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  1. nice work mate..... I feel inspired after reading that
  2. large bucket with an aerator the trick is to make sure the water stays cool
  3. Yeaterday the weather screamed BASS!! overcast warm and cicadas singing, a quick phone call and I was off to the upper reaches of the Nambucca. Perfect conditions to walk the river and cast the pools. As per usual the bass decided to play hard tp get with the first section of prime water producing squat a quick change in tactics and it was time for some tandans with the first fish I cast at more than willing to participate a nice 47cm fish Had quite a few refusals as I worked my way along until I reached a prime bass pool first cast saw a bronze beast come out from under some lillies hit and spit the lure in an instant with the pool full of weed tried a zerek live shrimp to work deep without fouling up and sure enough first bass of the day literally the smallest I've caught to date turn around to spot a cattie working some shallow water behind me without hesitating put the live shrimp in front of him and straight on had to lock up on him to avoid being buried right up under the bank some of the clearest water I've ever fished this one went 46cm as I worked my way along the catties kept coming they really like burying in the weed today another 47cm specimen then cast at a shadow in a deep pool twitched the crab which was followed by a tap on the line hit it and all hell broke loose the fish took a bline for the bank before I could turn it thinking this was the monster it turned out to be the most spirited cattie I've caught thus far an absolutely beautiful speckled fish Then after hours of walking and casting at the last pool there is a small overhanging tree landed a hardbody under said tree and a bronze shape appears and finally a proper bass is on he went hard for a fish of his size a beautifully coloured 35cm fish Had another assumed pointless cast at the same tree and another shape appears and sudenly a bigger fish is on he played hard one of the best conditioned fish Ive caught in a while he measured 39cm its a privelage watching them swim away and of course there was a big cattie feeding in the pool so finished of with a solid 49cm I never get sick of bass and catfish cheers for reading Dave
  4. its a green moray tell by the head and body shape
  5. Hey Stan when you make your way down here (the whole month of January I'm off work) there are plenty of beaches to drive on with easy access Dave
  6. my mate rings me up first thing in the morning we go for a bass cast before work in the arvo..... easiest decision I've ever made by the time i got to his place the canoe was loaded and we were on the water within 50 minutes of the call. Slow start first pool producing nothing then about halfway along the second pool a hit and a small bass first for the season not big but a fish heading further up spot a nice catfish feeding up in the shallows keen to show off my latest technique cast the cranka crab in fornt of him and he was on it my mate couldn't believe it catties on lures just never gets old A bit further up and Andy gets a hit it runs as usual then suddenly it just goes like no tomorrow eventually after a major tussle out came 2 bass on the same lure 49cm and 46cm still can't believe it now the cheeky bugger is claiming a 95cm bass feeling inspired we kept paddling for a few more small bass then I cast up into some shallow sticks its funny big bass can come from the most unlikely places and whilst having a daydream the rod nearly came out of my hands and after the ensuing frantic struggle to save being stitched up out came a solid fish a beautiful 44cm fish a satisfying way to start the season thats it for my first proper bass session of the season hopefully more to come soon cheers for reading Dave
  7. nice cod mate
  8. for bream fish the oyster racks along the highway newee creek or end of the golf club island for flatties
  9. NICE!!!! that is a cracker
  10. jacks, bass, trevally, whiting, bream we have plenty of surface fishing on the mid north coast
  11. if you insist on using mono for lure fishing go platypus platinum its a little finer than the low stretch I agree schneider make excellent line buts its probably a little stretchy for lure fishing
  12. beautiful fish mate
  13. i would use mono rather than braid doesn't do slack line well because there is no stretch it will knot on itself
  14. jetty pylons and marinas are the main places I've caught silvers small grub style soft plastics, I've caught most of mine on the zerek live shrimp 2.5"
  15. the fish are sitting here waiting for you
  16. thanks guys, I was surprised how well the crabs worked next challenge is a trout on a cranka crab
  17. after the rain for the last couple of weekends decided it was time for the kids to get out of the house for some proper camping through scouting managed to gain access to a new property for camping and fishing. the place looked amazing massive mullett everywhere after a uick set up the kids got into the fishing action my young bloke landed about 10 catfish between 47-50cm and a massive mullett about 55cm, after a few hours of that the kids went off to do whatever it is they do which meant it was my turn to fish The bass didn't play the game just the commotion of the kids, but there were plenty of catfish feeding along the bottom so I tried a new technque for the "cranka crab" just need a cast up in front of the feeding cattie give it a bit of a shake and hang on I really forgot how hard these guys fight there were some scary moments watching a very expensive lure head for the timber its like they were designed for catties the claws catch the lips really well didn't have a single deep hooking they were all really good sized fish around the high 40's to 50cm range the kids came back and were happy just watching me tangle with the catties as you can see pristine water We also managed to catch a young rabbit being a pest and me wanting to be a caveman or the kids it was quickly dispatched and cooked on the fire later on after dark we went down with the spotlight and caught a Cox's gudgeon something different for the kids then of course it rained early the next morning which cut our trip a little short but certainly not disapointed with the results cheers for reading Dave
  18. nice fish mate
  19. I use scent, I have found it makes some difference when using a slow retrieve or pause especially with fish like bream, when I'm spinning for fish like trevally I don't bother as it doesn't seem to make a difference Scent won't change a day when the fish are really chewing but on a tough day it can be the difference between a fish and a doughnut
  20. I've got some time off in January definetly be up for it
  21. quieter beaches are better they really pick up vibrations and go to ground, either low tide for the giant slimies and kings or high tide for the beachies are when you get your biggest worms a stingray draggged behind your car for a km or 2 to rub the skin off make the best berley
  22. I always remove the split ring and use a "Lefty's loop" knot, I agree with you they are just another thing to go wrong
  23. could be an "Estuary cod" Epinephelus coioides or I think more likely a Black-spot Epinephelus malabaricus without seeing the body impossible to be certain
  24. Hey Rick was thinking of you and cod fishing, I found a spot on the Severn unfortunately it involves a 6km hike in but that's what makes it fun just need a fishing buddy for safety so if your keen Dave
  25. Can't help you with your LBG quest, but if you find yourself on the mid north coast send me a message, if I'm free I can certainly put you onto some fish