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  1. is there something wrong with my S factor??

    yeah looks ok to me
  2. Flathead on light leader

    What knot do you use to join 1lb to 17lb fluro leader?
  3. Berowa yak session

    Cracking bream! Do you fish there Berowra often in a kayak? I took the kayak there on ANZAC day for the second time. Didn't have much luck. Sounds like I was fishing the same area as you. Lost a good fish that took a grub SP. Good strong fight, but got my braid wrapped around the tip of my rod, so the drag was out of action, and I ended up getting busted off. I'm guessing it was a nice solid bream like yours.
  4. Georges - Anzac morning flick

    Great catch Great feed Great day Great pics and Great report Where can I get some of those Dunhill SPs, they seem to do the trick
  5. Another One

    cracking bream, well done
  6. Getting the last few bones out of a flatheaad fillet

    I've been known to use my teeth when no-ones looking
  7. Pittwater Success

    sounds like a great evening! nice report. I was expecting pics of the photo shoot though ;-)
  8. How to store caught fish?

    salt water?
  9. Lesson Learned

    No complaints on a 54cm flattie! Nice work. It's always good when you can put into practice the things you learn on sites such as this.
  10. Electric trolling motor questions

    Good point. Lots of good opinions here from everyone. Am thinking 55lb may be a bit light on. Probably good for most scenarios, but i'd hate to spend the money and find it's not doing what I want it to at times.
  11. Electric trolling motor questions

    Thanks for all the replies. Really helpful. I hadn't heard of motorguide so i will def look them up. A little concerned about size i need. Was hoping to keep to a 12v version, but current through the lower Hawkesbury can be very strong and its spot lock I'm mainly getting it for (mind you, i guess I'm unlikey to try fish right in the peak of tide flow, and can always drop anchor). Now just gotta justify the expense
  12. I am starting to look into getting an electric trolling motor for my boat. I have an aluminium runabout 4.6m long, fish the Hawkesbury predominantly, and stay inshore. I'm looking at something to hold me steady in the fast currents that run through the Hawkesbury. I had a few questions if there are any fishraiders out there who are up to speed on trolling motors; 1. How do I know how much my boat weighs (to determine thrust size for motor)? It's a 4.6 aluminium with 40HP 2-stroke similar to this - I'd have no idea how much it'd weigh, or what size trolling motor I'd need 2. Other than minn kota and watersnake, what other brands are out there worth considering 3. I see the prices vary a lot - what features are a must have or not really needed. I'm thinking spot lock is a must, which I assume means needing GPS (?) 4. How long do they last and how hardy are they (ie, would you consider buying a second hand one?) Cheers, Nick
  13. How to cook a blue swimmer crab

    For blue swimmers, I normally cook them whole in salt water as per Jewhunter above. The delicate meat is fiddly to extract, but very delicious. For mud crabs, with a bit more meat, I have used Ryder's recipe here for chili mud crab. It's delicious, and you can make it as hot or mild as you like. Give a nice taste texture for the sauce.
  14. Wondabyne Flatties

    Good outing there, and a good flattie. I've thought about trying there many times. Are there many shore based spots you can get to, or is it pretty much that one jetty? How long did you fish there for, and what phase of the tide was it?

    I'd like to give some positive feedback for one of the site sponsors I'd never taken notice of the site sponsor adds, but after seeing them referred to in another post, I jumped on their website to have a look. I was needing a roll of flouro leader, and was intending to do a run to my nearest Big Corporate Franchise. Checking the prices on dinga, they were 30% cheaper on the same item ($19.95 compared to $28.95), and they have free delivery for members (which is free to join). Placed the order, and it was delivered by courier 2 days later. Very pleasant experience. I'll definitely check them first before buying any gear in future. And I found out afterwards, they also give an additional 5% discount for fishraider member :-)