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  1. Bass Help

    You're in the hills district. Pm your number I'll take you out and get you onto some bass, I'm only in Windsor but fish the fresh all around the hills and hawkesbury.
  2. An end to carp?

    As much as I support the virus I feel it is 30 years too late and believe now the ecosystems have adapted to the carp so I am unsure on the effect it will now have... On the carp being a great fighting fish or not so great, have you ever caught one on lure with bass gear? When the bass shut down the plastic bugs come out for sightcasting carp. check out "windsor bait and tackle" youtube channel, full of videos targeting them and the fight they put up...(Note: thats not an advertisement just simply a youtube channel to watch).
  3. Port Hacking again

  4. Port Hacking again

    Good job getting a feed in not the best conditions. I went for a flick for bass and they were biting but the wind was killing me in an open valley and I lost everyone in reeds.... Do you ever fish up around lugarno/Illawong?
  5. Why bass don't bite

    I find the barometer doesn't effect it greatly more so just in how they feed and what they feed on. The rain weve just had would've shut them down and made it quite hard to get a bite. Creeks only came good today in the hawkesbury. As we got a lot more rain then I thought. Give it it another shot I think the best technique after rain is a jig spin and soft plastic. Wait for the sun to come up a little too say 8am onwards.
  6. Hey, Planning on going out in the kayak tomorrow either in the upper hawkesbury for some bass or somewhere in the salt for bream. haven't decided where i was going yet but thought I would put out a feeler seeing if anyone wants to tag along, I'm going regardless but always keen for a buddy especially as I don't fish the salt much and my bream success on lures is limited but am now just aiming for consistency. I'll be leaving first light early morning depending on location so just shoot me a pm if youre keen or text me on 0417278521 Cheers
  7. Thursday Session.

    Hey Paul, Great to hear you're still bass fishing and getting stuck into it this season. Keen to go for a flick sometime, Matt
  8. Georges river?

    Hey all, Just wondering how well the George's river is fishing? I have a few hours to kill tomorrow arvo before I'm stuck with the girlfriend for the weekend *smirks... Will be land based lure fishing and at the moment was thinking of hitting salt pan creek end of riverwood making my way towards lugarno, up in all them mangroves and highly polluted back waters .... If anyone has some other sections worth fishing that aren't too far from a train station that hit us up with a pm Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks Savit I've found a few different dealers around Sydney and I think I'm going to go with the pedal craft 10 purely to try and save a little cashola. The hobie can come in future. Thank you for your help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks Savit, What other brands of peddle yaks are there out there I haven't been able to find anything other then the hobies. I'm more after a small yak under 3m for some tight work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hey all, Looking to buy a hobie mirage sport soon as I am wanting to upgrade to a higher quality yak now that I've done the hard yards in my SeaK lunar. This yak had served me well but it's time to donate to my younger brother so I can take him along with me and also get into some tighter bass water for myself. So I'm looking at a hobie mirage sport and was wondering what a) everyone thinks of this yak? and where would you recommend buying one in Sydney? I know you'd most likely have to pm this to me and admin delete if not allowed was just throwing out a feeler....
  12. Well thats akward

    Awesome job. You can only learn more with more sessions. Hardest part is figuring out when they're just sucking on it. Just feels like pulling through weed sometimes. Yet to land some good bream on lures. I always target mangroves and river banks on the run in tides. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Parra river bream

    What I've been hearing from a mate that's been fishing the parra regularly is that if you can find them on the sounder then that's your best bet. He's been getting them mostly on blades( strikepro, feralcatts) and soft plastics. He noted to me that he was finding that by tea bagging the blades just under the boat when he got a fish following often proved successful too. Hope that helps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. 'Carpageddon'

    I'm all for supporting it. But at the same time let's consider the food source that carp do provide to some of our native beasts. Also what effect will the virus have on wildlife that consume infected carp cause nature is a big cycle right. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Sydney kings

    I've been speaking to a mate who said he was finding them around the piers in middle harbour up north shore way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk