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  1. Big shark Botany Bay

    Gee whiz, that is the best footage I have seen in a long time I counted a 3.5 turns
  2. Boating disasters, your best or worst!

    Launched the boat at ShoalBay on Saturday morning and the parking was full, I notice another boat had parked next to a Gumtree in a bit of a grass area Between the street and the boat set up area, it had a pine fence around most of it, so it could not and doesn’t get driven in during trailer movements, people had removed a section of pine fence to park in there and I did see people park there multiple times over the last year, so I checked and backed my trailer in there on the other side, made sure I wasn’t blocking anyone and away I went. came back to my trailer 6hrs later and someone had pulled my handbrake and they wedged a large sandstone boulder under my right rear 4wd wheel. i notice the sand stone boulder 40cm x 35cm x 20cm because they must have been weak as piss cause they had to drag it about a meter as it was quite large to place under my wheel it almost touched the side steps. then I checked everything else and notice the handbrake and when I got home I also notice the brake cable turn buckle has been undone as well, so the brakes don’t come on as the cables are to loose, coincidence maybe.
  3. Urgent help required

    Ok let’s hijack this thead where does the water come from for the cleaning tables? Is it sea water or fresh water? if it’s sea water I used Rydalmere boat ramp on the Parra river and I don’t want my nice fresh ocean fish washed with Parra river water and everyone tells me not to use fresh water, guess I will have to either clean on the water or bring a bucket of sea water back as well.
  4. Urgent help required

    Maybe we need a Fishraider filleting course, nothing worse than hacking a perfectly good fish up, that's why I love flathead, easy fillet and no bones.
  5. Urgent help required

    I use Fast Orange hand cleaner and then rub them on the stainless steel sink, Stainless is meant to get rid of smells like fish and onions. p.s that’s part of the reason i fish Catch and release, I don’t know how to fillet and hate the smell of fish in the house.
  6. Found Mercury Outboard

    Found Mercury Outboard at Narrabeen was on a inflatable boat. https://www.facebook.com/groups/267314576779967/permalink/914199548758130/
  7. Hull identification number

    I have a Stacer and never even looked for my HIN ID, will look where it is when I get home
  8. When kingfish attack!!! (Amazing footage)

    I did read a report that one of the kingy pens was damaged by the storm and large swell and most of the fish escaped. they were organizing a recapture as they are attracted to pellet food. http://www.theherald.com.au/story/5179080/rough-seas-cause-fish-farm-escape/
  9. Boat Street Parking in Sydney

    Well if you were nice, you would have moved the boat directly out the front of her house so everyone could see the Xmas tree from that angle, next time don’t be such a Grinch. ha ha ha ha
  10. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Mine was brand new built Feb 2016 and last year when rego was due I had to have a inspection. single axle, braked trailer
  11. Sunrise

    Nelson Bay Sunset
  12. Expanding Fuel

    I can smell fuel on hot days when I have a full tank, but it’s from the fuel vent. do you have a working vent?
  13. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    My guy does the same as Raging, quick look around, Test lights and a shake of the wheel. Edit: My trailer is also only 2yrs old and still looks brand new, so perception also plays a part, if it looks neat and tidy it should breeze through, if it looks like it should be on the scrap heap, it will get a decent inspection.
  14. The nightmare continues - Gasket gone and dead outboard

    I know its a bit of a thread mine, but was interested to see how the rebuild went, maybe Jgrant66 will get a email alert.
  15. Boat Street Parking in Sydney

    Be considerate where you park it as well, try not to put it directly in front of someone’s house or block there vision when entering or leaving their driveway. have it covered and remove any items easy to steal, move it regularly