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  1. Sydney Harbour Fishing Sesh

    Great video mate. Sensational views and the light looked awesome. Cheers R&B
  2. North Coast Warms Up

    Great report and sounds like you had a heap of fun. Well done on the first Wahoo. That mack looks very nice. Cheers R&B
  3. First Bonnie for the season

    Hi Raiders a quick report. Went out of the stones yesterday arvo with the plan to chase bream in the wash. Took the small spin stick just in case and was throwing 25gm lures. Cast for about hald an hour for one good size bonnie. Was good fun on the lighter line. Took a couple good runs. Zippo on the bream though. Threw everything at them just heaps of bycatch which all went back. Was great to be out there though. Very relaxing. Cheers R&B
  4. And This Makes THREE

    That's a real nice clean fish. Really good size ar 41cm. Lots of fun. Cheers R&B
  5. Another One

    That's needs a saddle it is a big fish. Great smile says it all. Cheers R&B
  6. Ripper day

    Well done Cody that sounds like a heap of fun. Thing with bonnies get then on ice straight away otherwise they turn to mush and taste crappy. Good fun on light gear though. Cheers R&B
  7. Jervis Bay Bonnies, Mack Tuna and Kingies

    Great report mate. I do the same take a big bucket and cart out the rubbish. This time of year on the rocks try using garfish on a gang hook (size the hooks to the fish) this helps heaps the garfish are around in numbers so they make good cast retrieve options. 30lb braid with 50-60lb flouro leader. Cheers Stu
  8. Oops i did it again

    Rick that is a cracker of a fish. That must have been lots of fun to catch. The eating would have been better Cheers R&B
  9. Solid tailor

    Great piece of angling that. Cheers R&B
  10. Squid again

    Great report Rick. Good on you for sharing all the secrets. That is what i love about this forum everyone is willing to help. Us fishos are a lazy lot 😆. Cheers R&B
  11. No kings but a welcome bycatch

    Cracking fish mate. On 8lb that must have been sone fun right there. Great photo ands smile. Cheers R&B
  12. Parra River Mullet

    The only time i have seen the really big ones landed was when a guy threw a huge treble amongst a school of then and jagged them totally illegal but he caught 2 in 1 minute. I caught nothing in 3 hours.
  13. Northern Beaches Bottom Bash

    That poor bastard. He must be spewing. Nice feed of fish though. Well done.
  14. Wollongong snapper to 67

    Good on you. That is some good eating right there. Cheers R&B
  15. No fish

    Mateeeee that is some great bait right there. Cheers R&B