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  1. Thanks Yowie, great to have u back. Your words of wisdom were missed Yes that would have been me ! Not too many black yellowfins around i imagine haha how are the wedding cakes fishing ? I havent fished the cakes in 2 years almost
  2. Thanks mate, out of curiousity what made you go the barcrusher? I had my options narrowed down to the yellowfin and the Formosa. By the time u throw in all the extras on the yellowfin onto the formosa the prices are comparable but the real problem for me was Formosas Sydney Dealer was an absolute joke. I visited him three times and couldnt get a quote to get a boat made to my spec he was only interested in selling me his floor stock. Thanks Jon, power to fuel consumption is great, the whole trip this weekend consumed circa 20-22 litres Thanks jeff, haha u have brought back horrifying memories. Fully welded and stitched aluminium floor with scupper drainage on this one so if that happens again straight to the back of the boat and out! Cheers Thanks mate, those red spots tasted great i am surprised ive been so naive and putting them back all these years. Thanks Antony The G2 comes standard with power steering (built into engine) and the i-trim system. One thing i am still trying to get my head wrapped around is the reverse cycle flushing with the motor off. By all accounts this is exactly as per manufacturers instructions. Have always flushed with motor on until thermostat opens so this concept is new to me !!! Am doing tonnes of reading on this to make sure i get as much salt out as possible
  3. Thanks mate Cheers mate Will keep you posted on overall performance as i have some trips planned this summer out wide. Boat+trailer+motor can be towed with ease with a vehicle with 2 tonne towing capacity, i tow with a kluger no problems. PS- the new Yellowfin doesnt come in the 5800 model anymore. The 5800 model had a hull length of 6000mm and LOA of 6200 including bowsprit. So the 5800 is now called a 6200, and so on up the range. The smallest size in the range is now the 6200
  4. Thanks mate Sorry to hear about your troubles. How did u receive the recall and whats the problem? Ive had no issues so far, that being said as i noted in my report this is my first trip. I had my motor installed by the dealer as the boat was originally rigged with a 135g1 and on display and i wanted the 150g2. All fuel cables, controls etc were installed by the dealer.
  5. Gday Raiders Took the new boat out for the maiden voyage today and as always a mixture of highs and lows as is with any fishing trip. Tried last night to download all my marks from previous boat fishfinder onto the new fishfinder only to find that the SD card had been damaged (almost broken in half). Where and how that happened i dont know. 5 years worth of boating exploration down the gurdler but hey thats fishing right haha. For the maiden voyage the plan was intentionally simple, launch the boat, have a good play inside the flat harbor to get some stats and learn how to handle then head outside for a quick bottom bash. Total weight with crew, hull, fuel and tackle etc was 1500kg not including the motor and the new 150hp G2 HO was more than enough to power us along with a fast holeshot and up and on plane in around 3 seconds. Not surprised with the results considering the amount of time i spent deciding on which motor to go with. some quick stats 1200rpm/ 6 knots / 4.5 litres hr 3500rpm/ 22 knots/ 18 litres/hr 4500rpm/30 knots / 27 litres/hr WOT/ 39 knots / 43 litres hr Obviously the results outside in the chop wont be as good depending on the conditions but im quite happy with the power and handling none the less. One thing i absolutely loved was Evinrudes new i-trim feature which trims the boat automatically to get you up on plane and then when your cruising along. Didnt have to touch the trim button the whole trip. Headed out eventually and found the fish very hungry, plenty of flathead around and lots of throwbacks. Kept some flathead around 40-45cm for the table along with 10 red spot whiting. Interestingly didnt find any reds, even the plague of undersize ones. Up until recently i would throw those red spots back because i imagined getting the bones out would be too much work. Then tried one a week or so ago at a friends place and he basically said just eat the flesh as is bones are so thin they just crunch away. Had the whiting for lunch today with salad and fries what a great eating fish they are. Overall another great day out in this beautiful country of ours. thx for reading, Sam
  6. Mate that is an awesome fish for inside the harbour. Great work and hopefully next time ul stay connected with the beastiee
  7. I think u might find this video interesting In this video a 150hp motor is producing ALOT more power than a 200hp motor and thats not just in low rpm ranges. I would say not only do two equivalent 200hp motors produce different power but some motors produce better torque than other competitors with equal or higher hp
  8. Perhaps.... depends on which outboard it is. The 150. G2 has the same engine block and gearbox as the 175 and 200hp G2s. Low end torque is the same across all three motors as i know it and the 175 and 200 obviously perform better on the high end rpm range
  9. Sorry i get what u mean now, just a typo, what i meant was the stats he posted with the 150hp test on his boat have him moving at 43.8km/hr at 3500rpm age is relevant when comparing the performance of his current 200hp which is 19 years old to the performance he can get from a 150hp manufactured in 2017
  10. From all of my research i would have to say Honda would be my pick from the 4 stroke outboards. 7 year manufacturers warranty speaks volumes
  11. Sorry mate im a little confused but it appears you are more or less concurring with what ive said in my post? Very good point
  12. Trevally respond exceptionally well to burley. If you burley up and 30mins later still no trevally it would be safe to say there arent any in the immediate vicinity. In addition to the baits/lures already mentioned i have had good success on trevally with chicken/cheese peices. You will also get bream, snapper as bycatch
  13. Great work and comittment to get out in the rain. At least you were rewarded with a few
  14. Sorry to hear about your pain and suffering mate. Apprently, staring off into the horizon helps as it helps calibrate your balance horizontally. Never been seasick so cant say that works for sure hope u and mum are fairing better now
  15. I dont think thats factually correct in this specific circumstance... we arent comparing 2017 200hp to 2017 150hp. in this instance, we are replacing 20 year old 200hp technology with a 2017 150hp (2st or 4st) which appears to have equal to or better performance to push this boat. As Zoran has pointed out the current 150hp can push his boat along at 43km/hr at 3500rpm which is pretty good if you ask me. Also, the motor doesnt know/care whether a boat is constructed of aluminium/plastic/fibreglass so i cant see why the stats posted on the G2 should be discounted?? What will matter is the weight of the boat and the hull design, of which yes there are some differences between the tested boat and the current boat being considered and this of course will mean different results to some extent. But to say that the stats should be discounted on the fact that the boat is made of alumium alone is not right imo.