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  1. The Hawkesbury is a big system, and those floating boxes move slow. You;re prob not going to b e able to cover too much distance over a weekend. Did you have general areas in mind - upriver, Berowra Creek, Brooklyn, or further to Broken Bay or Cowan Creek area?
  2. The boat is current;y on the old trailer, so I will need to get it in the water regardless to get it onto the new. I've looked closely at the setup of the 2 trailers. The position and height of the winch roller, and back rockers are almost the same. So I plant to get the boat onto the new trailer, drive it off the ramp, then use jack to adjust the front rollers up to get the bow loop lined up correctly, then just adjust the other keel rollers to suit.
  3. Thanks Jamie. Pondering it myself for the last 2 days and I think I had convinced myself that lining the bow loop with the winch roller was the most logical starting point, then adjust all others up to take the weight of the boat.
  4. The video is a cool idea I've started doing recently. I use the Strava app on my phone to gps track my activity, then the Relive app automatically creates the video from the Strava activity. I haven't tried the kayak at night yet. I haven't had it long so am still getting the hang of fishing out of it in the daytime.
  5. Nice work out of the kayak. When trolling, do you paddle, or are you just drifting? I've been trying a bit of trolling out of the kayak, but haven't found the right zone yet. I've been trying with SPs and hard body diving lures.
  6. I've just bought a new trailer to replace my old one. My boat is 4.6m aluminium hull, trailer is similar as this Does anyone have any tips, or links to good articles or videos, of how to set the height of the centre rollers correctly. I will be putting the boat in the water at the ramp to do it. I've had a search here and all over the internet and haven't been able to find a good instructional video. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. I couldn't really tell looking at the photo afterwards whether mine had a concave enough head to call as an EP. Going off this comparison photo I found online, I was calling mine as a bass (in the photo below, EP is on top with a much more noticeable concave head and deeper body shape, bass on the bottom).
  8. What distinguishes it as an EP over a bass? It was caught on an SP - powerbait nemesis. I need to get out there more often
  9. Great going!
  10. I took the opportunity one morning last week to take the kayak out for a few hours before work. It had been a while since I’d launched it so I was just glad to be out paddling on the calm waters on a beautiful morning. I launched at Parsely Bay and had a float around the moored yachts just off the breakwall for a bit, but no luck. I then headed south and fished across the front of Dead Horse Bay. I was fishing soft plastics and picked up an undersized flathead. A few casts later I hooked something a bit more solid with a good run. Got it to the kayak and it was a good sized tailor. It had a funny looking skin ulcer on its back about the size of a 50c piece so I wasn’t up for keeping him for a feed, but I did keep it for bait to try next time. I took the fillets off and salted them down to go in the freezer. I kept heading south towards the next bay along, Sandy Bay. I found a nice little rocky point which I was hopeful of picking up some bream. First flick in to the rocks and I’d hooked up. A good little tussle away from the rocks ensued. On first sighting coming to the surface, I thought it was a good sized bream, but turned out to be either an Estuary Perch or a Bass. Being so far down towards the mouth of the system, I was thinking it was an EP, but doing a 2 minute search on google has me thinking it might be a Bass. Either way, it was caught on SP, put up a good fight, measured at 35cm, and was put back in the water afterwards. I had a few more casts in the same spot with SPs before switching to a hard body diving lure and trolled around the shallows of Sandy Bay. No luck trolling, and was getting time to head back in, so headed back to Dead Horse Bay and changed back to the SPs. I ended up with a nice 46cm flattie to round out the morning and ensure I ended up with dinner. Would’ve stayed out longer as it was looking like the perfect flattie time and place, but by now I was well and truly making myself late for work. Here is the link to a map of my outing Would be keen to know the consensus on whether this is a Bass or EP. The encounter with the flattie has finally convinced me to buy a kayak landing net - too many anxious moment trying to juggle rod in left hand and fishgrips in the other, trying to land the flattie without either my rod snapping, my leader busting, or me ending up with flathead spikes on the inside thigh!
  11. Great whiting on a surface popper. I had a crack at them on poppers at Minamurra last year, but couldn't get them to go for it. Mind you, I couldn't get the buggers to take live nippers either!
  12. Look on the bright side - you made me laugh A funny write up. We've all had days like those. Hopefully there be better days ahead.
  13. It's not accessible from land, and you would sink to your knees trying to walk across it. I don't think its a particularly productive sand flat anyway.
  14. Thanks, will give it a go
  15. Arc H, do you know any land based spots to pump them on the Central Coast?