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  1. FLATHEAD continue to CHEW around St Huberts

    Nice vid. Sucks about losing the rod. In the last 2yrs ive snapped 2 rods and lost another whole setup out the back of the kayak.
  2. Not what we planned for

    Awesome ! Some great pics there!
  3. Chasing Flathead with Daiwa Double Clutch

    Nice work. Been meaning to grab one of those lures for a try myself. Am heading up to Forster in a few weeks, so might have to grab one.
  4. Brisbane Waters, Fat Flathead

    Nice big fat one. It's surprising the variance in girth in them. Lately all my flatties have been quite narrow.
  5. Zman plastics

    Always store zmans dry with no other plastics or lures, otherwise they will melt. If storing in a plastic container, it needs to be "wormproof". As long as they're not with other plastics/lures you should be right. I store mine in a good quality snap lock plastic container and they're good. But i find the pink zmans leach out their colour if stored with other zmans. They end up very pale, almost white. Dont go soft though. Havent had probs with other colours, just the pink
  6. Urgent help required

    I use aniseed soap which does a good job
  7. Hawkesbury help! - Brooklyn

    If you've only got such a short window, and a bit rusty on the fishing skills, i would head to the south eastern corner of Dangar Island. There you have the options of anchoring or drifting in shallows and some deeper channels. That way you not trying to cover too much ground and wasting time travelling around to different spots. There you can choose several different drifts or anchor spots depending on what the current and wind is doing. You'll probably find HA won't let you anchor near the bridge. And the Vines can get snaggy and plagued with catfish if you dont know exactly where to anchor. I agree with Zoran about the flats around Spectacle Island, can be shallow at low tide. As Zoran said, you really want to check the tides for the area before you go. The Willy Weather app gives you tide times for Dangar Island, but bear in mind that the current can still run for awhile after the high or low tide level has reached. In the Hawkesbury at that area it can be 1.5 to 2 hrs delay. What day are you going? For bait there, cant beat the Hawkesbury Prawns for bream and flathead. I try many other baits but just keep going back to them because they work. My brother-in-law picked up an 83cm jewfish on a prawn in that area. At risk of telling you something you already know, youtube how to rig a whole prawn - many casual fishos do it wrong and restrict their catch. Take a good range of sinkers too, you'll be surprised at the amount of lead you can need to keep the bait on the ground there when the current is flowing. But always go as light as you can. In that area ive caught bream, flathead, flounder, jewfish, tailor, snapper and even squid. And its a great spot for bluee swimmers if you've got a few witches hat traps. Hope that helps. Any questions, just ask.
  8. Found - box of flies at Pittwater

    Good on you for going to that effort to return them to their owner. May the fishing gods bestow you with many years of good fishing karma!
  9. Screws + fixings on aluminium boat

    I think i'll try to go sealed rivets wherever practical, with plenty of Duralac or similar. Are aluminum sealed/closed rivets readily available. I tried the major hardware store, but they didn't have sealed rivets.
  10. Screws + fixings on aluminium boat

    Thanks for all the replies. It appears i'd underestimated the issue. I havent put any fixings in yet, but was about to. None of the videos i watched about transducer installation mentioned anything about treating the screws or holes. Although, it appears the previous owner or (owners) weren't too concerned. There's fixings everywhere and i havent seen any sign of any duralac or tef-gel (man, that stuff is expensive by the way). The boat is old, and there's signs of corrosion at the transom. Rick, for rivets, do you coat them in anything prior to installation?
  11. Screws + fixings on aluminium boat

    I’m relatively new to boating and bought an old second hand aluminium boat a couple of years ago. I am slowly learning all the boats do’s and don’ts, both on and off the water. What is the practice for using screws/fixings into aluminium hull. I’m assuming 316 stainless steel, but then what about the use of dissimilar metals? I’m looking at two scenarios; outside boat below water (ie to mount a transducer bracket), and inside boat above water (ie to mount rod holders to inside back of boat and cup holders and fish finder display to dashboard).
  12. Boating disasters, your best or worst!

    My rookie mistake was heading out for an intended quick run to pick up crab traps we'd left overnight. Once on the water, we decided it was such a nice day, let's keep going. We headed up Mooney Mooney Creek as we'd never ventured up there yet. Mooney Mooney Creek feeds off the Hawkesbury at Brooklyn, but it doesn't get a lot of boat traffic. Got about halfway up the river, then the motor cut out. I'd completely forgotten that we'd used up most of a tank of fuel the previous day. As I'd only originally intended a quick trip to retrieve the traps, I wasn't thinking about fuel. We managed to get it started again by tipping the fuel tank up on its side, and started heading back. We past the only other boat on the river on the way back, but about 500mm past them, our fuel ran completely dry. Luckily we drifted back past the other boat, which was anchored up fishing, and they were willing to tow us back when they'd finished their fishing. We anchored and waited a fair while for them to finish fishing (that's cool - I wasn't expecting them to cut their day short for us). We had no food, water, or fishing gear to pass the time as we'd never planned to be out for the day. Finally got a tow back to the Brooklyn, but the other guys were running short on fuel themselves. They said they could get us to the boat ramp adjacent the freeway, but couldn't tow us into the Brooklyn marina's for fuel. No worries, we say, thanks for any help we could get. We get to the bridge at Brooklyn, then the tow rope snaps! The other guys had to bail as they were now fuel critical, and another boat was able to grab us and bring us back to the boat ramp. So from now on............. 1. fuel tank is always checked and filled up every second trip 2. always carry a container of 5L spare fuel on board 3. always carry a bottle of water and emergency muesli bars Oh, and I've also managed to launch the boat, and head off with the muffs still on the intake! You wonder how, but it does happen (normally only once!) I'd obviously had the muffs on flushing out after a trip, and had disconnected the hose to wash off the boat and trailer, but had left the muffs on. So now another golden rule, after flushing out the motor, take the muffs off prior to disconnecting the hose. I've never forgotten the bung plug thankfully!
  13. Transducer mounting position

    Not as easy when the deadrise is so steep. I'm assuming the transducer needs to be parallel to the ground. Given the slope across the hull, to position the transducer level with bottom of the boat, once side of the transducer is going to be a bit deeper, or shallower than the boat, if you can picture what i mean. Hence why I'm anticipating having to play around with the height once its installed to fine tune the readings
  14. Transducer mounting position

    Yeah i was thinking of mounting a board first. It's a new sounder but instructions just say to keep it a certain distance from the prop, and away from any planing strakes. It's an old Stacer.
  15. Hawkesbury mud crabs

    I put the mud crab traps out last week. It’d been way too long since I’d had a feed of crabs, and from all reports, they’ve been on fire in the Hawkesbury in the lead up to Christmas. Dropped them in about 10pm at low tide and left them in for the high tide overnight. I was a bit apathetic checking the traps in the morning as I’ve retrieved many an empty trap from this location. I was pleasantly surprised when the first trap revealed a legal muddie. I was ecstatic when the second trap had a very decently sized one as well. I cooked the big one up using a chilli mud crab recipe found on this site - delicious. The smaller one, I boiled in sea water. I wanted to answer for myself the age old question of how the muddies compare to blue swimmers. After preparing the smaller muddie the same way I do for the blue swimmers, I can say that I found the muddies just as nice as the blueys, and obviously with more substantial meat. The crab was cooked and cooled in salt water, so it had a pleasant sea taste to it, but not too salty.