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  1. Another vote for the crossfire - great value for me money.
  2. You want a sinker above the swivel primarily when suspending bait off the bottom in mid water so that the offering looks more natural. Or you may want a lighter/heavier trace than mainline for toothy critters or in case you get snagged. Eg luderick fishing or live baiting. you can make things as complicated or as simple as you like, both have their pros and cons. I’ve suggested a simple approach that is effective but a more specialised approach (as others have mentioned) will deliver better results (but cost more and have a higher margin for error).
  3. Based on your gear and target species I’d do the following: buy 300 metres of platypus 6kg low stretch mono. dont worry about swivels, fluro trace or circle hooks. add a size 0 or 00 sinker and run it straight to the hook. use a good quality silver colour 1/0 hook. use half pilchards as bait. YouTube how to present the bait properly. IMPORTANT: double the line when tying the uni knot to the hook. If you don’t the bigger species will bust you off. This will give you a really broad target of species and you fish the full column of water as the bait will slowly sink to the bottom. You can catch bream, trevally, snapper, flathead, Salmon, Tailor and if you’re really luck the odd hungry king.
  4. +1 for the keeper net when land based. Have an ice slurry in a poly box in the car, the fish will still probably be alive when they hit the ice.
  5. I decided to buy a boat after going out in my brothers and have him disregard all my ideas/suggestions only to end up spending 5 hours on the water for zilch. Based on your requirements I wouldn’t rule out a deep bottom 4.5 tinny tiller steer. Bean bags on the floor and a good sized esky lashed on top of the casting platform turns it into a boat that’s both comfortable an also offers spray protection. Mines only 4.3 metres and has been an ideal all rounder/first boat for estuaries/bays/inshore.
  6. Great report. The boys will remember that story for years- I wouldn’t have though it would spit it out. Poor shark must be lacking in confidence!
  7. Can’t help you on the bechworms. Freezing fish I’m getting some cryo bags - my father in law swears by them. I like to fillet most fish, leave the skin on and press the exposed flesh together so that mostly it’s the skin exposed. Freezer burn affects exposed fish flesh the most. A lot of fish though keeps perfectly fine in the fridge for 4 days, provided you have an ice slurry on board and don’t gill or gut the fish (leave it uncleaned). In fact my esky holds ice for days so I’ll often change the water at the ramp, then leave the fish in the esky with a top up of ice on day 2. Can’t leave guts in for all species though, some like bream or luderick need the guts removed as soon as it’s killed.
  8. Great stuff, provided you have a freezer large enough freezing your own ice is brilliant. a year ago I bought a hisense 142L chest freezer for $284. Very power efficient it’s paid for itself already - servo ice is a rip off and so is bait/burley.
  9. Good report Rick, I like reading about the plan c and d reports the best.
  10. Fish your way off Terrigal or east gosford ramps. looks awesome without the rail. If you need stability when lure Fishing in swell a milk crate is the go to sit on. Even if you had the rail to hold onto I don’t know too many blokes adept at casting and winding one handed.
  11. Good call. Sometimes working surface lures up front you want the tip as close to the water as possible. see your the most aft section of your rail? I’d shorten the two ‘studs’ and remount it so it looks like the new quintrex renegades. That way you have a section to lash rope to.
  12. Nice! can you control the leccy through the sounder? Boy I’d like that feature, mainly as a back up in case the remote fails.
  13. If you don’t mind waiting 12 hours for a charge the ctek mxs5 is great and will leave you enough change for a case of crownies
  14. Planned obsolescence. Put simply, designed to break for commercial reasons. Look at Alvey, most durable reels So no one bought many parts or replacements and they just went bust.
  15. FG is a great knot for connecting braid to mono backing. Mainly because the braid half hitches around the mono tag end prevent the braid from getting snagged when coming off the spool. Just make sure you trim the mono tag as close to the braid as possible and use at least 4 braid half hitches to finish the knot. The other benefits are the slim profile of the knot will run through the guides more easily and it’s a 100% knot when ted correctly. If you use a uni to uni knot for example, with a 1mm mono tag end, as you get close to the mono backing the braid can get caught on the mono tag end of the uni to uni knot, resulting in snapped line and lost fish.