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  1. Middle harbour

    Thanks for the report Abs. Good on you for going out on your own and better luck with the fishing next time.
  2. Narooma Spots

    Hi Aardvarking, JonD, Thanks for the tips guys. Will definitely give these a shot. Hopefully will be worthy of a report! Cheers, Undy
  3. Narooma Spots

    Hi JonD, This is a timely post as I'm also headed down for a spot of camping at Surfbeach holiday park so I may run into jonnyboy trying out the spots you've mentioned. Is it worth spinning a lure or soaking a pilly at the beach directly in front of the Surfbeach holiday park? If I bring my yak along can you point me to any spots to try in the inlet or on the ocean side? Would be fun to land one of the stonker bream from your $10 rod challenge. Or maybe get a feed of squid and chase a king in the inlet. Any of your local knowledge would be appreciated! Cheers, undy
  4. Great report drc. I hate loading up that heavy kayak! You seem to have a good solution. What sort of loader you are using?
  5. Clips/snaps to attach lures?

    Are you saying split ring means loop knot is not required
  6. What is the purpose of a split ring?

    Not many responses.. maybe it would be be better in Saltwater Lures section Donna?
  7. Hi Raiders, This probably sounds like a dumb question, but here goes.. When MUST you use a split ring? I am referring to split rings which are attached to hardbodies/surface lures/vibes/blades/poppers/metals for the purpose of connecting to your line. Some lures come new in the box with split rings and some don't. I've heard different theories like: - Never tie a knot directly to a split ring - Can tie a knot direct to a split ring but don't use a loop knot - You can use snaps to connect to split rings because split rings already behave like a loop knot - Removing the split ring from a lure will impact the action severely - Adding a split ring will improve action - Etc, etc To me split rings are just another added pain to deal with. Another possible point of failure and they are expensive and fiddly to deal with! In the interest of keeping things simple, I was considering removing them altogether from my lures (of course they are still necessary to connect trebles to the lure!). I'm interested in your thoughts and opinions on this topic.. How do you generally connect your main line/leader to hardbody lures? Cheers, Undy

    Hi papafish, How would an English-only user go about conversing in wechat?
  9. Sydney Sunday.

    Probably more eyes and questions here aren't there?
  10. I have yet to use mine, but I've been told that a very, very slow roll is all that is needed. It is a real test of your patience when using this method!
  11. zerek tango shad - floating or suspending Dave?
  12. One drift - triple bag out

    Nice catch Goingfishing and good on you for looking out for a fellow boater's welfare! A nice thing to hear in this day and age.
  13. Jew from the Cooks

    Well done Mike! What a thrill that must have been! Surprised about the lack of fight though.
  14. Finally

    Well done on your first king Neil! Hope it's the first of many! Interested in how you located the kings. Were they busting on the surface or did you see some arches on the sounder?
  15. Middle harbour yak session

    Hi Reelcrazy, How do you manage to launch a yak from Fig Tree? Looks like it would be quite a challenge to get the yak to the water.\ Undy