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  1. Not what we planned for

    that's awesome. the last pic
  2. Big shark Botany Bay

    that's awesome man
  3. Jetski ban georges river

    they should be banned from Brisbane waters and Pittwater no wait the whole central coast!!!!!
  4. Jewies

    sweet thanks mate
  5. Jewies

    Herro all for targeting jewies off narrabeen has many people caught from here and also lures or bait??
  6. Murray G

    mate all depends on how much you want to spend I would love to buy a Sailfish 2700 awesome boat but funds have better places to go at the moment lol
  7. Fishing shoes for big feet

    sorry mate when I saw what you wrote I thought of this straight away lol
  8. Fluorocarbon Leader

    sic balls!!
  9. Fluorocarbon Leader

    do you find heavy braid needs more turns or always do 20 turns??
  10. Fluorocarbon Leader

    second video was awesomne
  11. Fishing after the rain

    ok sweet thanks rick might be heading out on sundee
  12. Fishing after the rain

    Sweet thanks mate
  13. Evening all while the misses is watching bloody married at first sight i thought i might talk some rubbish lol. With fresh water fishing mainly going for bass if the water is dirty and muddy after a good rain do the fish cone on or do they wait until the water is clear than come on
  14. Maggots!

    due to the humidity the flies went out to sea dropped their eggs on seaweed and the weed has come in
  15. Braided Line - PowerPro Vs. Spider Stealth

    Sunline Cast away is buy far the best I have used