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  1. As my last report said I've been getting quite a few bream just no real size to them. Headed down to the river this morning for a bit of a landbased session to have a bit of fun with some more feisty little bream. Probably casting for about 40 minutes with no sign of a fish when a familiar tap came during a pause on the lure and the rod loaded up allowing for how hard the bream have been fighting lately felt like a better quality fish than I've been getting, gave me a good run around the structure then came ashore, still not big but a better quality fish than I've been getting lately a couple more small fish landed and the clear water came with the run in tide and the fish were off, back in the car and headed to a spot further upstream. Stopped for a quick cast at a footbridge home to some very wise fish but always worth a shot, as soon as the lure hit the water it was smashed again fish went hard going for submerged shopping trolleys and again a reasonable fish a bit smaller than the first these urban fish wise up really fast you generally get one shot and this was no exception. Decided to finish the session casting a spot I haven't fished for awhile the cormorants have started nesting again above the water for some reason bream love cormorant crap. First cast went wide with nothing second cast landed inches from a fresh cormorant crap two twitches and the black shapes were allover it. The take was brutal and straight away no doubt it was a quality fish nothing like fighting a solid bream from a 2.5m embankment covered in branches but unbelievably manged to keep him clear and bring him up the bank a beautiful mid 30's fish not overly long but solid for his length, been awhile since I've caught a solid bream certainly brought a smile to my face Just to give an idea of how fickle these urban bream can be I've marked where the cast landed and fish hooked basically I'm behind overhanging vegetation so the bream don't spot me as they cruise around that's it for another breaming session can't wait for the next one cheers for reading Dave
  2. size improving

    I opened the picture with paint to edit the size and used the drawing thingy on there
  3. My mate convinced me to got target some flathead around South West Rocks, I don't normally target them as I get kind of narrow sighted on targeting bream. We headed to the main river first and it still looks aweful, the water is black from recent rains and not likely to clear up anytime soon. Hit one of the small creeks instead with flathead lays everywhere it looked like a sure thing and of course the fish played hard to get. The first hour saw us land a couple of fish each the biggest about 20cm. Then I pulled out the "secret weapon" being a sinking stickbait and 3rd cast finally some weight on the other end, he fought hard for his size Kept casting my mate finally landed a reasonable fish on fly, and another solid take and again long hard runs I was thinking a big fish but again another average size fish in the low 50's that was it for the decent fish a few more miniscule flatties, whiting and bream finished the session off cheers for reading Dave
  4. Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    remember Neil if you make your way further north your always welcome at my place and we'll hit some fish
  5. Got out on the kayak around Nambucca chasing bream on the high tide started with the usual technique of working the mangrove edges and shallow weed beds for zip. After a lot of frustrating casting started woring some deeper weed edges and lamost immediately the bream started coming, most were small but they were really aggressive and fighting well above their size. these were the bigger fish needless to say the average size was low but still fun, got a couple of small big eye trevally, pike and flathead to complete the kayak session. With a bit of time to spare had a bit of a ladbased session to finish off, working along the rocky edges a black spot came out and nailed the lure right at my feet which turned into a tug of war trying to keep him out of the reef but finally convinced him to come ashore he measured up 36cm probably about the limit of cod on 8lb leader any bigger I would have been dusted continuing to work along managed another reasonable bream a long pause seems to be doing the trick at the moment hit the breakwall to finish off the water was crystal clear and the bream were there in good size and numbers but not playing the game then over a big piece of shallow reef a school of blue-fin trevally appeared, these guys can really be frustrating they love to chase lures but often refuse to hit them after about 20 casts I'd all but given up and then all hell breaks loose, the fish took off along the wall somehow avoiding all the other fishing lines in the water then back down again, I'd forgotton how stubborn trevally can be but if you guide them rather than bully them you can bring them in on quite light gear a beautiful fish breaking a pb which has stood since 2014, a really nice fish to end an awesome session cheers for reading Dave
  6. you can never predict it, I've caught most of my trevally (all the northern species) in the middle of winter, thats what I love about fishing you never know what you'll catch next
  7. 36cm no monster but one hell of an opponent on bream gear
  8. weedbeds

    one of my favourite places to target I use hardbodies ecogear sx40 and strikepro pygmy being my 2 favourites working the water over weedbeds or off the edges I personally prefer a twitch pause retrieve to imitate a wounded baitfish or prawn poppers worked over shallow weed are also really effective in the warmer months
  9. Bass cross ep ??

    could be a hybrid, certainly can see featres of both species
  10. cheers mate, your right it's a "thicklip trevally" a mate said the same thing this arvo, I can see the difference now just as attractive as a bluefin and I'll never complain about catching something different
  11. Jarvis walker baitcaster

    don't waste your $45
  12. new rod?

