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  1. Pittwater Blackfish

    Wonboyn lake, 2015, two rods one w weed one w a nipper, same spot double hook up.
  2. Light action

    Wizza, I was there in 2014, don't remember the kingies, but do remember the jacks, smashing their offerings and returning to their den. Back on colours...the limited no. of coral trout I've caught, they seem to be a deeper colour depending on the depth they're caught at ?
  3. Light action

    Jon D Near Denham, WA, there is the Ocean Park Aquarium, part of the guided tour is a boardwalk above water with fish below, it is here I saw 40, 50, 60 cm snapper swimming and they were silver with the blue dots. The guide said it was their natural colour, but I've been unable to back it up with googling research. The water was shallow and obviously not their natural environment. Interesting.
  4. Light action

    Nice fish Jon, can see the island in one pic. I believe snapper in their natural unstressed state are silver w blue spots, the red comes from stress. Perhaps kingies are a natural lighter colour?