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  1. Green slip refund

    Good to see some one got something,when i went down there i was told i was ineligible for a refund because i had paid at six monthly installments.
  2. First attempt at a handmade float

    I like the safety pin,can be used to jam the line for instant depth change.
  3. Johnson 25 starter

    Does anyone know a mechanic around Parra /Bankstown way,my return spring and rope has broken.
  4. Prawning

    I want to try prawning the Georges this year but can't find the tips on prawning .I can remember reading it once but now I can't find it.Is it still available?
  5. Name the bands or singers in this pic

    Screaming jets
  6. 5hp 2 stroke outboard

    Is it cowskin and timber,whats wrong with the original stick power
  7. Back tae mah roots

    Sounds like that first day was " a braw bricht moonlit nicht tanicht,yae alright yae ken""
  8. Boat as a Teaser

    Why not attach clips to the hull and then have an array of lures,when you get back to the ramp just check for fish.
  9. Beer

    I only have two schooners a week and they are Fat Yaks from Revesby workers,on tap with plenty of flavour
  10. REVIEW OF BOAT LICENSING - comments please

    If you combine road and water licenses you will lose both if lose enough points on one
  11. Frustrating Georges River Blackfish

    I am no expert but I have heard that depth of bait being varied helps
  12. Let me tell you a story.

    Even luckier when you think what might have happened if the anchor was still attached to the fleeing boat
  13. Advice For Installing A False Floor

    I have a quin Fishabout , quite old , it has a floor with cutouts for the side supports and long wedges screwed underneath to match the bottom of boat ,quite simple and sturdy
  14. Sydney Fishing

    Hi Keira , If you could tell what kind of fishing and where I am sure someone here will be able to help Ray
  15. Fishing At East Hills Nsw Georges River

    Hi Reggie , I have picked up a couple of good sized Whiting drifting from footbridge down to Kelso with live worms on the run in . Cheers