    I started off with a shimano catana/cazna combo 2-4kg which served me for a few years from memory about $100 since upgraded to a ballistix gold 2-4kg and a stradic 2500 which Im more than hapy with
  13. Reel maintenance and problems

    don't worry mate I learned the same lesson exactly the same way
  14. Fishing with lures?

    start with soft plastics the articles have some excellent info and target areas you now are loaded with flathead
  15. Reel maintenance and problems

    first of all NEVER put WD40 on a fishing reel, it's a solvant that basically strips away the oil that lubricates the reel, hence the reel being stiff and rough wash your reel with a sray bottle and use a light mist of freshwater over the entire reel rather than hose it as a solid stream of water will just force salt and sand in deeper you can either get it serviced by a pro most tacle shops either service reels or no someone that does or you can strip and oil it yourself just use youtube thats how I learned but get proper reel oil and use it sparingly unfortunetly the reel may be cactus and you could be up for a new one ust depends if the bearings have worn because of the wd40 stripping the oil
  16. I had a short window to head out after murray cod again Dad decided to come with me to suss out the spot. I had a pre plan of being dropped upstream and kayaking down to the campsite about 2.2km of river I'd seen most of the bottom end on foot last time I was out there and had most of the rapids sussed as a nice easy run. Launched the kayak full of confidance water was looking good except I didn't realise the river had dropped atleast 1.2m since I was out there last. The first couple of holes didn't produce but they were a bit shallow with short portages at the end of each one, after an hour came to a decent portage with there being 20m of boulders with a tricle of water through them after a bit of teeth gritting the kaya was dragged into a beautiful looking pool Wasn't long before I hooked a fish only small he fell off beside the yak, now filled with some confidance kept hitting the snags with casts an eternity passes before a "hail mary" cast into a log gets smashed had to fight the fish hanging over the back of the kayak but managed to extract a beautiful little cod measuring up 50cm excuse the photography its hard to use auto timer and a tripod on a aya with an angry cod now full of confidance kept casting and casting reaching the end of the pool with no result then I saw a nasty looking portage through low branches and boulders still the fish kept me motivated. Onto the next pool again no fish and another nasty portage this was the case for the next couple of pools and finally I coud see the cliff opposite the campsite the portages were nearly over. That was the moment I realised the river was down and the nice easy rapids were a atleast 300m section of boulders with a trickle around them so what was meant to take 10 minutes took about 1.5 hours so after loads of lost skin a broken rod and falling in a freezing pool of water I finally reached the end and chanted a great HALLEF#*@KINGLEAYAH and turn to see a family who had been walking the riverside trail and apparently the kids had taken great amusement in watching me curse my way along the river. With every muscle aching it was food beer and sleep for the evening. Up early the next morning for another crack this time heading downstream luckily only one small portage to the pool I wanted to fish and it wasn't long before a cod charged the spinnerbait down he put on quite a fight for a small fish never get sick of these fish beside the kayak kept casting for a few miss hits and then spent about 20 minutes watching a platypus go about his business with basic pain from head to toe and a 5 hour drive home decided to call it quits. I have never worked so hard for 2 fish and despite the pain and frustration all I can think about is when can I get back out there and have another go cheers for reading Dave
  17. Nambucca River variety

    they become a bit of a pest because they get their sites set on small bait giving them a taste for bream lures and of course the more expensive the more they like them and on par with red satan they don't like returning them when they're finished
  18. got out for a decent landbased session yesterday fishing the usual haunts, started off spinning the fallen trees which were a bit slow but with some persistance finally had a take probably the smallest big-eye I've ever caught.... hopefully the trevs will start to appear soon changed locations to a bit of footpath/roadside the water was crystal clear and loaded with bait monster bream everywhere looks like its going to be a good spawn year everything was very spooky..... out of nowhere some pilles start scattering not 3m from me..... instinctive cast and hook up immediately to a solid fish first thoughts were king but to my surprise a big tailor surfaced with my lure hanging from his mouth a bit nervous of his teeth with 8lb leader baced the drag off and let him tire down he seemed to be swimming with a bunch of kingies and a massive cod came out to try and the poor tailor after a good 10 minute fight he finally came ashore a qulity mid 40's tailor haven't caught a decent tailor in years a surprise for the river. It was nice to play a fish for a change rather than the white nucle stuff I've been doing lately then the pike turned up some were around 50cm mark.... not a desirable species but still fun.... I often stic with pie rahter than move on because bream will often get competative and lose a few inhibitions. moving onto the breakwall geting the usual funny looks for casting up along the side of the rocks but within a few casts a reasonable bream came out a couple of smaller fish came after including some small moses perch not a bad little session ended up catching and releasing over a dozen fish of 5 different species cheers for reading Dave
  19. Winter fishing tactics

    sleep in.... let the day warm up a bit before you start fishing and focus more on fishing the arvo session bream bite just as well in winter ust slow things down a little I use more slow and subtle twitches with hardbodies and crab style lures are also very effective cast up against pylons in the winter
  20. Sidearm casting

    practice practice and more practice
  21. Ultra Light Bream Reel

    just bought a stradic FK recently havn't been able to fault it.... light as a feather
  22. Setting drag

    the only time I've seen scales used is in gamefishing when specific drag pressures are used you should set your drag according to the situation you're fishing..... fishing sandflats with no snags I'll usually go fairly light and on the flip side casting oyster racks I'll basically lock it up
  23. Flathead on light leader

    first of all if you suspect you've hooked a flathead back off your drag so the fish can run yes you risk hitting a rock but flathead don't generally bury you intentionally....... all the time I see people afraid to let a fish run in open water especially flathead next mistake is they go to hard... take your time the aim is to tire the fish, slow gentle lifts and winds eventually you'll start anticipating the fish lungeing and you'll be able to drop the rod a bit to absorb the force don't let it's head break the water once their head is on the surface thye start shaking and thus is when leaders really shred hope this helps Dave
  24. Jack on livebait

    they have a liking to eating a lure and nose diving back into cover before you can even feact I'm assuming big jacks must have a trophy wall in their snag of all the lures they've stolen