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  1. 80cm 5KG Kingfish - Botany Bay, Sydney

    Good stuff mate.
  2. How to fish Sydney harbor moorings for kingfish

    There are a couple of options that I would use targeting kings with live baits. 1. Use a float: use a largish float (go to the tackle store and tell them you need a float for kings) with a decent sized sinker to get your cast out and to balance your rig. Above the float you should have a stopper. My preferred depth would be around 3-4m with a trace from the swivel to a 4/0 beak hook (live bait hooks I find to be too thick and likely to kill your bait) of 60cm. 2. A sliding rig with a clip holding an 80g sinker (stars are good but you can also use a snapper lead). Your trace here will be slightly longer (a metre or just under). Again, a 4/0 beak hook. As for rigging your livies, you can pin them through the top lip (this will make it less likely you will kill them when you reel them back in), in the back on the fleshy part just behind the head (kings like to take baits head first) or towards the tail through the back (they will swim more freely however you may kill them if you reel them backwards through the water). If you are hooking them through the back, don't ever hook them below the lateral line. If you do, you'll get into their guts and they will die. If you're using yakkas the lateral line is easy to spot - it's the yellow line across their body on each side from head to tail. 20-30lb braid and a 30lb leader should be right for you if you are targeting these fish for the first time. Good luck!
  3. Hoping one (or more) of the raiders out there might be able to help on this one. I was thinking of picking up a new outfit for live-baiting for kings over summer. Baits are yakkas up to 25cm but usually around the 20cm and under range. Not sure what that might end up being in grams? I wanted to get a nice sturdy rod around the 7-8 foot length that can handle throwing out these baits. I've seen some guys using the Saltist Hyper and I really like the look of the rod. Trouble is it comes in so many different lengths/weights that I'm not sure which one is suitable. My goal is to find a balance where I can fish light enough that it's not complete overkill but heavy enough that I can cast the baits I'm looking to throw out. Generally I would throw out a yakka with an 80gm sinker. I'm looking at a 6000 or 8000 Baitrunner D to match. Is the 8000 too much? My thoughts so far for the setup would be to get the 702MH and match it with a 6000 Baitrunner and stick some 30lb braid on it. Any reason I should take it up a notch and get the heavy 792H (PE 6, same cast weight) or the 82XH (PE 8)? Could be a nice setup for sharks/LBG if I was interested in giving that a go... Obviously kings are possible on far lighter gear but this setup would be mostly for pitching out livies with kings as a main target.
  4. Crowdy Beach Jew

    Beautiful jew there. Looks like it all came together. Curious how you rig the beach worms up with you are targeting jew? Good work!
  5. Botany Kings

    Nice work on the king. The Terez really shouldn't have snapped in half like that. Happy to hear that Shimano helped you out. Plenty more to come!
  6. The one that got away,

    That'll keep you going back for more! Good stuff and nice flatty. Too bad about the big one!
  7. Leo’s PB flatty

    Haha bet they weren't as big as the one your fella caught!
  8. Bream not taking anything I throw at them

    Awesome tips here on dealing with finicky bream. Cheers guys, most valuable. I normally fish with a short length of 6lb leader and am now thinking of getting something even lighter for them.
  9. Leo’s PB flatty

    Quality time with the family on the water. Great to put the little fella onto a good fish. Caught a big one - my first fish - myself at a similar age fishing with my old man and got me hooked for life!
  10. Chasing Bust Ups in Sydney + Video

    Awesome post mate, I've heard the salmon are being quite finicky at the moment. Cheers for the great read and for posting up the video. I'll have a watch a bit later so I can catch the whole thing. Nice work!
  11. Georges Jew

    Solid effort on the light braid there. Amazing how it all comes together sometimes just as you're about to turn it in for the day. Well done to your boy and best of luck for his future fishing adventures!
  12. Northern Beaches Salmon

    Great report and an awesome photo of a beaut fish for the memory book. In my mind it is always worthwhile to take the extra couple of minutes to grab a happy snap or two. Well done! Can't wait to hit the beach this summer. What length rod were you using?
  13. First king on plastics!

    Derek has offered up some great advice there from his wealth of experience picking up kingies on the light gear. For me I think it was a combination of luck and staying level-headed and not trying to bring it under complete control in the first few runs. I think Jon D mentioned once that he tells his kids that the harder you fight a king the harder the fish will fight you. It suddenly came to me while I had the fish on the line and so tried not to be too aggressive with the strike and with steering. Been back a couple of times with the same jerk shad on the same jighead chasing another one.
  14. First king on plastics!

    Cheers Luke, thanks for the encouragement! There are some good fish around at the moment. Salmon jumping around this evening although we weren't able to get any hook-ups. I know Derek has had some success with the salmon in this area recently. Yep, for sure. Let's go out again soon! Thanks! Setup is a 4-7kg Lox Iridium and a 3000 Caldia. 15lb braid, 16lb leader. Jigheads with 2/0 hooks between 1/6 oz and 3/8 oz. What's next? Jew on plastics! Mate they had better! Season is gearing up and the harbour is starting to fire. Let's get out again soon, I'm having too much fun with the soft plastics these days. Thanks to all for reading and for the responses. Can't wait to get the next one!
  15. Afternoon Session

    Nice to see you're getting some trevs around BW. Great fighting fish, always good fun. Good work and nice report!