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  1. For this reason I took up kitesurfing. 18 knots and over and I go kiting. Less than that and I go fishing. Either way I get to get out on the water. I’ve contemplated pulling a lure behind my board on a hand line, just not sure what I’d do if I hooked one up! Oh well the next 7 days are lookin good (for fishing)
  2. It might help to post up a couple of pics of the inside of your boat so we can offer you some suggestions
  3. 30 rats? Wow at least they would’ve kept you as busy as a one armed painter. I would have been stoked with 3 legals
  4. Tweed bait might be good for berley, bad for anything else. Imo you’re better off going to a fishmonger and picking up fresh school prawns, pillies or slimeys or yakkas and aussie squid and using that than tweed bait. Often works out cheaper too
  5. G'day raiders. I normally don't brag about my successful days out so figured I'd start a report on a not-so-successful weekend. It was our anniversary so the missus and I booked ourselves some nice waterfront accommodation (with a jetty) at Huskisson for 3 nights. I was excited to fish the bay as I'd been going there since I was a a kid and into adulthood but it's the first time I've had a boat there. Well, the location as you know is stunning but I had the worst luck with fishing. Friday morning: Set out before dawn, trolled a Rapala CD + a pink skirt + a deep diver + Halco Laser Pro Qantas from Target Beach along the cliffs all the way to Drum & Drumsticks and back - twice - nothing but a couple of rat kings that were caught around D&D. Not only that, but the lures tangled up and I ended up with a birdsnest of a tangle. Had to cut it off. So I got the shits and went back. Then a trip to the tackle shop in Husky to replace some braid. Hmmm. On the plus side a whale breached right in front of me, and I saw a heap of seals, which was cool. Friday arvo on high tide: Set off for Bowen island, flicked around for squid: Nothing. Fished around the moorings, got a few undersized snapper. Then moved to middle ground. Same again, lots of small bycatch. Moved to honeymoon bay and drifted over the grass beds for about an hour flicking for squid - nothing. Saturday morning I was too knackered for another pre-dawn session so left it until high tide in the evening. We tried for yakkas around the moorings near Callala bay boatramp. No yakkas but got a decent sized grass whiting, which I assumed at the time was a wrasse so threw it back (only to discover what it was later that day and kicked myself). Other than that, small bycatch. Moved onto Honeymoon bay, flicked for squid for a couple of hours - nothing again. Moved to the cliffs near the Tubes and trolled those cliffs all the way around Point Perpendicular for several hours using my favourite lures- nothing. Sunday morning: Up before dawn, tried for yakkas and squid behind Bowen island, nothing but small bream. There were 3 or 4 other boats around, I didnt see them catching anything either. So moved onto middle ground, lots of bites and a few small ones, had one decent hookup but lost it so eventually I ran out of pillies and returned home with nothing yet again. Now, normally I rarely ever come home from a days out fishing in Sydney without at least one fish to eat. Trolling for that long would almost always land me at least a Bonnie or two. I'm a bit puzzled why using the same techniques landed me zilch in a bay that has marine sanctuaries and far less anglers? Maybe the seals and dolphins cleanup all the fish? Anyway a few lessons learnt: I can't troll more than 2 lines at a time. I need to look into outrigger poles. Jervis Bay is not a fishing mecca. I need to hit it at different times of year and explore different techniques. The missus doesnt like going out to sea, and fishing on your own is just not the same. next time i'll bring a mate Hope you had a successful weekend! The sea is like a lake at the moment.
  6. The only way you can fix it (besides coming back inshore) is to attach something floaty onto the end of a rope, like a fender (to hold onto) and jump overboard. I swear, 2 minutes in the water and your sickness goes away like magic. Its why I always keep a towel and a spare pair of boardies on the boat. May not be an option on a charter vessel, however. Otherwise Kwell seems to work for me. Just make sure you take it at least half an hour before you set out, its too late once you're out there.
  7. They're very easy to replace. Just a split pin and one nut that isnt done up tight. Take it off and try to bash it flat with a hammer..
  8. I've been down this road a few times. Unfortunately what the marine mechanic told you is correct. Finding faults in trailer electricals can be a bit of a needle in a haystack and if you're paying someone to spend hours doing it, it often works out more economical to just replace the whole shebang. Particularly if the cables have been fed through the frame. The advantage of doing this is that you will have no joins in the wiring from the lights through the plug that may end up with salt water in them and crap out eventually. I reckon your options are: 1) Ask your mechanic or even an auto electrician to repair that cable or replace it with your ebay one - if it will only take them half an hour it may be worth a try. 2) Get a trailer light board for a hundred bucks, you just have to remember take it off before backing down the boat ramp. 3) Bite the bullet and replace the wiring harness + lights
  9. Next time you catch a smallish Bonnie, rig up two 6/0 sized hooks, 20cm apart, wire trace between them and wire 1m up the line to a swivel. One through the nose and one through the tail and let it run. You might hookup shark or something else big!
  10. Guessing upper Georges river?
  11. I see, so if you've got them on a card, copy them onto your computer and combine them into one file with every mark that you want. You should also make a backup here in case like Rick says your finder dies one day. If you have .GPX file and you want to manually edit it, using a program like Notepad++ should make life a bit easier for you. If your finder will only accept certain file formats, you can use this website to convert it into whatever it will accept.
  12. Those Butchers Pr1cks (southern moari wrasse) make good bait, never eaten one though. What are they like?
  13. Does it allow you to export to memory card? Alternatively, try downloading the Navionics app for your smartphone or tablet. I think you can get a 30 day free trial. It can sync to GPS units and will bring your marks across. Then sync it to your next GPS and it should hopefully push them across.
  14. I’ve got one of those portable butane single burners in my boat. Havent cooked snags while fishing out at sea (yet) but have done coffee and bacon and eggs for breakfast after staying the night.
  15. What do you guys target / catch with those?