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  1. I want to try prawning the Georges this year but can't find the tips on prawning .I can remember reading it once but now I can't find it.Is it still available?
  2. Screaming jets
  3. Is it cowskin and timber,whats wrong with the original stick power
  4. Sounds like that first day was " a braw bricht moonlit nicht tanicht,yae alright yae ken""
  5. Why not attach clips to the hull and then have an array of lures,when you get back to the ramp just check for fish.
  6. I only have two schooners a week and they are Fat Yaks from Revesby workers,on tap with plenty of flavour
  7. If you combine road and water licenses you will lose both if lose enough points on one
  8. I am no expert but I have heard that depth of bait being varied helps
  9. Even luckier when you think what might have happened if the anchor was still attached to the fleeing boat
  10. I have a quin Fishabout , quite old , it has a floor with cutouts for the side supports and long wedges screwed underneath to match the bottom of boat ,quite simple and sturdy
  11. Hi Keira , If you could tell what kind of fishing and where I am sure someone here will be able to help Ray
  12. Hi Reggie , I have picked up a couple of good sized Whiting drifting from footbridge down to Kelso with live worms on the run in . Cheers
  13. What a climb , give that man a medal .
  14. Hi Oz , I was told you can do it at the Rip bridge on the Central coast , as the tide rips out all the prawns are washed to the surface . I have only tried it once and did no good but I may have gone at the wrong time .All I got was an undersize lobster !!
  15. Plumbers use giant hose clamps under the ground , so Plumbing suppliers should be able to help .