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  1. New Zealand north island

    Thanks mate can u pm charters name
  2. New Zealand north island

  3. New Zealand north island

    Hey raiders got a trip planned from 25th August to 1st September will be staying in Auckland can anyone recommend some charters on the north island cheers.
  4. Toad of some sort
  5. Putty beach-killcare

    There’s a bommy about half a k out and get heaps tailor and salmon off the beach also get afew sharks and the odd Jew
  6. Wollongong snapper to 67

    Nice mate good feed there
  7. Avoca 17-03-18

    Nice fish mate. Been any kings around Avoca lately?
  8. Scott’s head fishing

    Haha were mates all good
  9. Scott’s head fishing

    😂😂 got me
  10. Scott’s head fishing

    😂😂 funny one go watch the live videos on my fb 😉
  11. Scott’s head fishing

    Yeah they were good trag could of got plenty more left them biting had plenty enough. Yeah mate hopefully the rain doesn’t show up otherwise bye bye mackerel
  12. Scott’s head fishing

    Thanks mate. Yeah it’s unreal how much it can change.
  13. Scott’s head fishing

    Yeah mate beautiful place thanks mate yeah there good trag bud sorry bout that
  14. Scott’s head fishing

    Just got back from macksville spent afew days there with a charter. (PM for details) Went out Monday but didn’t turn a reel water was real green and dirty seen afew tuna schools busting and seen a big 25-30kg mackrel smashing a school of bait and also had a little hammerhead try take a yakka from our bait jig which was a first. tuesday was a completely different day water was a lot cleaner and blue First hit was from a tuna school threw a big metal and it got smashed but sadly pulled the hooks on what we think was a long tail then about 15mins later my rod which was trolling a live pike got smashed then about 15mins later had the big Spanish mackerel in the boat went about 140cm 18-20kg didn’t measure or weigh. Then continue trolling and had 3 spotted mackerel in the boat within next 25mins biggest went 90cm didn’t measure others then after that we had a hit on another pike getting trolled which we suspect was a 25-30kg mackerel which bite thru the wire leader then 10mins later we got hit again this time we got the fish which was the smaller Spanish mackerel going about 135 and 15-17kg after this we decided to go see if we could find some other species pulled up to some fish traps and marked afew fish dropped a jig and hooked a king on the first drop sadly I got it right to the boat and then I got the reel clogged and the braid snapped roughly 80-90cm king had 2 more hooks up and lost both then went quite so moved and found more traps and that’s were we picked up the trag all except one on cut baits and one on a jig.
  15. Fish ID help. (Painted Grinner)

    It's a grinner mate