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  1. Gday Raiders I currently have copies of the seabed charts that public works carried out in 1989. They are very useful charts for diving and fishing. There are four sections of the chart. Gosford Broken Bay Sydney Heads Bate Bay Up until today i was not aware that one existed for Bate Bay. I have copies of the sydney heads and broken bay charts. Would anyone have a copy of the chart for Bate Bay? I would be willing to pick up/return the charts from your location. I will have the chart scanned in high resolution at my own cost and reprinted in A1/A0 and provide you with both electronic and hard copies for your troubles. Please PM if you have a copy and we can discuss further. Thanks Sam
  2. FOUND .......Public Works NSW Seabed Charts 1989 - Bate Bay

    Heres a preview in very low resolution
  3. FOUND .......Public Works NSW Seabed Charts 1989 - Bate Bay

    Found it.... now to get it scanned in high resolution😀😀😀
  4. Site advertising and sponsers

    Not sure what the big deal is...... the site is exactly the same as it was before the only difference being the addition of some advertising. A small inconvenience (if you want to call it that) considering the mountains of information you have access to here for free......
  5. A message from your wife/partner

    Displayed in local tackle stores
  6. Sydney Bottom Bash

    Cheers BN Overall a very nice all rounder boat. Got to be happy with a mixed bag though it would be great if you could send some of then broughton XXXL reds down our way The yellowfin is definitely built for fishing when compared to the Clearwater !
  7. Sydney Bottom Bash

    Headed out today at gentlemans hour to fish with a mate on his new boat (Whitley Clearwater 1950). I was more interested in experiencing the boat as it was my 2nd choice after the boat i ended up buying (Yellowfin 6200). Well the clearwater made for a comfortable dry ride and is very fishable. Only obvious downsides were the Gunnels at the back of the boat are quite low and i thought it was a little underpowered with a 130hp yammie on the back. We went for a bottom bash outside of Sydney trying a few spots for the usual bread and butter species. Managed a nice bag and ended up sharing 5 snapper and about 12 flathead. Must have returned a dozen snapper at 29.9cm today. Did a troll along the cliffs and past colors reef in the hope of a bonito and managed only one small bonito of about 40cm but thats all we needed anyway as it was to be filleted for bait. Fish were spread out and we really had to work hard to find them moving multiple times between bondi and coogee. Used the sea anchor on almost all drifts as the breeze was pushing us along a little too fast. All in all a great day out and you can really sense winter in the air now !! Jumper stayed on until 11am today
  8. Kings on jigs

    Great report and photos as always Jon. What type of jig did the damage ?
  9. Rapala X Rap Magnum 20 / 30 Info

    Line class will depend on what fish you are targeting. I use 25lb when trolling thr cliffs for bonito salmon etc and will go up to 60-80 pound when trolling offshore during summer they are not designed for casting in my opinion and they dont have the rear weight so iv only ever used them in trolling They usually come with a built in high strength split ring... i would tie straight onto the split ring as i find snapper swivels will change the way the lure behaves in the water
  10. Another One

    Great work thats a horse bream looks like it fell for a lure?
  11. Dollies and Flatties

    Headed out today with a couple of friends who really wanted to get into some of the dollie action. Collected some live bait really early and were the first boat at the FAD (i never thought it wud be possible, ha!) Managed a few nice fish for the boys boating in excess of 10 fish but only keeping what the boys wanted to take home for a feed as i still have a few mahi fillets in the freezer and didnt want any. Left the FAD relatively early and headed into the 30m mark off Botany to try and bag some flatties (which i was keen on taking home). Managed a few flatties all coming up decent size 40cm ++ All in all a great day to close out the Easter break and happy to get the boys onto a few fish. thanks for reading Sam
  12. Welcome Mike and Deckee I would love to hear what your vision for Fishraider entails. I hope that the Fishraider spirit can continue on through your plans for the future of this site. We are a bunch of passionate and team spirited folk so please keep us in mind
  13. Pittwater Success

    I agree legal size reds from the shore are very rare indeed so landing two is definitely a great acheivement. In all my years fishing from the shore ive only ever landed 2 legal snapper, one which spat the hook halfway lifting it up the rock ledge. So technically only 1 though there are some places with the right burley strategy i have heard of consistent legal reds can be caught but i doubt u will find anyone to share those locations in a public forum !!
  14. Dollies and Flatties

    Glad to hear you got into a few mate. Theyre awesome fun at that size arent they
  15. Port Stephens- teaching the next generation!

    Great work cant wait til my little ones are old enough to tag along, and more importantly hope they share the passion !! worryingly my son doesnt like eatinng fish 😩
  16. Ripper day

    Great work mate. At least now uv saved face infront of the GF and icing on the cake would be the feed. They fight like freight trains them bonito
  17. Lets smash this record Raiders !

    How do you prepare them for strip baits rick?
  18. Live bait spots in the Georges?

    You could try the wharfs around captain cook bridge and then paddle upstream. Depends on where you drop the kayak in.
  19. Lets smash this record Raiders !

    i keep bakers as strip bait when drifting for flatties. I dont find that snapper like them at all i imagine that record is pretty easy to beat but no one really values having a record for baker hahaha
  20. Live bait spots in the Georges?

    Where abouts are you trying for them ? If you want certain results try end of the rock wall adjacent to the tug boats in botany bay and then head back up river. They are always there and in plague proportions
  21. Live bait spots in the Georges?

    Squid can be difficult and i rarely target them as bait so cant offer any help other than the further up the georges river u go the less likely u are to come across squid yakkas should be easy, are u burleying for them ? What kind of rig are you using and what time, early morning just before sunrise is best
  22. sydney harbour fad / 12mile

    I used to own a Quintrex Renegade 460 and have taken that boat to the Botany Wide FAD (18kms) dozens of times over the years. The conditions need to be right, you need to have the right safety gear (in good working order and you also need to know how to operate them) and most importantly.... be an experienced and safe skipper who knows how to handle the limitations and characteristics of the boat as the ocean can throw almost anything at you. Never risk your life for a fish, but as long as its safe and you have the experience there shouldn’t be any problems.
  23. Painful fish revenge

    I have had many flathead spikes over the years which usually hurt like hell, but yesterday one of those darn bastards got me right on the middle finger, square in the knuckle. Holy f$&ker it hurt, in fact i laid down in the cabin and im pretty sure i semi-passed out. Most of the time i get spiked from the two spikes off the side of their head but this time it was the tall spike off the top of the dorsal fin that got me. Dont know if that makes any difference So that got me wondering. Whats your most painful fishing experience???
  24. surface flatty

    Nice work hard to get an ID in that photo, do you have a picture of the tail as that is usually how you ID flathead id be very surprised if your catching blue spots so far up river
  25. Painful fish revenge

    Wow these stories make my flathead spike sound like a needle %%%%% haha i agree JonD is the winner, cant say id ever recover from uncontrolled bowel movements whilst in foetal position at the boat ramp 😂😂