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  1. Great report and solid commitment to fish 10 hour session!!!! Gotta love fresh gardies, how do u cook?
  2. If you have wheels Id suggest urriarra crossing on the Murrumbidgee up or downstream 10 minutes worms or shrimp 3 way swivel hook trace 50cm pea sinker dropper 20cm no.8 longshank just about guaranteed carp. Redfin easy in most lakes Lake Bg, Ginninderra and Tuggeranong using no.3 red celta type lures cast let sink wind just fast enough to spin blade move along the bank til school located. Either way a great way to spend an afternoon imo, tight lines let us know how u go
  3. Essentially the reel is a line holding device and will definitely still do the job. When matching a reel and rod I balance the rod with reel attached with my forefinger positioned close to the end of the rod grip closest to the tip. The reel is too heavy for the rod if you have to come more than 25mm from the end of the grip. Shakespeare 4000 size is pretty much the same as the major manufacturers. Hopefully that helps.
  4. 4lb line & f5 rapala. Fit, wild fish that played up big time jumped out 4 times up to a metre clear of the water!
  5. 80 mm Sqidgy Bloodworm Wriggler
  6. Mount Camel Beach for free camping and fishing. If you get the chance check out Bremer Bay, stay as long as you can. Beach, rock and jetty fishing brilliant in a small town well off the beaten track. I found the fishing tougher once I got further west from Bremer Bay until Shark Bay where you can catch fish with bare hooks.
  7. Yep same fish
  8. Classic Aussie fish of a thousand names, aka the Blackall. Go hard in shallow water and despite some opinion to the contrary actually really good to eat imo.
  9. Great to test out the new outfit!!! I am looking at either the 325h or 325m but haven't found a shop that stocks them. Same deal with the salina 3 i want to combine with it. I would really like to feel the combo together before purchase but any input appreciated. On a side note it is an offense to set lobster gear where it may interfere with recreational line fishing. Sometimes I think people set them in close to collect lures. Bring on the warm current!!!
  10. Great video, non stop action. Fishing shows take note!!!
  11. Land-based or boat. Inshore/offshore. Estuary/beach,rock. Bait or lures. You will definitely be able to scrape up a feed but it will be challenging as it always is in this part of the world in August, arguably the toughest month of the year in these parts. Narrow it down a bit and I'll throw a few ideas out there. I fished Sat / Sun total of 3 hours for 2 trev and 1 bream, just enough to feed the family. Beautiful areas to fish and always lots to see. Spotted 2 Dwarf Minke Whales feeding last trip.
  12. Nothing wrong with Pike just a bit unpleasant to handle owing to the slime and smell.
  13. Great report. Big rain forecast for this fri / sat will see fish moving en mass hopefully!
  14. Took advantage of a small window of opportunity on Tuesday, loaded the trout gear and 4 year old into the car and headed to a nearby stream. I had taken the young fella out the week before fishing for Yellowbelly and Carp and never got a bite in 4 hours but still enjoyed the great outdoors so keen to get him onto something with fins. Plenty of human sign around, just the usual beer bottles and empty worm tubs (collected for disposal) that had me a bit worried the area had been fished recently. Second cast gets followed by a 40cm rainbow and my confidence levels rise. He comes back a few times but seems non committal at best. Whipped a long cast into tiger country and spy a decent trout following close behind. I gave the lure an erratic twitch and bang, I'm on! Couple of decent runs and he is slugging it out deep lunging for underwater structure. I played him out quite gently hoping to tire him out for landing and all goes well and a slightly out of condition rainbow of 54cm is mine. My PB is 57cm that I walked hours for so I'm pretty stoked to get such a quality fish a couple of hundred metres from the car. Young fella gets 2 trout at 10cm each and claims to be the winner of the day. We sit down to eat an apple and while I'm not watching he jumps in the icy water fully clothed for a quick swim Thrown in a pic of the 57cm for no apparent reason.