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  1. Night fishing buddy wanted

    How did u end up mate?
  2. Black Head

    Man it looks so good wish I took my rods down grrrrrr lol
  3. Black Head

    Man it is fen awesome
  4. Black Head

  5. Black Head

    Mate man maybe tomorrow ill chuck up a pic from Google earth meow tho
  6. Black Head

    Evening all chilling out at gerringong with the misses we went for a walk at black head and my o my the rock platform looked absolutely awesome!!! Has anyone fished it? Or dose anyone know about it
  7. Night fishing buddy wanted

    were abouts you at?
  8. IMPORTANT SURVEY ALL - show our relevance

    Done yesterday
  9. Surf rod and reel recommendations.

    mate it comes down to your budget I have a Wilson live fibre 13'6" rod and a 6500 Baitrunner I have caught everything from big bream to tailor, salmon, shark off the beach I cant fault the gear I have put them through their paces and still awesome mate
  10. Yarramundi

    Hey all has anyone been fishing yarramundi of late
  11. Scott’s head fishing

    I did you were at costi's lol
  12. Scott’s head fishing

    yeah yeah good on ya mate which shop did u buy them from
  13. Rockfishing shoes for North of Sydney

    go to a shop or a store like that buy the rock fishing boots from there with the nails on the soles, best thing I have bought I fish on the central coast
  14. Cordless wet & dry vacuum cleaners

    mate I have a Ryobi that I got from bunnings for 90 dollaridoos not cordless tho
  15. Kings

    morning all, Hope all is well on this Friday all knots are tied for the weekend, I will be heading up the central coast next weekend to chase the kings off the stones, I know in the morning before the sun comes up is best time but how about in the afternoon when the sun is setting do the kings get turn on late in the day as well???