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  1. If the tackle store you went to weren't any help, best try a different one.
  2. I have a few freezer bricks that go in a small esky. This just goes in the car on fishing days and stays there while fishing. Keep fish alive in keeper net, kill and fillet at end of fishing, chuck fillets in snap lock bags that go straight into the esky. Stays cold for hours. Eat fish that night or freeze em for later.
  3. Glad someone-else got to go along and enjoy the sessions as well!
  4. +1 switch to mono . . . floating line if you fish long drifts.
  5. Did anyone get along to any of these workshops?
  6. I heard today that these sessions are all full with wait-lists.
  7. Nice work Tash and good onya missus taking you on a trip!
  8. Nice Steve! Like the scenic shot with the birds in formation. . . . or are they bats?
  9. Forgot about the hat bit . . . I know I catch more when wearing my 'special' fishing hat . . . Get fewer random people talking to me too! ;-)
  10. You girls have definitely got the bug! Well done on the flatty!
  11. WOW! Just goes to show, there's no trusting them fishes to behave how you expect!
  12. That sounds like an action packed sess elf! Did you try long wait vs short wait before striking? seems the only thing you left out . . . .
  13. Hi and welcome Tash! If you're planning on getting into Rockfishing, I reckon get yourself along to the free Randwick Council workshop cheers, stu.
  14. Georgia sure has a talent for camera work . . . amazing.
  15. as usual . . . . just WOW
  16. Bet it felt good to wet a line and get amongst em after a layoff!
  17. As always, just awesome Jon D.
  18. Geez! Pays to keep your eyes open . . . . .
  19. Some nice looking fish Cossie! Well done!,
  20. Nice change Royce!
  21. Congrats to the girls JonD, proud dad no doubt.
  22. Glad all you Bass fisho's had a fun day in the salt!
  23. Awesome fish for the young fella,
  24. Qld do have the best spine ever and Munster added to it. We got 'out enthused' again. The Qld defence was way too strong and I'm really not a fan of Woods at all.
  25. Went out and risked a life jacket warning at the local rocks for a few hours yesterday arvo. Quiet fishing, got 1 blackie at 35cm's. Unfortunately needed 4 for dinner so he went back at the end. Also got 2 of the biggest cockies I've ever seen and a baby drummer. Phone v low battery so no photos, however it was very enjoyable. It's been a while between sessions.