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  1. Looking for fishing partner in Canberra

    PM sent
  2. Offshore today

    Not quite today but Sunday 23 April - offshore Batemans Bay. A very quiet day without turning a reel. Dodged the occasional shower whilst doing laps of the canyons like 2 others as well. Bird life virtually not existent and pretty well nil as far as baitfish was concerned. Water temps fluctuated between 23-25. Back at the ramp everyone else was saying the same which made us feel a bit better knowing we weren't alone!
  3. Offshore today

    On Saturday we fished offshore due east of Batemans Bay and headed north - didn't turn a reel. Baitfish very scarce on the sounder and only the odd bird about looking for fish like we were! Max water temp over the canyons was 21.7. A very quiet day but good to be out just the same.
  4. fishraider boat sticker

    Hi I'd like 2 as well please! cheers
  5. Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Hi Raiders I moved to Canberra a couple of years ago after living in Qld and am into all kinds of fishing from chasing trout in the mountains with a flyrod to trying to hook onto something with a bit of size off the coast. After years of dreaming I finally bought my first boat (Razerline WA Classic 5.6) so I'm learning all the joys that come with that and looking forward to discovering the region's coast - oh and the fun of going down and dragging a boat back up the Clyde Mountain Range plus dodging kangaroos and wombats along the way - but being out on the water makes it all worthwhile... This is a great forum and I've learnt a heck of lots so thanks to one and all for sharing your experiences! Cheers Scott
  6. Batteries - can I use a start battery as a house battery?

    Hi Jim I really appreciate your input and will look at getting the deep cycle battery ...as you say better to be safe than sorry! Cheers and thanks Scott
  7. Hi all I bought a second hand plate boat and am looking at installing a dual battery system using the Blue Sea switch system: www.bluesea.com/products/7649/Mini_Add-A-Battery_Kit_-_65A I'll end up doing a complete boat re-wire as all the wire's copper - I've never done it before so fun times ahead! The boat came with 2 start batteries - one connected and the other is a back up which is stored separately (i.e. not connected) which is brand new. Can I run both batteries using one of the start batteries as the house battery without having to buy a deep cycle battery straight up? Engine is Yamaha 115A. The battery that is currently connected is a RACQ/RACV etc brand #7501 CCA 600 RC 125 Spare battery is a Seamaster Gold # MFM50 CCA 640 RC 140 The electronics that it'll be running are the gauges, VHF,UHF, sounder, and stereo, nav lights. I think I know that I'll be up for deep cycle battery.......thought I'd ask the question! cheers