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  1. Sydney Saturday

    Gday Raiders Headed out on saturday for some trolling after reading some reports of small stripies feeding on bait schools inshore in 30-40m of water. Trolled skirts from north head heading north towards longy, then headed north east past the FAD and then further north east to the waverider. No takers... headed further east and realised i was the only idiot out wide and there wasnt any bait on the sounder. At this stage i realised that i should have trusted my gut instinct and stayed in close, heard lots of action in 20-30 fathoms. Hard Lesson learnt and missed opportunity.... water tempt was 23.2 There was a nasty southerly forecast for early afternoon, so we gave up and did some bottom bashing for an hour landing two nice pannies and my first ever trag in 65m water wide of dee why. Saved face a little. Interestingly no blue spots around The southerly breeze blew up big time so we headed back in and headed home. I wonder if the striped marlin will still be hanging around inshore for the coming weekend? Thanks for reading Sam
  2. Operating dual battery

    Gday Raiders The internet is a very big big place isnt it. You would think that with the amount of information available finding answers should be easy. These days i find too many answers, most of which contradict each other ! Anyway, looking for realtime responses from those who operate dual battery packs. When your out for the day fishing do you only use one battery or both ? I dont run alot of electronics on board, just lowrance gps/sonar, evinrude touch screen and hardwired radio. Occasionally the pump for live bait well and deck wash will come on. Would i be best off using one battery when out and about, and alternate between battery 1 and battery 2 on each trip?
  3. Operating dual battery

    PS - i dont have a VSR
  4. Operating dual battery

    Certainly seems like a far more complex question than I anticipated! At the time i purchased my boat the dealer told me i can operate the boat on a single battery so hence my question. I currently run on both batteries One thing that i didnt mention (and assume has some impact on the end answer) is that my ETEC G2 150 HO produces 133 amps, 50amps of which are purely dedicated to battery charge and operations of equipment whilst the motor is running. With 50amp spare coming off the motor and with only two touch screens running id be surprised if i ever ran out of battery running a single battery? But when it comes to electrical engineering i am absolutely illiterate so i could be 100% wrong Zoran thx for the offer and will do a bit of homework on how everything is currently wired up on my boat before i come over for a beer so that all my answers arent "not sure il have to check and get back to u" haha 🤦‍♂️
  5. Sydney Saturday

    Still kicking myself mate haha !!! Am glad i got in close before that southerly blew up, could have been nasty getting into the harbor with the southerly coming head on at me Fingers crossed mate, its been blowing a gale so lets hope so. Cheers Thanks mate, always best to get out and have a go ! Sounds like ur mate did well on his first go, connecting is the easy part, bringing it in is the hard part ! I dont have the gear yet to take on a 180kg beastie bUt these smaller inshore strippies i think i can have a go
  6. Barrenjoey Wide 12/1/2018

    Thats a nice eating bag Zoran. great work. you always manage to pick your days well and do the homework beforehand ! I like concept of "repurposing" an old screwdriver. Atm i use the sharp end of my pliers !!
  7. Anyone know why? - Failed past 4 trips

    Hi Armpits Your questions are very broad and unfortunately cannot be answereed. Different locations fish better or worse in different conditions. For instance some places fish well on a run out tide and orher places that fish well on a run in tide. Some places fish well in a southerly breeze, some not. You seem reluctant to give us exact locations so it is hard to help you. ive noticed many raiders have made similar comments to you on other topics. There is no one glove that will fit all. based on ur previous posts, i would say you are not catching anything because you are not doing any research on the location u plan to fish at, and perhaps the times u went before that u were simply lucky
  8. Mid north coast

    Gday Raiders looking at planning a trip somewhere in the mid north coast with a view to target spanish mackerel and maybe some mahi/marlin offshore. Sometime between Jan and March Can anyone recommend some locations and the best time of year to be there ? Willing to drive up to anywhere between Yamba and Port Stephens. Any advice would be appreciated. Sam
  9. In shore flatheads

