "repurposing" an old screwdriver. Atm i use the sharp end of my pliers !!
  13. Anyone know why? - Failed past 4 trips

    Hi Armpits Your questions are very broad and unfortunately cannot be answereed. Different locations fish better or worse in different conditions. For instance some places fish well on a run out tide and orher places that fish well on a run in tide. Some places fish well in a southerly breeze, some not. You seem reluctant to give us exact locations so it is hard to help you. ive noticed many raiders have made similar comments to you on other topics. There is no one glove that will fit all. based on ur previous posts, i would say you are not catching anything because you are not doing any research on the location u plan to fish at, and perhaps the times u went before that u were simply lucky
  14. In shore flatheads

    Makos and other sharks frequent the reefs off manly, have tangled with them often...(and always came out the loser) i think this time of year you will find the flatties in deeper water- 50m ++ Try that spot again in march/April when they come inshore to breed..... they are prolofic
  15. Port Hacking mixed bag

    Thats a nice mixed bag Yowie ! Them crabs look delicious how do u manage to get them in the boat without dropping them?