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  1. Saragossa is a great reel but is very heavy with the 8000 being 680g. I had one for jigging & it lasted a long time but for spinning from the rocks it is a bad choice. If you are looking to put a good action on surface lures & also be able to cast for hours on end you need to keep the weight down. Have a look at the Biomaster 8000, at 550g it much lighter & has a faster 5.7:1 gear ratio for better retrieve. The Gossa has a 5.6:1 ratio which is slower & more powerful (great for jigging/deep water work) & a full metal body to stop flex but ^ weight. The new Saltists are ok but I would save the coin & buy a Black & Gold if you want Diawa but you have to be happy with the T handle as it is not interchangeable with other real 4 reel handles. As for MAG seal I have a lot of diawa reals with it & have not had an issue. For an example I have changed the line roller bearing twice in my shimano Sustain & not once in either of my Certates that see more work. Diawa Australia are in Brookvale & can do all the servicing. I would go down to a shop & pick up the reals before buying them.
  2. How good are the Sugapen's on the kings ! The trebles they come with straiten on bream so good work getting the king in.
  3. Thanks Mate. I will try & start contributing more reports as I have been a bit slack. Cheers
  4. 100% go up. There are soo many issues you can have taking delivery of a sight unseen boat. As far as warranty your local dealer is going to be hard work if they remember you. 9 K is a big difference especially with freight thrown in. I worked with & sold boats for a dealership in my last job. PM me if you want more info.
  5. Cheers.I thought I have snagged the bottom when it first hit.
  6. Thanks mate I do favor the light gear but also use the boat to drive bigger fish out to deeper water. After that fish I dropped down to 20lb setup and got completely smoked. Haha
  7. 135cm kingfish caught Fish Rock mid north coast in 30m water on a 100g jig. Gear used 4000 Daiwa Catalina reel, pe2 braid & 7kg rod. Fish was release.
  8. Hey Mate It was over some bad ground with pinnacles & lots of current. Used the boat to drive it out to deeper water and played it for a while to get in. Gear was just my trusty old 4000 Catalina & pe2 braid. Haven't fished down south much for kings mainly snapper. I hear the stick bait action can be red hot.
  9. I tried but cant see any where on lure fishing records to ad a post & king fish record says that section is now closed ?
  10. Hat head up the coast.
  11. Only if you cast out very flat & leave your line slack. normally the angle of the rod being higher than the water would stop this. If you are using a large ball sinker than the sliding rig is not the go, use a dropper rig.
  12. Only took a few pics & a measure as I wanted to get it back in the water. It was 2 heavy to hold out in front of me to Make it look bigger. Haha
  13. You can have a swivel if you want to have rigs ready & stop line twisting & yes have the sinker sliding down onto the bait. Fluro carbon will give you better abrasion resistance & sinks which is helpful when you fish unweight They have some rigs listed on this site.
  14. Hey Mate Fished a fair bit of the north of WA & jigs kill it if you are looking for another option. Not sure how the current is down where you are but if its over 2 knots in deeper water you are gonna need some lead. A rig I like to use for snapper is a 2 hook snelled rig with a whole pilly & a ball sinker that can be cast down current & allowed to sink slowly & if the kings turn up you can put a strip of squid on and let it flap in the current. Hope this helps.
  15. Hi Raiders Having a look through the Fishraider records I can see that the lure caught king fish records is 131cm. I got this one over the long weekend on a jig in 30m of water which went 135cm. Do jigs count as lures ? Cheers