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  1. share your secrets haha cracking fish mate well done champ
  2. livies

    pike/herring i once ha a big flattie smash a trumpeter
  3. thanks for the replys everyone i got a 17kg king toay with a iawa saltist nero 4500 sorry my d oesnt work on my keypa haha
  4. thanks for the great avice mate thats i think i will go try afew an see which i like
  5. wow what size man
  6. alreay locke it in mate thanks haha
  7. yeah im leaning towars the gosa mate thanks for your opinion
  8. oh haha no worries
  9. oh really i didnt know that so i could just buy the washer an pretty much have a gossa haha
  10. good report boys
  11. tossing up between the gossa 8000 or the saltist 4500 looking at reviews alot of people are saying the gossa is better just looking for opinions will be used for spinning of the rocks for pelagics and of the boat for jew etc
  12. Thanks paddy mate and will remeber that and wear rubber sole shoes
  13. Where abouts is this place your talking about?
  14. Thanks mate
  15. Thanks mate appreciate it.