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  1. FLATHEAD continue to CHEW around St Huberts

    Nice vid Josh, would love to see more bush though
  2. New boat trailer rust protection prevention

    If I had a brand new trailer like yours and no boat on it I’d consider replacing as many galvanised nuts, bolts etc as I could with 316 stainless.
  3. Solar for house

    Price of batteries has to come down. $10k with a 10 year life span is $250 per quarter before you even consider panels, wiring and maintenance. we have a solar hot water system and that’s worth it.
  4. Attaching a SP or HB

    By the time I tie a double lined knot I’m left with about 170cm leader. No problem casting it without going through the guides. After swapping lures several times it ends up being too short and I replace it, which is good as I usually have some damage to the leader by that stage anyway. ive found (me personally) the Albright knot has a greater margin for error and lower breaking strain. I remember when I started out I found it harder to tie than the uni to uni. But agree, tied correctly it would be more than suitable for bream fishing.
  5. Comon courtasy

    Another reason to fish dawn and dusk. D head jet skiers wake up late and go to bed early. Try and avoid them Chappy as recurve said they’re all wankers.
  6. Screws + fixings on aluminium boat

    Does make it harder to get up on the plane though 🤣
  7. Attaching a SP or HB

    Good luck tieing an FG knot with 6lbs braid. I can do it but it takes 35 wraps and a lot of patience. Just use a uni to uni knot, 12 turns in the braid, 4 on the mono leader. 2 metre leader length will give you enough line to tie on a few different lures and you won’t need to run the knot through th guides when casting. To attach the lure just use a uni knot but double the line or you will lose lures/fish to break offs. My old footy coach had a saying “K.I.S.S” which was his way of telling us to keep it simple stupid.
  8. Screws + fixings on aluminium boat

    For the transducer mount I used an Old ice cream container to make plastic washers. Perfect material, helps with watertight seal and eliminates electrical interference or risk of a reaction to the metal. Plus it cost $0
  9. Shore fishing NSW Central Coast

    Google it
  10. Shore fishing NSW Central Coast

    Join the Gosford fishing club they have a rock and beach event with a bbq on Sunday
  11. Avoca Rocks, Bonito Bonanza. Help!

    They’re usually chasing whitebait and when they are you’ll outfish anyone with a 3 inch zman minnow (opening night colour) soft plastic with a 1/4 jig head, loads of pro cure scent and 10lbs leader on a short rod (say 6’6) with lots of twitch.
  12. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    New trailers are exempted
  13. Any gardeners out there?

    You’re sitting on a goldmine. I saw a guy at Glebe markets with hardwood framed mirrors that he was selling for $200 a pop!
  14. Umina beach

    The fishing club use that spot as a meeting point.
  15. Any gardeners out there?

    That beautiful old hardwood is too good to be used outdoors as a compost bin IMO. The best ones swivel so you can turn it and turbo charge the compost process (3 months). I would have thought you’d break out the welder and take to a steel 44 gallon drum and a few hinges and brackets.