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  1. A few fish

    Awesome Where is the river?
  2. Georges Jew

    Beleive it or not Regan he caught it on a plastic he found. A rather long paddle tail, probably 150mm with a huge hook out of the top of it. The boys went down to the river to catch bream and eps, but Clay lost the only leader and jig heads/sps he took soon after landing a couple of fish. On the way home he tied the paddle tail direct to the 6lb braid. Big cast into the center of the river, one hop and bang. It spooled half his reel and then went with and aginst the tide for approximately 20min before he landed it. A couple of pics later and back into the river to live another day. Papa, just for the record, the whiting was mine 100%. The jew however, that's one I can't claim. He was down there again this afternoon, flicking until the sun went down. It definiteley won't be the last. Tight lines eveyone and thanks for the comments. Its memories like yesterday that'll be why my kids and I will keep fishing and they're kids and so on....
  3. Georges Jew

    My young bloke pulled this beautiful specimen out of the Georges this afternoon on 6lb braid. It went 84cm. Congratulations Clay!
  4. Georges River

    Zman grub
  5. Georges River

    The person holding the fish, isn't the guy who caught it. That's my son. I caught the fish late in the day. Poor guy, doesn't catch many, so I let him hold my catch while I take the photo. He then posts it on facebook and the like and tells everyone it his. Oh well, I guess that's what fathers are for. I feel sorry for him, he's not a natural like his old man.
  6. Georges River

    Not too bad in winter. I always try and say gday to them anyway. Let them know about the fin I saw only a couple of minutes ago, just where they came from.
  7. Georges River

    Thanks guys. Weve been lucky with some decent sized bream and EPs as well.
  8. Georges River

    Thanks guy
  9. Georges River

    Been fushing the Georges River throughout winter. Have had sucess flicking sps with bream and EPs. Caught this whiting last Sunday. 42.5 cm. Would upload other photos if I could figure out how. Still afyer that elusive Jew though🤞
  10. The Great Sandy Straits

    Looking foward to tge detailed report Blairy. I've convinced the missus it's our next must do. Cheers, Nathan.
  11. Chipping Norton Jews

    That's the island in the middle ?
  12. Chipping Norton Jews

    Planningto go out this weekend and try for a jew late Saturday. Will be fishing Chipping Norton Lakes. Any info re productive spots would be appreciated. Cheers, Nathan.
  13. Newcastle Beach

    Looks like a thumper flathead - how long did it go?