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  1. I have the escapin 4.5m riggers.. No issues.. Have had for roughly 12 months
  2. +1 I just bought 6 for 100 bucks of these blokes. Joshua
  3. I will be out wide Friday, stopping off at browns then heading NE. 'Seadog' on Ch21
  4. I will also be out targeting mako this weekend! Will be on 21 "seadog"
  5. I have a 5.6 ally runabout and get out to browns atleast once a month.. It all about picking your days and being willing to pull the plug on the first sign of bad weather. Be prepared for it to take 4-5 hours to get back in should the wind pick up..
  6. Monday or Tuesday? If your going on Monday,I would love the chance to jump on a bigger boat for the day. Cheers Josh
  7. I am planing to be sick on Monday!!
  8. Zero's.. Tough fishing out there.
  9. How did you all go? covered another 250kms for a couple of stripe tuna... To rub salt in the wound, bloke pulls a big bluefin into his boat right in front of me.. Massive fish.. Scratch, tried to reach you on 82 on 'anyfin'... You end up going out? Cheers Josh
  10. Speaking to an old salt today about the bluefin off Sydney, he seem to think it was better to run 10" to 12" skirts off Sydney for big bluefin.. Thought this was strange as everyone else has said to run 6" to 8" skirts.. He did have some impressive photos of large bluefin from previous years. Thoughts? What will everybody be towing around tomorrow?
  11. With the weather forecast looking good Saturday, I am planning to head wide in search for that elusive bluefin again. No doubt there will be just as many boat as there was on Tuesday, clogging up channel 21 with crap. If any other members are planing to head wide on Saturday, I was thinking it might be better to share intel on 82 rather then 21? And ID yourself as a raider?? Sst charts show some good water out there, currents should push it inbetween browns and heatons for Saturday and Sunday. Cheers Josh
  12. What time did you pick it up? North of browns?
  13. 200 Kms covered.. All for one stripey... That's fishing i guess.. Hope its better for you tomorrow
  14. Heading out to southern canyons first thing.. Sharing intel on 21 call sign "seadog"
  15. Sorry mate, spots have been taken. Cheers Josh