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  1. I asked the Boffins and because of the photo (Sand etc) the best they came up with was a Highfin Moray Eel, "Gymnothorax pseudothyrsoideus" Seeing that they are really good at stuff like this I'm going with that.
  2. Great report and pics, thanks for posting.
  3. Cool, very nice . Keep them coming.
  4. That is a nice Harbour King and a genuine 110cm. Very nice.
  5. Where was it caught M.J. I've never seen a Green Moray with Blotches or that colour Rick usually that uniformed Greenish colour.
  6. They're great Neil, part of the big picture when you go away hey. Thanks.
  7. I stand corrected Rick, you are right and the ones I have seen would be those as well. Thanks mate. I'll go and have a hard look in the mirror and give myself a uppercut.
  8. Common name Blue Fusilier or Yellow and Blueback Fusilier "Caesio teres" Seen 2 come in from Sydney in the last 5 weeks One I believe weighed 700 grams
  9. A couple of common names for this fish. Yellowtail Barracuda. Or Striped Barracuda. That' why a latin name sorts this out. "Sphyraena obtusata"
  10. Could have it hit a nerve in your hand/arm.
  11. Excellent in all aspects.
  12. If it was caught in WA, my guess as WA hasn't got any big freshwater fish (maybe a released one) would be either a Gold Spotted cod or a Blackspot cod as a QLD Groper doesn't have those facial/mouth markings. Also common names are a buggar as some call both the above fish Estuary/Malabar cod.
  13. Great report NT, seems like a great day was had.
  14. Sydney Cardinalfish. "Ostorhinchus limenus"
  15. I'm with you Paddy, Slatey Bream/ Painted Sweetlip "Diagramma dictum"