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  1. 615 bar Crusher or 6200 yellowfin quintrex

    Hi Mate i have a yellowfin 6200. They are a great fishing boat. Very nice ride and very fishable. My only criticisms are the hull doesnt deflect hull spray very well being so smooth and if your cutting through swell without the trim tabs operating u can occasionally get a lean to left/right if ur going too fast. But always good when trim tabs going. other than that very happy happy to answer any other questions,pm me
  2. Bycatch spinning for tailor

    Thats a great catch. Cant say ive ever heard of a jew taking a metal slice. great work, healthy looking fish!
  3. Bag of Blue Spots Means Beer!

    Great feed of fish there mate If you want snapper the secret is to have a “scratchie” on board.
  4. Coogee to Bate Bay

    Cheers mate, the gamefishing section on FR has all but dissappeared this season so i dont have any intel ! Where abouts did you hear about the run of tuna?
  5. Coogee to Bate Bay

    Gday Raiders We do most of our fishing off the Northern Beaches and that is largely because i have a good understanding of the under water terrain, fortunately this provides consitent success and finding a feed on almost all trips. That being said Botany is actually more convenient for me but gets set asife because i havent got around to collecting gps marks and coordinates for my fav eating fish . Having recently aquired some seabed charts for coogee to bondi I spent some time interogating the charts and marking likely gps coordinates to test out. Sunday was the day and the conditions were fantastic. Arrived at Foreshore boat ramp at 6am and the car park was almost full, with the que backed up all the way to the traffic lights! Id imagine they locked the gates at 7. Did anyone get in after that. It was interesting to see some big game boats getting launched and was curious to know what theyre chasing this time of year? Late season Marlin perhaps. There was an early morning breeze which made drifting a little difficult but that was resolved when we deployed the sea anchor. What a great little invention they are. This breeze died out around 9am and ironically around midday the breeze was entirely gone. I remember dropping the paternoster in 64m and the line went down in almost a straight line. Eventually the line started heading to the front of the boat as the under water current appeared to be moving north faster than we were stationary on the surface. Tried a whole bunch of new marks from Bate Bay all the way to Coogee wide and happy to report that we managed a nice mixed bag of a dozen red spot whiting and a dozen flathead. Also managed one pigfish. Couldnt find any legal snapper to take home but overall very happy with the result especially considering it was really an exploratory trip. Thanks for reading Sam
  6. North Coast Warms Up

    Sounds like your having a great time mate ! I had a trip booked in to SWR couples of weeks back which got canned due to last minute work deadlines 😞 What conditions would you say are the “cut off” for the bar crossing? Interested to hear how the bar behaves in different swells and wind directions
  7. Pittwater Land Based

    Keep the reports coming mate consistent legal reds from landbased fishing is very rare indeed so u are doing well !
  8. Is my motor to low when planning

    Excuse my ignorance but are you supposed to be able to see lower and upper cav plates when boat is on plane? I assumed as long as lower cav plate is level with bottom of the boat its fitted to manufacturers recommendation. What are the implications if u cant see? Havent tested my boat but now im curious
  9. FOUND .......Public Works NSW Seabed Charts 1989 - Bate Bay

    Glenn sounds like the hacking was a very productive space ! You should look into purchasing another offshore rig! Cheers Ian that is where i found the map ! For anyone else thats interested it is on level 1 of the library, file is numbered G8971.C2/s-25 .N48 Your not allowed to borrow the map so i had to scan it in 8 A3 sections that being said i am in the process of getting a full size scan in A0 and will keep those who are interested updated
  10. FOUND .......Public Works NSW Seabed Charts 1989 - Bate Bay

    Heres a preview in very low resolution
  11. FOUND .......Public Works NSW Seabed Charts 1989 - Bate Bay

    Found it.... now to get it scanned in high resolution😀😀😀
  12. Site advertising and sponsers

    Not sure what the big deal is...... the site is exactly the same as it was before the only difference being the addition of some advertising. A small inconvenience (if you want to call it that) considering the mountains of information you have access to here for free......
  13. A message from your wife/partner

    Displayed in local tackle stores
  14. Gday Raiders I currently have copies of the seabed charts that public works carried out in 1989. They are very useful charts for diving and fishing. There are four sections of the chart. Gosford Broken Bay Sydney Heads Bate Bay Up until today i was not aware that one existed for Bate Bay. I have copies of the sydney heads and broken bay charts. Would anyone have a copy of the chart for Bate Bay? I would be willing to pick up/return the charts from your location. I will have the chart scanned in high resolution at my own cost and reprinted in A1/A0 and provide you with both electronic and hard copies for your troubles. Please PM if you have a copy and we can discuss further. Thanks Sam
  15. Sydney Bottom Bash

    Cheers BN Overall a very nice all rounder boat. Got to be happy with a mixed bag though it would be great if you could send some of then broughton XXXL reds down our way The yellowfin is definitely built for fishing when compared to the Clearwater !