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  1. nice report sam!! that boat look like a TANK!!! lol
  2. lucky you bird got away free and unharm!! i once tossed out a cube of pilli and one hungry seagull snatch it in mid air... and it ended up hooking its mouth.... bird went crazy had to cut line and let it free. can't help to get the hook out as it was going crazy....
  3. Worms.... why does fish have worms... man I better cut them all up next time... just in case? Great catch by the way!
  4. i been there once. the water were very very shallow right and alot of seaweed?? didn't have a single bite. only been there once lol. but great report though
  6. Big S back into action~ good to see the prawns on the run. i doubt there are much people up there yet right?
  7. Your the man!
  8. so does that mean i hit the JACKPOT?? lol. 1st time in my life to come across one weird looking fish
  9. thanks sam! im Sam also lol. you know what i'll have been checking ur post our a bit~ any chance of tagging along on ur boat in future hehehe. got 2 set of gears that are not suitable for land based
  10. Thursday 5/10. Quickly pack up my gear and burley at 3pm and bolted over to my usual spot. Fished the change of tide, bread and prawn mix as burley and prawns as bait. 1st fish were a rather old leather jacket... pretty big in size... i only have an hour and a half to fish. Bang bang bang! Caught a today of 8 bream!! 4 undersized and 28/32/35/39 cm!!! One of the bream were odd.... his back got taken a mouthful out from it... something big must have attack it while young... packed up and left and 4.30 had a o go back and get things ready for night trade 😆
  11. nice one mike!! next time when u fish balmain give me a call. i'll come join during my break.~ been greeting bream and flatty only lately. had a very strong take 2 weeks ago... saw a big fish smashing the bait fish, hooked on a zman grub and smashed!! and then sp gone... maybe i didn't tie it up probably lol. last only 3 sec
  12. nice one champ! u nailed! how much of a worm do you hook on? one whole or just a little piece?
  13. nice trip.. but aint you guys scare of the shark?? i assume you guys dive down lol?
  14. I burley with bread and prawn mix? Is that ok. I don't have seaweed....
  15. well done champ! you nailed!!!! they should be more consistent when the days gets warmer!