    Makos and other sharks frequent the reefs off manly, have tangled with them often...(and always came out the loser) i think this time of year you will find the flatties in deeper water- 50m ++ Try that spot again in march/April when they come inshore to breed..... they are prolofic
  10. Port Hacking mixed bag

    Thats a nice mixed bag Yowie ! Them crabs look delicious how do u manage to get them in the boat without dropping them?
  11. Silly fishing

    Just.. wow what a great part of the world you live in, i never thought id say this bay scratchie could be jealous nice fish of course
  12. Flying fish in the harbour

    I scared a couple today about 2 miles east of the heads. AlwYs amazing to see i did encounter them between north and south head last year when that warm water was sitting just off sydney
  13. In shore flatheads

    Hi Bill I have sent u a PM
  14. Would you report?

    Wise words Fabian !
  15. Would you report?

    I dont question whether or not certain nationalities are the most habitual offenders.... that is probably very true and i personally would expect both you fabian and rick to do exactly what uve done in the past, kick buckets over and set them straight. What i do take exception to is the obvious underlying racism. People of all backgrounds are caught taking undersize fish and that includes alot of "aussies". For some reason those caught who have an ethnic background provoke a greater reaction. Thats called racism thats my two cents
  16. Would you report?

    Thats exactly my point mate..... their ethnic background has no relevance to the discussion, as i already said in my original post.
  17. Northern Beaches 2018

    Happy new year to all 🐟🐟🐟 Fished northern beaches wide today in 60 and 70m of water using some salted bonito and slimy mack caught on my last trip. Also took a bag of prawns. Water a nice blue but not yet "electric" and varied between 22.4 and 22.1 degrees. Drift with current and wind was perfect around 1 to 1.5 knots but picked up later around 10:30 Having studied some maps previously provided by Saltrix, i wanted to try a new spot of sandy sea bed directly adjacent to some reef/rock, specifically in deeper water as all my bottom bashing trips of late have yielded minimal results, especially on the flathead (my fav eating fish by far). Struggled at first, first drop was alot closer to the reef than intended, resulting in 2 of the 3 rigs being lost. This was followed by a mowie, two gurnards, a sargeant baker and some undersize snapper. Eventually hit the mark, with both dad and i bagging out on flathead, most being a decent size of 45cm or slightly larger. Havent had a good session on the flathead in a very long time now so it was good to bring home a decent feed for the family and friends. mother in law got a couple + the mowie, neighbour also got a couple and we had the rest for late lunch today ! None left to be frozen ! Great day out on the water and a great start to the year ! Cheers Sam
  18. Would you report?

    Wow,ok, In that case, what fishing rods and bait were they using ? How old were they ? Point...... some facts are useless and do not contribute to the discussion at hand
  19. Leave the chain attached

    Ive owned two Etecs and never had any problems. You will always find some issues amongst the many outboards that get produced with any brand

    Hi Donna i noticed there is a "community reputation" tag attached to members and for the life of me cant figure out what it is or how it works. for instance i have a count of two but dont know what theyre associated with ! cheers
  21. Northern Beaches 2018

    Thanks mate, definately rewarding when homework actually pays off - as most of the time it fails !! Cheers mate ! When u getting out next? Cheers Jeff, it was definately the best way to start the year! I will be planning a trip up your way soon and will make sure your on board, at this stage looking at Australia Day long weekend Cheers Yowie, i dont like them either but dad doesnt mind them, neither does the mother in law !
  22. Newcastle Beaches

    Great work, one of the best eating fish around.
  23. avoca 02/01/2018

    Awesome work, them bonnies are great fun especially on light gear. Great way to start the year
  24. Boat ramp drama

    Amazing...... imagine this idiot was taking his or someone elses kids out with him. I bet you hes one of those idiots that doesn't have any safety equipment and doesnt know any of the rules. Good on you for helping him out the way you did
  25. Leave the chain attached

    A problem that exists on every outboard brand u can think of, including Yammies