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  1. a 7 foot 2-4kg rod with a nice fast action, hundreds of them out there, go the 2500 size reel don't go to cheap shimano sienna is a good starting reel 6lb braid and 8lb fluorocarbon leader will have you covered for most estuary species and bass, my advice... start by focusing on flathead and bass and hone your skills as they're not particularly fussy, then move onto bream any other advice I can offer shoot me a pm Dave
  2. nice work mate..... I feel inspired after reading that
  3. large bucket with an aerator the trick is to make sure the water stays cool
  4. Yeaterday the weather screamed BASS!! overcast warm and cicadas singing, a quick phone call and I was off to the upper reaches of the Nambucca. Perfect conditions to walk the river and cast the pools. As per usual the bass decided to play hard tp get with the first section of prime water producing squat a quick change in tactics and it was time for some tandans with the first fish I cast at more than willing to participate a nice 47cm fish Had quite a few refusals as I worked my way along until I reached a prime bass pool first cast saw a bronze beast come out from under some lillies hit and spit the lure in an instant with the pool full of weed tried a zerek live shrimp to work deep without fouling up and sure enough first bass of the day literally the smallest I've caught to date turn around to spot a cattie working some shallow water behind me without hesitating put the live shrimp in front of him and straight on had to lock up on him to avoid being buried right up under the bank some of the clearest water I've ever fished this one went 46cm as I worked my way along the catties kept coming they really like burying in the weed today another 47cm specimen then cast at a shadow in a deep pool twitched the crab which was followed by a tap on the line hit it and all hell broke loose the fish took a bline for the bank before I could turn it thinking this was the monster it turned out to be the most spirited cattie I've caught thus far an absolutely beautiful speckled fish Then after hours of walking and casting at the last pool there is a small overhanging tree landed a hardbody under said tree and a bronze shape appears and finally a proper bass is on he went hard for a fish of his size a beautifully coloured 35cm fish Had another assumed pointless cast at the same tree and another shape appears and sudenly a bigger fish is on he played hard one of the best conditioned fish Ive caught in a while he measured 39cm its a privelage watching them swim away and of course there was a big cattie feeding in the pool so finished of with a solid 49cm I never get sick of bass and catfish cheers for reading Dave
  5. its a green moray tell by the head and body shape
  6. Hey Stan when you make your way down here (the whole month of January I'm off work) there are plenty of beaches to drive on with easy access Dave
  7. nice cod mate
  8. for bream fish the oyster racks along the highway newee creek or end of the golf club island for flatties
  9. NICE!!!! that is a cracker
  10. jacks, bass, trevally, whiting, bream we have plenty of surface fishing on the mid north coast
  11. if you insist on using mono for lure fishing go platypus platinum its a little finer than the low stretch I agree schneider make excellent line buts its probably a little stretchy for lure fishing
  12. beautiful fish mate
  13. i would use mono rather than braid doesn't do slack line well because there is no stretch it will knot on itself
  14. jetty pylons and marinas are the main places I've caught silvers small grub style soft plastics, I've caught most of mine on the zerek live shrimp 2.5"
  15. the fish are sitting here waiting for you