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  1. Fishing at Magic Point

    people use ropes to get down and up. but make sure your not alone and have your phone, just incase any unsavoury characters cut your robe
  2. Botany Bay Tuesday

    Are Botany Bay still okay to eat? The recent news report just puts me off abit lol...

    Took the family on a rod trip, 1st stop Batemans Bay. Didn’t do much there, hang out near the oyster farm for lunch and there were a school of decent bream camping. Tossed out our 🦐 heads and they smashed. Didn’t fish, so we wanted to prawn so went and check Durras Lake! Got there at 8.30 pm not a very comfy drive with the family lol, it was all dark the road were very tight.. the mrs kinda go scare.. got there. So I got out of the car and check out the area. It was decent and shallow water, but it wasn’t fully dark, tend got a call from the mrs! Saying get ur arse back! I left the window open while she and the boy waiting inside! Rather then seeing prawns! We saw countless mosquitos!! Inside the car!!! So I know this is a No No! Drove back and chill at our cabin. 2nd stop Metung! Beautiful waterfront at the mooring. The place have also changed a lot compared to 2 years ago! The mussel were gone... 2 years ago they were everywhere, you can easily get a feed. But this year... I can’t even spot them.... the prawns were also really slow!! The whole lake were flooded with weed. Not good for prawning. So we skip it again. Went out on a boat for some crabbing. Which were productive. Every 5 minutes we were hauling in sand 🦀. It was fun. did manage a decent size flatty when I woke up early. Just 1 hr of fishing all up.
  4. Lake Illawara prawning

    still a great report thank champ~ his dropping the pots down using his kayak. we won't be able to reach such depth, i assume he might leave it for a few hours or just over night and pick it up early morning. i haven't prawn at lakes entrance, but i have rack up a lot of mussle there, its like a heaven for mussle. you can't easily load 20kg up in like 1-2 hours. they are literally everywhere.
  5. Lake Illawara prawning

    hi jayd, just want to ask. were you prawning near the mouth? just inside the beach on the sandy area or you more in @ the lake? cheers
  6. Lake Illawara prawning

    10cm!! thats crazy!!! u sure 10cm lol. we get them around 4-5cm @ the entrace and which i thought was pretty good. also any prawn pots at the Lake entrace? staying there for 3 night during christmas cheers
  7. Port Stephens- raider meet

    you beauty!! such a nice bloke u are~ port catch up with ya when im heading up to port stephen after the new year~ only if you're available ofcourse.
  8. Maiden Voyage

    nice report sam!! that boat look like a TANK!!! lol
  9. Not the catch I was looking for...

    lucky you bird got away free and unharm!! i once tossed out a cube of pilli and one hungry seagull snatch it in mid air... and it ended up hooking its mouth.... bird went crazy had to cut line and let it free. can't help to get the hook out as it was going crazy....
  10. Sydney Harbour & Long Reef Friday 10/11/2017

    Worms.... why does fish have worms... man I better cut them all up next time... just in case? Great catch by the way!
  11. Five Dock Flick - 4/10/17

    i been there once. the water were very very shallow right and alot of seaweed?? didn't have a single bite. only been there once lol. but great report though
  12. Sydney Kings - They’re back

  13. The Entrance October Dark

    Big S back into action~ good to see the prawns on the run. i doubt there are much people up there yet right?
  14. Bream going frenzy!!

    Your the man!
  15. Bream going frenzy!!

    so does that mean i hit the JACKPOT?? lol. 1st time in my life to come across one weird looking fish