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  1. Well I was targeting bass with th zman grub and making small bounces off the bottom and they were nailing but they were spawning at the time wether that effects there feeding I’m not sure
  2. Hey guys wondering any of you target carp on fly as I have been catching a few recently on plastics and was wondering if flys were a very good way to target them
  3. Okay thanks
  4. Thanks what live baits would be on offer
  5. I’ll be land based to they get them off the walls
  6. Hey guys heading up to Port Macquarie on the weekend and was wondering how the fishing is for jew in the area and what to use for bait
  7. Hey guys heading down to Lake Macquarie on the weekend and was wondering if you get yakka or other type of livies in the lake or if there are any other baits good for jew in there
  8. Hi guys was wondering if any one would have any tips for catching Jewfish and other species around the Hexham area
  9. might be a threadfin trevally
  10. Could it be a darker purple cod
  11. could it be the habitat they come from or will it be a different species
  12. they are very dull I can only see 2 or 3 of them
  13. ive caught gobies like that at the entrance before but they are a bit brighter than that one but having a look at that one on its belly it has similar red stripes like that so I think I could be a crested oyster goby.
  14. Thanks guys we went a while ago and only had heaps yabbies and one shrimp from the river we all had yabbies on and then my cousin threw a shrimp on and I got smashed by a 50 cm bass And I was using a purple stump jumper
  15. Hi I was out a lake st clair yesterday and only had luck on 2 bass on unweighted yabbies and I was using Tassie devils which work in my local river squidgies with spinner blade things on them.there was plenty of fish on the sounder around snags and in deep water but didnt bite even on yabbies and is there any good lures for yellow belly.