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    Thanks Looks like that’s the identity cheers!

    Hi guys and girls, Caught this bottom fishing off port stephens in about 100m of water. Anyone know the identity? These are all the pics I have White flesh and had a lot of bara trauma
  3. Offshore today

    Friends of mine, took my boat out.... I had to work.... conditions were superb!!! Gloomy early morning but got better they had 24-25 degree water around the manly fads, bluer water than it has been. They didn't venture out past 70 fathoms caught some size dollies at the wider fad Small live yakkas got some but burleying up with pillies and using them worked too some bonito on the way back around the heads with divers
  4. Saturday Offshore

    Thanks for the report. Good to know its hit and miss for others out there. One day the time and effort has to pay off.
  5. Offshore today

    Thanks guys for your feedback, Raymondo- Yeh we weren't pulling a teaser, our boat is the teaser ha ha And rod storage is not bad. We have a rocket launcher on the centre console up top to hold 4 rods. When we are trolling we have some rod holders attached facing out off the bow rail, which gives us two rods out wide. Then we have 4 holders at the back of the boat for other rods, but we only run 2 off there on 45 degree angle. We run a shot gun off one of the rocket launchers up top. So that give us 5 for trolling. We were running Black/purple Zacatak 10" , Black magic Evil tuna terror 8", Pakula sprocket Lumo 6" ,a pink 6" squid daisy chain and a natural black/green Fatboy 5" shot gun- (the shot gun lure got the dollie) It seems a bit hard going out there this season....
  6. Offshore today

    So we got out early this morning and were at the heads by about 5:00am as the cruise ship was readying to enter the harbour. We headed straight out to the 12 mile but could only manage about 20kmph so was a bit slow. Weather calmed right off later and there was no swell The temp went from 22-23 on the way out. There were some nice current lines around the 12 mile but didnt produce after a few big circles. We headed further out and the temp dropped back to 22.5 about 25km out. We hooked an undersized dollie. Then headed NW back towards the Manly Fads. We hit a current change where the water calmed and spotted a Marlin on the surface in front of the boat. It was cruising into the current. 22.6 degree water. We tried to overtake him and get him into our lure spread but he disappeared. We had no live bait unfortunately. About 15 mins later heading in we spotted another marlin on the surface. We werent quite sure what species, we could just see the tail fin out of the water cruising along. Every now and then the dorsal fin would pop up too. He was cruising at about 16kmph. We followed and circled him for about 10 mins but no takers. We were gutted we had no live bait to drop back but then again he may have just been not hungry.... ANYWAY it was nice to see and we trolled the rest of the way in to the inner fad with no luck. Water seemed warmer in closer (23 degrees) than where we had been outside around 25km out. We saw two sharks about 5 ft long maybe bronzies as they were a brown colour. Came through 2 pods of dolphins and saw plenty of birds, no diving though. We got back to the heads around 12:30pm. Had done around 120kms, and used about 60 litres of fuel. So not too expensive for 7hrs fishing. The Yamaha 40hp 2 stroke did its job today. Anyone else have better luck out today? Attached is some footage of the free swimmer and pic of boat Free
  7. Offshore today

    Heading out tomorrow morning for a look at the deep blue Two on board and 4.5m tinny centre console all safety equipment for those worried havent had a good look at any good game fish this season but hope to hook something will keep you posted, but if we go badly will not post , ha ha will be trying a spread of five skirted lures. Heading northeast and then back to 12 mile Boat name: Black Marlin rego: BMARL1N
  8. Friday Fishing Report

    thanks for the report, nice to have someone who can get out there, sharing valuable info..appreciate it
  9. Paul / Rex

    I think take everything that has to do with tv with a grain of salt It all costs big $$$$ So if advertising comes in just deal with it It's part of life Enjoy the fishing and ignore the commercialism [emoji39] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Anyone up for a day trolling?

    Ah thanks, sorry bout the lack of fish... sounds like its still pretty slow out there for alot of folk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Anyone up for a day trolling?

    How did the fishing go out wide? Any news?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Anyone up for a day trolling?

    I was told 700 fathoms, that's all I know Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Anyone up for a day trolling?

    Yeh I'm wondering with this one too, the conditions seemed so good today I nearly didn't go to work to get out amongst it... Some friends were wide of Browns and got a couple of yellowfin around 40kgs. The currents and temps looked interesting too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. New Marine Safety Regulations 2016

    If I had a boat that could go that fast I'd be a happy man Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Sydney marlin in winter

    Love it! Thanks for the report. A small glimmer of hope in the winter game fishing scene