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  1. Taking the kids to school

    Beauty is where you find it but most don't look. Thanks.
  2. Big shark Botany Bay

    I asked the experts and they came back with Bronze Whaler.
  3. Not what we planned for

    Congratulations on both the Triathlon and Marlin.
  4. Couple of ID requests

    I believe they do N.T.
  5. Couple of ID requests

    First one is a Estuary Catfish "Cnidoglanis macrocephalous" They have poisonous Dorsal and Pectoral spines .... and bloody hurt. So be careful with those ones. Second one is a Blind Shark "Brachaelurus waddi" Good on you for returning them to the water.
  6. Middle harbour King mushy

    Had one a couple of years ago from Sydney, but around Coffs higher percentage Mushy. Disappointing.

    Buggar, I've only noticed it myself. Hope you had a good one and keep up the great work.
  8. Big shark Botany Bay

    Thats a solid shark.
  9. Another day in Paradise...

    Yes, it does look like paradise. Half your luck BN.
  10. Any Ideas on this Reef critter?

    I see she's apprehend some fish.
  11. Shark ID please

    Duskys are very common in Sydney.
  12. Shark ID please

    Dusky Whaler Carcharhinus obscurus ..maybe
  13. Any Ideas on this Reef critter?

    Oops, sorry Georgia. What Georgia suggested she would do
  14. Any Ideas on this Reef critter?

    What Joh suggested. Also Juveniles and adults can look totally different. Take one that came up on FR recently, Girdled Scaleyfin , adult and Juvenile totally different
  15. Any Ideas on this Reef critter?

    Was that from up your way CJ