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  1. Shark ID please

    Bronze whaler?
  2. Looking for a fishing mate

    Willing to travel to central coast mate?
  3. avoca 02/01/2018

    Haha nah not really donโ€™t think I would off had a chance running 30lb and 40lb leader
  4. Fishing goal this summer

    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ oops should have done . After the 1 and 2 my bad but I guess go big or go home
  5. avoca 02/01/2018

    That kid was fishing next to me watched that king chase my x rap to the rocks then take his live yakka under a float was using 80lb braid and 100lb leader neally lost it afew times
  6. Fishing goal this summer

    1 15+kg jew 2 metre king 3 beat my pb flatty which is 80
  7. Fish species?

    White bait
  8. indepth

    Yeah mate I went of the breakwall yesterday all tiny rats just mouthing the yakkas not swallowing but my missus hooked up to a decent one but pulled the hook so there is some decent ones mixed between but lots and lots of rats between
  9. indepth

    Welcome mate not sure about the fad or marlin but definantly a lot of kings around Port Kembla atm. If you need an extra decky hit me up mate happy to cover cost/help clean
  10. Maitland Bay

    Just jump of the point straight toms of luderick straight out And if u go like 50m to the right ther is a reef which is were I seen the kings and if u go right along the rocks which go along the beach I seen toms of squid
  11. Maitland Bay

    Good spot to snorkel there also not bad at putty have seen big schools of kings and tons of squid there snorkeling
  12. Hill 60 fishing (slimy mackerel)

    pm me can sort a day
  13. Hill 60 fishing (slimy mackerel)

    happy meet up if u like
  14. Hill 60 fishing (slimy mackerel)

    im staying in port kembla happy to meet up with someone if yous like i can take yous to a better spot to chase kings
  15. Terrigal trags

    great bag mate well done spewin about the lost fish mate sounded like a monster