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  1. Any Ideas,

    Pearl Perch for me to. The "Supracleithrum" bone on top of the Gill plate makes me think it is and the high rear dorsal fin. Plus what Yowie said.
  2. Not a clue!

    Taken in the Sydney area Foxxy.
  3. Fish ID. [ Crimson Banded Wrasse and Blackspot Goatfish]

    First is a Male Crimsonband (Crimsonbanded) Wrasse. Notolabrus gymnogenis Second is a Blacksaddle Goatfish. Parupeneus spilurus Third is a Female Crimsonband (Crimsonbanded) Wrasse. Notolabrus gymnogenis
  4. ID Fish

    I was thinking either Cristiceps australis or Cristiceps aurantiacus but someone more knowledgable than I said the First Dorsal was to far back. (I've seen other photos of this fish)
  5. Looks like a great session Dave,shame about the size but looks like fun. Better than work. Also the Trevally could be a Thicklip Trevally rather than a Bluefin. Good looking fish.
  6. Caught at Roseville bridge (starry toadfish)

    I recon one came up on here the other day and Volitan nailed it . Starry Toadfish.

    Same here Waza, you bought back some memories. First lure caught Flathead was also on a Wonder Wobbler up at Umina Beach. Early 70's. I had run out of prawns and this fellow said his son had caught them on lures before. I was doubtful but 5 minutes later I had one.
  8. Zebra Fish? (Zebra Fish Girella zebra)

    Haven't had much internet access in the last week, so I'm not sure how that happened. Maybe autocorrect. ??? or maybe crap typing. But you both right. Girella zebra.
  9. ID Fish. "Sand Mullet and Silver Trevally"

    The stripes are sometimes noticeable on Silvers, maybe its the mood they are in at the time. Blue Trevallly don't have the black spot on the top of their Gill Plate (operculum) and this one has.
  10. Zebra Fish? (Zebra Fish Girella zebra)

    I would say Zebrafish "Gisela zebra" as well. Colour variation could be just the environment the were in. Take Luderick for example. From Charcoal to Bronze to a very light colour.
  11. Morning glory

    Favourite part of the day for me and those photos confirm why. Thanks.
  12. ID Fish. "Sand Mullet and Silver Trevally"

    Yes you are right Volitan, Silver Trevally.. Pseudocaranx georgianus Thanks.
  13. ID Fish

    Good call.
  14. ID Fish

    I was thinking of a Kelp Weedfish Volitan.
  15. ID Fish. "Sand Mullet and Silver Trevally"

    I recon your right Volition on the Mullet, but I'm still going Long Nose Trevally.