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  1. Wollongong Blackfish PB and tragedy

    Great report mate. I am sure a good rod man can fix that for you. Good luck and hope the son continues to learn. Cheers R&B
  2. Bonnies Save The Day Again

    Great report mate. Hope you enjoy those Bonito. Chicken of the sea my kids say. Yummmmm Cheers R&B
  3. Brisbane Water Bream Plan B

    Great looking fish mate. Those lures look so like a small trevally. No wonder they were getting smashed. Cheers R&B
  4. Flathead outside and Harbour Kings

    Nice day out mate. Great feed there.
  5. 80cm 5KG Kingfish - Botany Bay, Sydney

    Great fish mate well done.
  6. Snapper point heartbreak

    Gibbs Rule #101 if you fish for Kingys one day you are going to get smoked by a hood. Was just your day Big g. At least you hooked it and had some fun. I am sure you will be back out there soon. Cheers R&B
  7. Harbour Jews 5/02/2018

    Great couple of fish Abs. The mighty yakka hey. Agree with luvbigfish though fresh slab of tailor they love it. R&B
  8. Newcastle Beaches

    The little buggers are everywhere at the moment. They are getting heaps on the northern beaches at the moment as well. Cheers R&B
  9. Port Stephens

    Great picture of the feed Peter. I am sure everyone enjoyed that. Cheers R&B
  10. Broughton snapper

    Great sesh guys. Hmmmmm yummm
  11. When kingfish attack!!! (Amazing footage)

    Yes the boys squeels on the video said it all. We know you love your snapper😉 Tight lines buddy. R&B
  12. When kingfish attack!!! (Amazing footage)

    Mate don't degrade yourself. We are fishos. We are all bogans. I think we all agree this is an enviro tragedy knowing the devestation that many hungry Kingys will be causing. However the fisho in all of us knows that this is a goldmine and some serious fun. Wish i could get involved. Cheers R&B
  13. When kingfish attack!!! (Amazing footage)

    Hey Scratchie you are a super star now mate. This video is so viral even The Project is running it. Hope that you have a publicist your a superstar. Cheers R&B
  14. PB Dolly

    Thanks for the feedback Rick. If i ever hey the opportunity to catch one i will know now. 😂Cheers R&B
  15. PB Dolly

    Whooops. Thanks for the heads up. How do you tell the difference between a bull and a cow then. Cheers R&B