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  1. Big shark Botany Bay

    sorry try again now
  2. Big shark Botany Bay

    I hope you don't mind, I put it up on youtube for you. https://youtu.be/c6Wnk2G7sVE It's a private link so cant be viewed by randoms, but it's your video mate - happy to take it down if you want.
  3. Bonnies Save The Day Again

    I put them head down into a bucket, stick a knife in under the gills and cut right through. Then carefully rinse over the side with fresh seawater 3-4 times. Result is a bled bonito with no blood in the boat.
  4. Fish farm

    Barra will live in 22C water. Surely it wouldnt cost you that much in power to keep it that warm over winter. Unless you live in mountains..?
  5. Fish farm

    Lookup aquaponics. I know a guy who has a tank roughly that size. He grows veges on top, that are fertilized by the poo from the fish living underneath, and the plants provide oxygen for the fish. Brilliant setup. He has Silver Perch but you can have just about any fresh water species. Redfin are good eating! You’ll need a heater for Barra or other tropical species though.
  6. Big shark Botany Bay

    I kite surf in Botany Bay. Well aware of sharks in the bay. Last year a dog got taken off Silver beach in Kurnell and another little shark was spotted cruising up the beach in Brighton le sands. We try not to think about them lol.
  7. Big shark Botany Bay

    Whoah! That's some bloody awesome footage. Sounds like a great day!
  8. SouthWest Rocks / Hat Head?

    Awesome thanks Rick. I'm heading up to hat head over easter so will be sure to make a trip down to that spot
  9. SouthWest Rocks / Hat Head?

    Hungry head is just south of Urunga. You havnt got them mixed up?
  10. Squid taking plastics but not squid jigs

    The poor mans version of that is to smear some of your fresh bait over your jig. Esp. raw prawn meat.
  11. South Sydney artificial reef

    Thats my plan for tomorrow morning! If you see a Stejcraft Islander 580 with a blue bimini gimme a shout!
  12. Suitable trailer for boat.

    You could take your boat/trailer to a public weighbridge and find out exactly how much it weighs. Some trailer dealers have them in their yards as well. You could also call up a dealer of your make/model boat and ask them what trailers they put them on. They will most likely use the bare minimum trailer size that they can get away with, while trailer dealers will most likely try to talk you into buying the most expensive. What you'll need might be something in the middle of those two.
  13. New boat trailer rust protection prevention

    I'd say that most boat ramps don't have taps. I go out of my way to those that do, or otherwise I take a 20L drum of water that I connect up to my boats deckwash pump. But that's only just enough to flush the motor and give the trailer a brief shower.
  14. New boat trailer rust protection prevention

    I ordered one of these trailers just yesterday! Except the 1750kg version. Did you happen to ask them what rust prevention they can apply during the manufacturing process? I might give them a call and find out...
  15. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Thaks guys. Upon further inspection, we discovered some rust holes in the frame, and that the brakes dont work (maybe never have). To repair it would be much much more than $1000. So I put a deposit on a brand spanker. At least I’ll have peace of mind and it wont be a money pit for the next few years at least.