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  1. Broken bay wide

    Well done mate solid effort
  2. indepth

    Hey Mate I went out last Sunday, weather turned shit on us, trolled around the fad and didn’t get a hook up. There has been a few beakies around at the moment, not too much deeper than 70fathoms. They should start pushing down a bit more now. The bite off sydney has picked up so should see them around now
  3. Northern beaches

    Good fish mate well done
  4. Sydney kings

    Awesome job mate well done
  5. Red Tuesday

    Thanks all 🤙🏼
  6. Red Tuesday

    Had an rdo from work today and was meant to help a mate out with his work, that got cancelled late last night so a quick weather check and a last minute call to fish south of Sydney today was made. We hit the water about 5.45, munched around for a good 45mins trying to find some new bait grounds etc so with no success we decided on a lure only Fishing day and off we went. Started to get near the spot we were aiming for and marked a heeeeeeap of bait on the sounder, so pulled the boat out of gear, I grabbed the bait jig and sent it down while my mate grabbed his Fishing jig, mistakenly. I got 3 slimies, and he goes off and nails a nice 52cm snapper. Perfect start to the day. Next drop another snapper, 48cm model. So naturally I grabbed my snapper gear and dropped down, hit the bottom and boom, rod buckles. I’m on, good fish. Pulling drag, running me around the boat. A 15 minute battle ensues, starting to see color the fish buries it’s head and heads back down just out of sight. Fiiiinally I got the beauty boatside, perfect net job by my mate and boated a fat 72cm knobby headed snapper. A new pb for me by 22cm. Not a bad effort for a Tuesday. Tight lines
  7. Botany Kings

    Nice work mate. Sucks about the rod
  8. Port Stephens- snapper time!

    Nice work as always mate
  9. Port Stephens Snaps Time!!!

    Nice mate. Always producing the goods
  10. Chasing Bust Ups in Sydney + Video

    Awesome video mate!
  11. NSW North Coast trip

    Awesome mate photos are great! That's actually a coastal carpet python, beautiful snake and equally as placid. Well done mate
  12. Old mans first red

    Sorry guys! He was using bait, I though getting him on plastics and lures was pushing the friendship a little. I was flicking plastics for a bit but mainly focused on getting him a fish! Haha. He's stoked
  13. Old mans first red

    I headed out of port kembla Saturday morning with he old man in hope of him catching his first legal snapper, in almost 60 years of trying. Dads very stuck in his 'short rod, big alvey, 60lb mono paternoster' ways, so with some convincing him to leave them behind and try 'my' way for a change we headed out. It was a slow day, swell was alright, wind wasn't really a drama but finding the fish, that's a whole different kettle of, well, lack of fish. The minutes ticked by, we drifted and drifted and drifted some more. Donuts. Changed spots, went deeper, went shallower. Pondered. Then a call 'I think I've got the bottom...' then the bottom started to take a little drag, and a little more. 'Ah dad, that's a fish'. So a little tussling, dad excited with a bent rod, 'its red!' So a quick net job by yours truest and dad finally, after almost 60 years, has his first Snapper! A nice 45cm model. Not a bad way to kick off the tally. After that he landed a horse 55cm mowie, then was satisfied and packed it up to head home. He was pumped! Till next time, tight lines 🤙🏼🤙🏼
  14. Bellambi Friday

    Nice work mate well done! How shallow were you? I'm heading out next Saturday if the weather is good
  15. Three years to get my first marlin

    Well done champion! You'll never forget your first one.