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  1. Brisbane Water Mulloway

    Nice catch Tyrone. Yet to catch one with a lure so you e inspired me. Curious as to why you seem to fish brissie waters more these days instead of offshore?
  2. Going outside on Saturday?

    Good day for gardening, watching footy and sinking beers 🍺
  3. Ingredients Wok fried crab 4 blue swimmer crabs quartered. Clean in saltwater - don’t let fresh touch it. Diablo dipping sauce High smoking point Oil for frying (eg peanut oil) half onion 2 cloves crushed garlic 1 fresh chilli chopped 20 grams of butter 1 tin diced tomatoes juice of 1 fresh lemon 1 teaspoon of sugar sprinkle of paprika based spice mix method Pre heat a large thick wok on highest setting. Open all’s doors and windows and temporarily remove smoke alarm. In a sauce pan add oil and fry onion, garlic and chilli. Add butter, tomatoes, lemon, sugar and spice mix, simmer for 3 mins then cover with lid and set aside. In your super hot wok at a generous amount of oil and add all the crab. Stir fry for 12 minutes. serve with bread or toast with dipping sauce on the side.
  4. Brissie waters arvo session

    Agreed - this is my first and probably last legal sized one in brissie waters. Though the big ones must come in to spawn at some point....
  5. Brissie waters arvo session

    Last crab report as I’ve posted three now. Think I’ve got them worked out. Put in early afternoon, fished the run in. Managed to boat 4, almost dropped one he let got boat side but quickly swam back and grabbed on again. Happy with 4 (wok size limit for one batch) so I moved and tried for bream. Caught a bunch of undersized bream, no legals unfortunately. I got two legal tailor bycatch (returned). I managed a legal snapper bycatch (that’s headed for the pan). Heaps of bait around at the moment, water has cooled I sounded 20 degrees. Very murky as well. Next challenge I might work out how to consistently catch mulloway when they get back. It could take a while!
  6. Winter fishing tactics

    Learn to catch luderick
  7. Hawkesbury Handline Fishing

    They are great especially on a small boat. Allows you to have heaps of Pre rigged set ups without requiring annoying rocket launchers etc or have a boat full of trip hazards. Tackle stores must HATE hand lines, as you say they’re dirt cheap and have a long life.
  8. No squid

    Thought you might have taken a pic on the brag mat?
  9. That is true those little 10 gram lures better tie direct. The halco twistys 20 gram plus I’ve found the swivel improves them out of sight
  10. Hi Matt, My own personal preference but I have tested metals with and without a swivel in a swimming pool and was surprised how much better the swivel metal lure looked in terms of imitating a fleeing baitfish. Seemed to get that nice wobble. I also prefer to snaps as the entire lure looks shorter. Lots of variables maybe different metals would look better with a snap swivel. I agree a uni knot straight to a jig head is the go - no swivels required.
  11. Baja crab and flathead tacos

    Tried this a second time with some tweaks. I made the tortillas myself, and added corn instead of tomato. Much better!
  12. Crab dawn raid

    My son and I caught 5 this arvo. All males and good size
  13. Trip Dilemma + Live Bait Hook Set

    The yakka might have been spooked and had an adrenaline burst
  14. Newsflash: you can easily attach and detach a swivel to a split ring
  15. Help with surf/rocks rod reel set-up

    Be careful there can be a big difference between a 4000 reel and a 5000 reel. I’d probably go with the 5000 as the gears in particular are better suited for fighting just legal kings, big Bonnie’s, mac tuna etc. my 4000 reel is awesome for 10lbs - if I spooled it up with 20lbs I’d crank it in half I think.