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  1. weipa

    Trip of a lifetime!!!
  2. brisbane water snapper

    More snapper being caught inshore than I can remember, anyone else noticed this?
  3. Flathead in the bucket

  4. Flathead in the bucket

    With the Bonnies taking a well earned holiday I am forced to try my hand at other species. Around 4pm I threw a few light rods and some bread in the back if the car and down to a small jetty in the hope of a few gardies for bait supply. Rigged the daughter up for gar and small sp for me. Unhooking a small bream on the gar rod and a 47cm flat chap eats the sp duly landed and dinners sorted. Sort out bream and back in with sp, straight on you little beauty. Get him in close and see he's bigger than the last and may test the 6lb leader dead lifting the fish up. Hmmmm knew I should have brought the net, oh well bucket it is. If you have ever used a bucket as a net you know it fills with water and weighs a ton and is very hard to manoeuvre. Short story long DD is up to the task despite Flat chap going mental and spraying water everywhere, working together we hoist bucket and flathead onto jetty and high fives all round. Fish goes 60cm and provides delicious dinner. As a bait collecting mission its a disaster but a great trip all the same. The fish in the photo with fist pump is 60cm and next pic is 47cm.
  5. A girl from Cowan

    Classic catch!!!
  6. First bream on HB

    That time during a decent fight is what I call "reel time". Enjoy every moment of the "reel time" as it is the culmination of all the time and effort spent purchasing, preparing, driving, walking etc.
  7. id please (Diamond Fish)

    Always called them Butter bream. Ive caught them from Cairns to St Georges Basin
  8. Bycatch spinning for tailor

    Nice surprise that!!!
  9. Hawkesbury Handline Fishing

    Good mate who lives near Gladstone always had 200lb handline setup with 12/0 and would only use it if we caught a 20cm plus Moses Perch for live bait. Caught some big Cod, Shovelnose lost Barra, Sharks etc. One day in 6 metres with bait set straight down line goes off followed by Dolphin cartwheeling literally over the boat thankfully pulling the hook in the kaos. Sufficiently traumatised he has never done it again. Be careful as you never know what you might hook up to.
  10. Mowie off the rocks

    I also use the twisted version as per Welsters YouTube vid
  11. Mowie off the rocks

    To be honest I'm not that fussy as long as it's fresh I'll eat it. The sweep was white and moist and as good as the Mowie and trevally imho. I did catch some black sole around 40cm while prawning on a recent trip to Mallacoota and they were close to inedible. Not a fan of various southern wrasse either as I find them mushy. Some of my more controversial favourites include Pike and Yakkas.
  12. Mowie off the rocks

    Still hurling lures at Bonnies and Kings but finding the bowling shoulder starting to suffer a bit with repetitive cast / retrieve. Ive been squirrelling away all my bonnie offcuts and salting them before bagging up and freezing. Using a few old paternoster rigs left over from previous boat trips in combo with 2/0 circles and sinker to suit. After much testing in my mates "den" we have come to the conclusion that the old style dropper knot breaks about 50 % line strength whereas kiwi loop is close to 100% so that's what I use. Anyways I managed this Mowie which is first for me as well as a 35cm Trev and good sized sweep all released into hot oil for dinner last night.
  13. Recently moved to Jervis Bay from Canberra. Promised the better half I'd only fish 5 days a week. Headed out this morning before work with a 1.5 hr window of opportunity. My standard approach is 12 foot heritage, tss4, 20lb line and 40grm knight retrieved flat biscuit. Bit challenging getting much time in the strike zone with swell and wind but managed a couple of bonnies and a small kingy around 60cm I guessed. Figured by the time I stuffed around measuring it thrashing around on the rocks only to find it to be under a quick release would be a better option. Another small king saved his fight for the last 5 metres and took my lure, attached it to a rock and swam happily away, no doubt to grow enormous and become a master of his domain. I've managed a few bonnies most mornings to around 55cm, Mack tuna to 65cm a few Tailor and Kingies including one keeper at 77cm. The state of the rocks some mornings is disgraceful and I wonder how people can visit such a stunning place and leave all their rubbish behind. I bring a bucket now and take as much as I can be bothered picking up. As I develop RSI from constantly spinning I'm thinking I might try some live bait to tempt my dream fish, the 1 metre Kingy off the rocks. P.s. Any boaties in the area looking for enthusiastic crew feel free to hit me up!!
  14. Hacking sand flats

    Could be worth trying hooking the nipper / yabby through the last segment of the tail only with a no.8 long shank chemically sharpened 8lb fluro trace gentle cast 1mtr of slack dont strike just tighten up if u suspect an inquiry. It does look a bit unlikely but give it a go definitely tricks the bigger fish