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  1. SWR & Sydney Dollies

    Hey Mate Used a few different ones up there but I would say it was most likely a Maria shore tricker 45g in pink brought up with an erratic twitch & stall retrieve. Cheers
  2. SWR & Sydney Dollies

    Hi Raiders Headed up to South West Rocks over the new year break & managed a few trips out when the weather permitted. The FAD had only just been put back in after breaking loose so it had very little growth & the water was cold & green which resulted in bugger all Dollies of any decent size to be had. We decided not to flog a dead horse & spent the few days we got out jigging for kings around Fish Rock & Green island. Well there were plenty of kings & sharks resulting in me snapping my PE5 rod on the first day. I had to then fish my lighter 30lb setup the rest of the time which resulted in some solid brickings with the largest fish I was able to land being only 96cm & My mate with his heavy gear in 1 piece managed a 110cm. We got done massively wrong by who ever manages the boom gate for the ramp at the jail as when we returned it was closed. The signs clearly say open from 7am to 9pm ,well we got back at 8.12pm & had to put my 4.3m tinny through Back Creek bar in the dark with a 1.7m east swell then get the wives to pick one of us up to drive to get the car & trailer. I would say that they just haven't reset the day light savings time but seriously they could kill someone ! Thought I would chuck in a quick report as well on the Dollie front. Went out last weekend Sat 13th from Sydney Harbor & managed some good table fish on small 15-30g jigs. There was the standard captain Killjoys doing hot laps around the fad putting all the fish down. So jigs fished deep came up with the goods. Water was a nice 23 degrees with not much current from the NE with the fishing getting a lot better the further east we went. Cheers
  3. Mid north coast

    Hey Mate sorry been smashed at work. The jail has a gate that opens at 7am I think to stop people making noise as it is next to a camping area. Last time I was up there in October the ramp was quite deep with little sand but super slippery & had to lock diffs to get boat out. On a low swell day the bar is fine & you can blast out no worries. The channels change with back creek as its a surf break & gets super shallow at low tide but its a tiny creek so the current pushing out is not as bad & you only have to clear 1 maybe 2 waves. I will update you when I get up there.
  4. Mid north coast

    I will be up at SWR next week. There are a few launch options other than the bar that being back creek or the jail. Both are subject to swell & sand build up. The bar is ok but you need to time the tides & can get real dodgy real quick with a change in swell. March is best but we got our best Spanish In Easter a few years back, its all dependent on current & water temp. If you want Spanish go as far north as you can they just get more plentiful. Hopefully I will have something to report next week. Cheers
  5. albright knot questions

    If you want some casting strength out of the knot you can do a tight half hitch with the leader before you cut it so the knot bashes the guides as you cast. This will give it the same durability as the uni with only slightly more bulk. You will need to sinch everything right down hard before you cut it & as scratchie said the 3 loops with the braid to lock the knot makes all the difference. The Yucatan knot is super strong but is still bulky & hard to tie with heavy stiff leader as it has to grip doubled braid to start twisting. Pus if you don't tie a Bimini for the Double its not as strong especially if using 4X braid as the surgeons loop just cuts through itself. I stuffed around for ages with knots trying to find the silver bullet for a strong low profile casting knot but there are only 2 choices. PR or FG. If you do your FG at home before you hit the water it should last for ages & if you get snagged the leader knot normally gives anyway. Most trips I will get busted off or snagged but still have the same shorter leader at the end of the day. If you practice you can smash out an FG in a couple of minutes on land.
  6. Anyone tried the FADs yet?

    There at micro ones hanging out on tide lines about 15km out from harbor. Nothing bigger than 40cm but. Still waiting.......
  7. Failed Fishing Trip - Curious?

    The atmospheric pressure was really low yesterday so any fish with a swim bladder would have gone out to deeper water to try and stabilize. Also the current inshore is dead & water is filthy. South swell should sort it out this week.
  8. Eagle rays

    If you want something that pulls hard just target sharks. Like scratchie said WA is a fishing mecca, why scape the bottom of the barrel & target rays ? Why not Target the Cobia that are hanging out with them when they school up ?
  9. Sydney kings

    Good work on the kings mate. Those gomoku rods are the worst rod in the history of ever, I snapped one on a rat !
  10. saragossa vs saltist

    Saragossa is a great reel but is very heavy with the 8000 being 680g. I had one for jigging & it lasted a long time but for spinning from the rocks it is a bad choice. If you are looking to put a good action on surface lures & also be able to cast for hours on end you need to keep the weight down. Have a look at the Biomaster 8000, at 550g it much lighter & has a faster 5.7:1 gear ratio for better retrieve. The Gossa has a 5.6:1 ratio which is slower & more powerful (great for jigging/deep water work) & a full metal body to stop flex but ^ weight. The new Saltists are ok but I would save the coin & buy a Black & Gold if you want Diawa but you have to be happy with the T handle as it is not interchangeable with other real 4 reel handles. As for MAG seal I have a lot of diawa reals with it & have not had an issue. For an example I have changed the line roller bearing twice in my shimano Sustain & not once in either of my Certates that see more work. Diawa Australia are in Brookvale & can do all the servicing. I would go down to a shop & pick up the reals before buying them.
  11. Croc and Rat

    How good are the Sugapen's on the kings ! The trebles they come with straiten on bream so good work getting the king in.
  12. Possible Kingfish Lure record

    Thanks Mate. I will try & start contributing more reports as I have been a bit slack. Cheers
  13. What would you do

    100% go up. There are soo many issues you can have taking delivery of a sight unseen boat. As far as warranty your local dealer is going to be hard work if they remember you. 9 K is a big difference especially with freight thrown in. I worked with & sold boats for a dealership in my last job. PM me if you want more info.
  14. Possible Kingfish Lure record

    Cheers.I thought I have snagged the bottom when it first hit.
  15. Possible Kingfish Lure record

    Thanks mate I do favor the light gear but also use the boat to drive bigger fish out to deeper water. After that fish I dropped down to 20lb setup and got completely smoked. Haha