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  1. See the for sale section on here
  2. I am just starting to chase Kingies, what sort of set up we’re you using.. i fear I maybe to light with 50lb Braid and 60lb leader.
  3. Hi All once you have found your fishing spot X Do you turn your sounder off or leave it on? i read somewhere the sounder can scare of the fish with its signal?
  4. Good news
  5. Hi All My mate has a cruise craft 6 or 6.2mtr F/Glass and he re powered from a 2001 / 200hp Yamaha 2stroke to a 2016 / 225 Suzuki 4 stroke. He loved the Yamaha but with the hours he does chasing the big fish the 4 stroke gave him better fuel consumption, quieter and longer range. But he did feel he had to go to the biggest he could fit and afford to make sure performance wasn't compromised as when your that far out and it turns nasty he wanted power to get home. Another mate has a 6.4 Alloy and he runs a 150hp Honda 4 stroke which is a great motor good turn of speed and quiet, 300hrs and no issues. This boat is almost as quick off the mark as another mates 5.75 Alloy boat with a 130hp Etec, but the Honda gets him at top end fuel consumption is a line ball affair, Honda by a liter or two over the weekend. I also have a 115hp Etec and the two Etecs(2015 & 2016) in our group have had no issues, my motor had a minor issue of not switching off the run in mode after 10hrs so it fouled the plugs, fixed under warranty and sorted. I think you need to stay above the 175hp and pick the motor with the dealer you like who is close to your area. Good luck, between the Honda, Suzuki and Etec if $$ were not a factor and the HP was the same then i would pick Honda, Etec and then Suzuki.
  6. My new trailer had a issue with the pins not wide enough once i fixed it with a flat blade all is well. Should be fine as long as the individual wires are secure properly inside the plug housing.
  7. I just sold my house and moved into a rental,while i renovate the new house Old place had a single garage but with two large mezzanine floors and two large 2.5 x 3mtr sheds and a 6mtr carport out front. Rental has a 6 x6 double garage but no driveway, so with the boat inside and my prized possessions its really full. New house has a driveway and that's it, need to build a garage as well as kitchens, bathrooms and other items. Three Ute loads to the tip, Sold a ute load of Old Ford parts to a Club member and probably dumped another ute load at work. Boxed the rest so when i do move to the new house it will be like Xmas. Upside is i have sneaked a few new Rod & Reel combos into the shed with the line, ive had that for ages.
  8. Geez that's a bit of damage to the prop We all leave the bungs out at least once, my mates now know to sort the inside of the boat out while I go through my mental checklist before launching. I once left the rear straps on my boat and couldn't work out why she was stuck on the trailer. As for the electrical, once you cleaned them down, there should be a electrical cleaner spray to prevent corrosion, prior to the next time out just undo the battery terminals and give them a clean with a wire brush or sand paper.
  9. Having just gone through the brake pad change on my trailer You can undo the two bolts (One at a time) and the slides should be able to slid out without removing the caliper. Remove one slide clean and lube and then do the other, I notice my caliper still don't move much but it is a slight movement, more one side of the caliper than both sides equally. If the tow neck isn't moving then grease and drive around the block, could try some heat to free it up if its rusty. A few photos might help too.
  10. Cheers Yep the Lowrance Marine Link 5 I have is a VHF, the female screw in base is still there and thin cord are still on the boat, they just snapped and lost the antenna sheath. Will price a few up, The original antenna / aerial had a plastic base so I am guessing mine isnt a Ground Dependant Aerial since I have a Alloy boat
  11. Sweet thanks
  12. Hi All Since this is a radio thread. I have a Lowrance link 5 VHF radio and the kids broke the aerial, the current aerial is a Pacific brand and the dealer I bought the boat from will only sell me the complete aerial, coaxial cable and mount at $90. Can I just buy any VHF aerial as long as it screws onto my base?
  13. I think I might have to up my game in regards to fishing shirts, I would wear that out to dinner. Nice fishing report and good to see the Jews are biting.
  14. I bought some Chicken Gut bait yesterday from the Blue servo on Vic Rd / Kissing point Rd at Ermington. freezer was full of it