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  1. Balmoral 16/12/09

    congrats on the salmon and good to hear there are some nice people out there helping other fisho's out D
  2. Jb News?

    hey lennon_2101, everytime i go down i fish just off the reefs at calalla and plantation point. they are both good spots from the boat. you can also fish plantation point from the rocks if you down have a boat at low tide. cheers Dave
  3. nice fish mate, i would have freaked out when i saw the spear. also good to hear you could get out for a fish with the boss. maybe i should try that hehe Dave
  4. Inflatable Life Jackets

    hi swordy, your welcome!! i just got back (from a 2hr drive there and back) from a boat store thats services them, for them to tell me i could do it myself must admit though he was very helpful and explained to me how to do it and what to look for whilst its inflated etc. so if you guys need a heads up will be willing to help when i get a sec from work. anyway i must say a big thank you to all you raiders for your help in understanding these new devices and i hope my next post will be about the fish i have caught over my xmas holidays from work which start mid next week. Dave
  5. Lucky Escape - Valuable Lesson Learnt!

    thanks for the heads up! was doing some lil modifications on the boat on the weekend and also thought it was wise to measure up my stickers. infact i was quite suprised to realise that it was correct if not a little longer which is good dave
  6. Inflatable Life Jackets

    hi all, thanks for all the info you have provided. it has helped me understand about the serving and other info. its alot better than what i get at the shops as they just expect you to know everything. Dave
  7. Inflatable Life Jackets

    Hi all, i was wondering what is the go with inflatable life jackets. i have been shopping around for a few manual inflatable life jackets and found that a particular marine store is selling marlin brand for $70, the next price up is $110.00 for burke brand. i am a little hesitant about by them as they seem to be cheap yet they (meaning the store) say the jackets are no different to the other brands. i was wondering are they all the same? does anyone own either of the 2 and have any info on them like, if they are comfy etc or brands that you would recommend? your advice would be great as i hope to buy a few soon for people on board.. Thanks in advance Dave
  8. Another Crazy King Session

    great effort there mate sounds like you have a fun time out on the water!!!
  9. Harbour Jewy

    nice catch there mate. unlucky about the lost fish but you ended up with another
  10. What A Night

    Congratulations on the great catch guys I can't wait to hit the harbour on my holidays D
  11. My First Kingie

    great catch mate well done
  12. Sydney Harbour Hoodlums

    Great catch mate I can only hope to catch one 60cm big I hope to catch its little brother
  13. North Head 18/8

    great pic southerly, i cant wait to get out again and start fishing early mornings and watch the sun rise Dave
  14. Petrol

    Nick, i was using unleaded on a 35 evinrude when we first brought the boat, and now i am using premium and it run's alot better than it use too. Dave
  15. Pic Of The Poly

    congrat's on the new boat, bet u can't wait for it to be ready David