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  1. New fishing Boat

    While I do like the sea rod mob0103 one thing I do like about the new quintrex trailers is the catch and release system. Would make it a lot easier when out by myself.
  2. New fishing Boat

    thanks again for the advice. I do like the look of the tabs territory pro.
  3. New fishing Boat

    Thanks heaps for the advice. I am hoping to get something with a high transform/motorwell to stop any swell coming in from the back of the boat. I will have a look at the stacer and see what price I can get with the high motorwell upgrade. Don't necessarily need anything bigger as I will probably take it out myself a bit.
  4. New fishing Boat

    Hi all, In the market for a new fishing boat with about 30-35K to spend. I'd mostly be sticking to the rivers and maybe head out once in a while if the conditions were awesome. I like the look of the side consoles and am currently thinking between a Qunitrex 450 Top Ender or a Formosa Sea Rod 480 classic. Anyone had any experiences with these boats or have any other suggestions? cheers
  5. Port Macquarie fishing

    where's the best place to catch livies like yellowtail or herring? saw a guy at the breakwall today with 2 huge flatheads. He was using livies and the only person catching anything decent.
  6. Port Macquarie fishing

    For sure, always looking to learn new fishing spots and learn from people in the know.
  7. Is lake cathie open to the sea?

    is it the new moon or full moon that you get the run of prawns. Would love to take the kids down one evening.
  8. Port Macquarie fishing

    had a crack at Blackmans this morning, great spot to get nippers and throw in a line. Only got some small bream and a sting ray that gave me a bit of a fight. By the time I left there were too many people showing up, probably mostly families on holiday. Hopefully it will quieten down after the Christmas holiday period. Thanks again for the suggestion.
  9. Port Macquarie fishing

    thanks will try Blackmans tomorrow morning on the run out. looks like there might be some flatties around there.
  10. Port Macquarie fishing

    Just escaped Sydney and made the move to the Port and looking for any advice on where to fish. Have caught a few flatties of lighthouse beach but that's about it. I wont have my boat for a few months so looking for some land based spots as well. The breakwall looks good but seems to have a pretty fast flow. Lake Cathie looks good but I think its closed to the ocean at the moment and assume this might affect things. Any advice or tips from fellow raiders would be great.
  11. Is lake cathie open to the sea?

    Does Lake Cathie only fish well when its open?
  12. Leaving an aluminium boat in the water for 4 days

    thanks for all your advice.
  13. Hi guys, just hoping for a bit of wisdom from people who have owned boats longer than me. I am planning to be spending 4 days/3nights in Pittwater and am wondering whether its wise to leave my 5.4 metre quinntrex in the water for the whole time. Will there be problems without flushing the engine for 4 days and without any antifouling, what will the hull be like after that long. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. best general purpose rod and reel

    thanks for the advice.
  15. Hi all, I'm new to fishraider so I apologise if this has been covered before. I have recently got myself a boat and am able to get out more and have a fish. I have a good rod and reel combo for bigger fish such as kingys etc, but am after a good general purpose rod and reel for your bread and butter species like bream and flatties etc. I like the look of the shimano stadic 3000FK paired with maybe a Shimano Raider, pflueger trion or maybe an ugly stick Gx2. I want to be able to cast lures as well as a baited hook. I like the look of the raiders but I have a feeling the raiders are more purpose built for lures only and not so much bait fishing. In a perfect world i'd buy 3 rods. one for the big fish, one for bait fishing and another casting lures and SP. Be glad to have any advice from anyone who has this sort of combo before spending $400+