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  1. Cold starting problems 1999 Yamaha 60 HP

    All the Outboards (6hp - 25hp) I have ever owned we always disconnected the fuel line when finished flushing and let it run out of fuel. never had a issue, just harder to start if i used the next day, in the sense I had to pull the cord one or two more times.
  2. Squid again

    Will have to have a read
  3. Squid again

    I So need to learn how to target squid, the only time I catch them is when with a mate and the squid are prolific, otherwise I never find them or know which colour Jig to use.
  4. Is my motor to low when planning

    My understanding from reading is that when planning the bottom plate should just be under the water and the top one should be just above the water. so in my case I think the engine should be one hole up, which will put the Cav plate in the right position when planning and trimed correctly. i also may need to change props as I hit 5,950rpm when WOT in good to glass conditions with 2 Adults and 2 kids. So if raising it up increases the top RPM I will be over reving it
  5. Is my motor to low when planning

    This is the motor at it’s lowest level and when planning I am at between 28 and 40 on the trim gauge.
  6. Is my motor to low when planning

    Yep Lower Cav plate is level with the bottom of the hull.
  7. Is my motor to low when planning

  8. Is my motor to low when planning

    When my boat is on the trailer the Outboard looks to be at the correct height with the plate level with the bottom of my boat. But! When I am at full revs and planning along at 68km/h I decided to see what it looked like and I cannot see either the lower plate or the upper plate. This is with the motor trimmed up so the front is up and the motor is in the sweet spot. will try and upload the video
  9. Parra River

    We usually fish with peeled bait prawns and have food fun with Bream and Flatheads. kids like the fight of a good bream on their little rods.
  10. Is this a live bait tank or what

    Cheers i thought it was just for draining the kill tank but wasn’t sure.
  11. Is this a live bait tank or what

    This is on my wife’s cousins boat, it is a storage area under the floor but when you open the bungs in the storage area you can see the ground.(When on the trailer) Is it just a storage area and you remove the bungs when washing out to drain it or is it a self flooding live bait tank or will it sink the boat if you open it while sitting.
  12. Max hp

    I have a Mate with a Stejcraft bowrider which is 5.06m and it has Max 115hp on it and it sits a little low in the water due to the heavy 115hp Yamaha Saltwater series. hasnt causes any issues just looks back heavy.
  13. I am lucky!

    I would also check the weight difference of the 9.9hp vs 15hp. Usually a 9.9hp is a destroked or restricted by exhaust / injection. but the performance difference is massive.
  14. Is this a good first boat?

    Don't forget the before and after pics
  15. how is clifton gardens fishing?

    I fished off Chowder Bay the other day, had two big hits the kids spent 10mins fighting before being busted off, always on the kids lighter rods (8lb with 10lb) leader. had a heavy rod out but no hits on that before the security came and told me to move from the big white buoy. Burleyes hard with Pilchards and used fresh mullet strips for bait. the into Chowder Bay for a swim and grab a hot chocolate and then home by lunch.