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  1. The wire on my downrigger has jumped off and jammed the spool. According to online videos the only way to get the spool off is to strip the spool but I cannot as it is jammed and I cannot move it. Any suggestions on how to fix it it anyone that can do this in sydney?
  2. Nice! How deep were you and how far off the bottom were you trolling?
  3. That is a great show. Need to catch a large salmon and try it under a balloon like they do.
  4. Wellzy - you mean like this?
  5. I have tried a few times while out on the boat to drop a live (Yellowtail) down but am yet to catch anything. I wanted to check what rigs people are using as I have been hooking them in the back and dropping them over the side with no weight at anchor or on the drift. They seem to hang out mid winter or go under the boat. Im usually around and out of Botany Bay. Should I be adding a sinker, paternoster style? When trolling a live bait, should I also add a sinker to get it deeper and what speed should I troll? I have also been catching a few squid and am keen to know how to troll the head and tentacles around as I keep the rest to eat. Do I troll the heads weighted as well? Thanks for the advice.
  6. Mine are Sharkskin brand and have a fleece lining. Check online for them.
  7. I use a pair of wet suit pants and find them very warm and comfortable. A pair of wetsuit dive boots can work as well to keep you warm.
  8. I have ski hooks on my quintrex and the bait board can stay in place
  9. Kia Ora Recurve. I wasn't sure if anyone had picked up on the name. I will definitely be taking the head torch and using the Nav lights. Will be chasing Snapper in the dark this winter and hope to avoid the passing Whales.
  10. I am keen to get my boat out very early in the morning while dark. I know about the safety lights required but was wondering do people use spotlights or anything to light the way in front of the boat? Is it just a matter of hoping there is no log in the water or should i have a battery spotlight. I was out fishing off the shore last week near a boat ramp and watched 2 boats go out in the dark. 1 boat had no safety lights at all and the other had the required lights but no spotlight. They did have head torches however.
  11. These are brilliant! Now I need to figure out how to play them through the car stereo
  12. Good to know. I did score 2 of the nemo jigs free at the boat show so still have 1 left. Will keep a look out for more at the next show
  13. Went for a quick shot at a squid at about 6am. Started casting and was a bit frustrated to see another guy catch 2 while i kept getting snagged. After 40 minutes i picked this one up. The jig was a freebee from last years boat show which I lost 2 casts after catching this, so packed up and went home smiling.
  14. Hey Mate, I live near you and am heading out tomorrow in a boat if your keen. PM your number if your keen. cheers
  15. I am looking for someone to join me to come out on the bay tomorrow. Will meet at my place in Maroubra and head to Foreshore around 6am. I have a 5m Quintrex so can get out the heads if the weather is ok. I have not fished a lot in Botany so don't expect a lot of success. PM me your phone details if interested.