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  1. Light Spinning Rod's - What's your choice?

    That's what I use.... I'd buy another in an instant
  2. SouthWest Rocks / Hat Head?

    Been a bit rough but hopefully it'll settle down before long..... I'm go and fish grassy with you anytime conditions permitting
  3. cheap baitcaster combos

    don't skimp on a baitcaster the cheap ones just aren't up to the task
  4. SouthWest Rocks / Hat Head?

    you can also try grassy head the macs often come in close......... kingy's are usually more smoky cape area..... be cautious these platforms can be treacherous.... I know of quite a few deaths over the years Dave
  5. Lures to replace whitebait

    when they come in the estuary here they seem to have blinkers on and they wont eat anything over 40mm and it has to be expensive the more expensive it is the more they try and eat it can get frustrating when you're bream spinning
  6. Urgent help required

    dishwashing detergent or solvol soap..... or just leave it and say it's the smell of victory
  7. Whiting, worms and longshank hooks

    I use a large piece of worm balled up on the hook with a big tag of worm hanging off the end seems to work well for big whiting
  8. Lures to replace whitebait

    zerek tango shad.... the tight shimmy action drives the kingys mad on a rapid twitching retrieve.... only downside you have to fish light
  9. Shark ID please

    some form of whaler probably a dusky or bronze impossible to tell without seeing the whole shark
  10. Hawkesbury-Nepean Bass Catch Feb 17 & 18

    Mate if it wasn't for that sickening thing called work I'd be there
  11. Wet Weather Tactics

    they're hands down the best cattie lure I've used I haven't tried a crab style plastic... the cranka crabs I use are the standard bream size ones can't remember the size off the top of my head.............. I'll talk to my mate tomorrow and see whats happening on the weekend
  12. Wet Weather Tactics

    great bream lure when used correctly
  13. well another opportunity arose for a Nymboida run this time I decided to try a bit more secluded water. the river looked great as usual at the crossing I'd fished last time but this time I wanted bigger fish so kept driving along into a side road and down to a much more isolated section of the river the terrain and scrub was nasty at best but brutal would not be going to far it was a hell of a mission getting close enough to the water for a cast but worth every scratch and swear word when you find places like this after many many many casts things were looking bad but out of the corner of my eye I spotted a hidden underwater boulder with a nice piece of water between it and the bank after placing a perfect cast thinking probably gonna be in trouble if it gets eaten the satan stick buckled in half and it was instant lock up go for broke to keep my brand new spinnerbait from an untimely end this fish really put on a show he was so stubborn I got saturated twice trying to land him and finally out came a beautiful low 50's eastern cod I used the tripod with the timer on the camera seemd to work ok they are such a beautiful fish never get sick of them and a privelage to watch them swim away after that high the weather literally changed on an instant with a stormfront coming from nowhere so it was a quick retreat as once the tracks muddy up could be stuck down there for a week so covered in blood and bruises from crashing through the bush for one fish, I was still pumped with a big smile on my face thats fishing the Nymboida cheers for reading Dave
  14. Wet Weather Tactics

    if the fish are biting I'm there..... I'd fish under an erupting volcano I like to cast around drains flowing out into the river especially floating the light weight cranka crab
  15. travel rod recommendations

    thanks mate
  16. travel rod recommendations

    I'm heading to South America in November on a fishing trip I need some recommendations on travel rods The basic recommendations are barra type gear a baitcaster running 50lb braid, a spinning rod with atleast 50lb-60lb braid and a lighter rigup running 30lb braid just looking for some suggestions cheers Dave
  17. Bream surface fishing shore base

    mangroves at high tide on poppers you can work over the submerges roots but also shallow rocky shoreline especislly with bubblewee, a blooping retrieve and dont be afraid to pause the lure to a painful mexican standoff.... the 60mm halco roosta is my favourite...... most importantly stealth, stealth and more stealth oh yeah did I mention stealth if they see you it's over...... good luck and happy hunting Dave
  18. Carp on plastic

    keep plenty of hook exposure and hit them as soon as they pick up the plastic before they spit it out
  19. Well as known 2018 has seen nothing but Moses perch for me in the salt today I hit the marina at Coffs just hoping for something different to get my mojo back and I decided it was time to go to drastic measures and fish soft plastics (as most people know I'm generally a hardbody fisher) so it was some zman gubz 2.5" on a 1/16th head started punching casts out and on my probably 4th cast came up tight on a fish when I first saw the reddish colour all I could think was Mosie but it was goatfish low 20's first one I've caught then I manged to find some bream the medium sized fish were patrolling in schools along the rocky edges so it was a matter of landing the grub amongst the school and twitching it not big fish but still bream a lot of fun sight casting them did get a slightly better specimen and then of course no January fishing would be complete without a Moses perch got him on a hardbody cast up against some structure that was it for a short but fun session nice to get amongst some bream again cheers for reading Dave
  20. Attaching a SP or HB

    as most likely stated "improved albright knot" for leader to braid lefty's loop for lure to line personally I use 8lb braid and 8lb flurocarbon leader but I'm generally landbased around nasty structure lures zman grubz 2.5" with a 1/16th no 4 hook jighead are a good starting lure squidgy wrigglers are also good with hardbodies the list is endless but to catch bream you need to willing to spend a bit for me the strikepro pygmy is excellent value for a quality lure I am a huge fan of a twitch-pause retrieve with hardbodies I showed this technique to one of the young raiders and he has since bested my pb bream cranka crabs are also excellent when cast up against structure and allowed to slowly sink down if you look in the articles section I've got a bit info on bream spinning be persistant and don't expect buckets of bream straight away it takes practice and lots of it to consistantly nail bream on lures but I can promise when you pull a big blue lip on a lure it's a hell of a rush any other questions just shoot me a pm Dave
  21. managed a quic trip up the Nymboida today the river was in spectacular condition although the rugged terrain combined with 35 degrees makes for an exhausting experience no bass but got some cod and blooded my new setup the cod weren't overly big but still magnificant looking fish all returned unharmed
  22. all I can catch in the salt thus far in 2018 is Moses perch but the average is size has been quality even craced a pb with a 27cm model once these guts get over 25cm they really pac a punch on bream gear
  23. year of moses

    It's funny Rick I was fishing a 75mm double clutch on the satan stick yesterday and got a couple of mosies they packed a punch on a locked drag hate to think what an actual satan is gonna feel like
  24. Whitsunday Tips?

    Ive been up there before didn't get the opportunity to fish though lots of reef techniques like micro jigging, soft plastics or just bottom bashing baits with a patanoster rig should work fish a tight drag
  25. Some kind of Cod? "Purple Cod"

    purple cod as Regan kindly showed I caught one recently and got an i.d. from my mate at fisheries nice fish mate