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  1. Berowra creek firing combined monthly report

    I have landbased around the galston gorge area but due to the lack of rain didn’t this season. I do plan to fish further up the creek past crosslands next summer. A mate of mine that originally showed me crosslands has and had some success. I’m curious how far up you have to go before it turns fresh.
  2. Over the last month I’ve been fishing berowra creek from the ferry up to the scouts hall fairly regularly in the kayak. I’m compiling a large report as the fishing has been really good on the flattys and bream working either strike pro blades, 4.6gm in shallows and the 9.6gm in deeper water around the boats. My other go too lure has been the 100mm squidgy biotough wriggler in bloodworm which has nailed me a lot of flathead over 40 and a cracking bream I got today that went 43cm. Its all been a major learning curve for me after a disappointing bass season, and I’ve found it most productive working mangrove edges and the drop offs from the sand flats. One day from memory I had a hot bite for thirty minutes where I waded the flat and was getting fish a cast. Today I launched at the ferry on the west side (around 9:30) and worked around the moorings to start the day. Was frustrating to say the least, snapping line, and then losing a 70cm+ flatty next to the yak in the first half hour was hard to take. Was pretty quiet for a while with the drop of the tide so I made the decision to work up the creek to the begining of the flats where the waters quite deep and lots of weed beds. This paid off with some good mid 30s flathead around but was highlighted by a 43cm bream I caught on previous mentioned squidgy wriggler. Was a very solid fight and had my fears I’d pull the hooks on it, quick picture and I released him for another day. Called it not long after this to finish the day on a high, back in time to start work at 4. Thanks for reading. Will put up another report after the weekend.
  3. cowan creek vs middle harbour

    Hey mate, I know it wasn’t an option but you mentioned kayaks and I know berowra isn’t far down from Cowan. Been fishing back end of berowra creek from the ferry to crosslands reserve and catching a stack of flattys and bream. A lot of mid 40 flatty models around and today I landed a 43cm bream on the edge of the flats. Either way weather is looking good so good luck on the weekend. I’ll be launching at crosslands reserve myself.
  4. Georges - Anzac morning flick

    Awesome job mate. I’m hitting the George’s over the weekend. System has been fishing well of late.
  5. Successful day on Cowan creek + feeding frenzy

    Nice job, what a run in that would’ve been with those kings. I believe you can get away with anything as light as 9-12kg for inland bays rivers but outside you want to go heavier. Livies like squid and yakkas go great. Im heading to berowra creek at the moment. Last time I was in Apple tree bay I watched a green sea turtle just cruise around the creek end for about half an hour was a cool experience.
  6. Putty beach-killcare

    Hey all, looking at staying at the campground in the NP this weekend near putty beach. Would like to get out for a fish in the kayak as conditions are looking good at the moment. I’m just after some general advice or help on the area. Mostly lure fishing with vibes, plastics but will put out some fresh squid. Any Bommies or reefy points worth fishing? Cheers Matt
  7. An end to carp?

    Basically not shutting it off altogether but looking at alternatives to cotton that are more drought resistant and require less water. Basically it’s a different argument but as both high amounts of irrigation and carp have a common fault of decreasing water quality. I won’t go into it anymore but I strongly recommend watching some other videos from the nccp Mainly this one were it discusses findings of the tests conducted.
  8. An end to carp?

    Personally have been following this guy from the NCCP for a month or so now. He is releasing some damning data that explores the scientific research that has been completed. I don’t think the 60% of carp killed during the testing is a concern what concerns me is that all the trout/galaxiid, Murray cod, silver perch tested died during the tests. Many waterways in the UK have been decimated by virus releases there as whole lake systems have been killed off and extreme care is taken around cleaning and use of fishing tools like hooks and the transportation of water. A lot could be fixed in the Murray darling system if some effort was made to hold the cotton farmers actually accountable for their irrigation and shut it off all together.
  9. Beach fishing

    I’ll be in sandbar on Smith’s lake just south of you. Goodluck will be hitting Cellito some nice gutters along there especially the northern corner that’s mostly protected.
  10. Batemans Bay

    Was down there over the last long weekend. Fished the river in my kayak but scored some good flatties and bream in both live poddies and plastics. Biggest flattty went 60cm. Was working down river from the big island to the next river that is a sanctuary zone, run out was most productive there. Other good spots to drift is across surfside, cullendulla, Long Beach and Maloney’s. All produce good flatties and there tends to be a greater congregation as you get closer to each rocky point.
  11. Bass Help

    You're in the hills district. Pm your number I'll take you out and get you onto some bass, I'm only in Windsor but fish the fresh all around the hills and hawkesbury.
  12. An end to carp?

    As much as I support the virus I feel it is 30 years too late and believe now the ecosystems have adapted to the carp so I am unsure on the effect it will now have... On the carp being a great fighting fish or not so great, have you ever caught one on lure with bass gear? When the bass shut down the plastic bugs come out for sightcasting carp. check out "windsor bait and tackle" youtube channel, full of videos targeting them and the fight they put up...(Note: thats not an advertisement just simply a youtube channel to watch).
  13. Port Hacking again

  14. Port Hacking again

    Good job getting a feed in not the best conditions. I went for a flick for bass and they were biting but the wind was killing me in an open valley and I lost everyone in reeds.... Do you ever fish up around lugarno/Illawong?
  15. Why bass don't bite

    I find the barometer doesn't effect it greatly more so just in how they feed and what they feed on. The rain weve just had would've shut them down and made it quite hard to get a bite. Creeks only came good today in the hawkesbury. As we got a lot more rain then I thought. Give it it another shot I think the best technique after rain is a jig spin and soft plastic. Wait for the sun to come up a little too say 8am onwards.