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  1. Narrabeen 'estuary'

    Thank goodness its been opened, all those troical fish and usual suspects can get out and do their thing, instead of going stir crazy at the entrance. Pic from 10.00 am today. Some success fishing too. Sorry about lack of rotation of pic.
  2. A Failed Outing Saved by Narrabeen

    Water is improving
  3. Narrabeen Lake Croc Hunting

    Definitely Cornet fish, yesterday a shoal of 25..+ A Purple Flying Gurnard, Banded Wrasse and shoal of Goatfish and all the usual suspects Most forming similar size fish shoals going stir crazy. NB Cornets approx 1200 mm long.
  4. Narrabeen Lake Croc Hunting

    Aah found em....'smooth cornetfish'...
  5. Narrabeen Lake Croc Hunting

    Bad luck on the 'mamas' ...The water is pretty dodgy eh ! All sorts of fish trying to get out, inc. tropicals. trumpet? trombone fish etc etc.
  6. Cork handles on rods - any maintenance needed?

    Zero maintenance other than a scale wash. Had my cork handled coarse fishing rod 47 years. Use it still when visiting UK. Lacquer well gone.
  7. can you use a spin reel on a baitcaster rod

    This all becomes very weird Upside down and back to front ...Throw in the fact that most Aussies wind the reel right handed after having swapped the rod from right hand to left hand after the R'H cast !
  8. Golden oldies

    I recall it ! Good memory for years ago. Was there a passer by who helped? I do recall white feathers being mentioned at the time
  9. Golden oldies

  10. Jewies

    Just checked out the 'semi-upper' reaches, 4.30 pm the water is crossing the footpath at the roundabout at the corner of Walker and Mactier St's.
  11. Jewies

    Mactier St and Jamieson are VERY close to coming over the top, come on rain!..Yes I get the 'Natural' part; but as a fishery and breeding ground it could be assisted? Have you seen the Luderick, Mullet et al swarming aimlessly around the exit. A mate of mine picked a Luderick up as it was beached whilst trying to get over the incoming trickle over the sand hump.... and its full of lice atm.
  12. Frustrating day

    No worries, I can see your angle
  13. Narrabeen PB

    Thanks a lot Guys. Bettered my PB by 19cm ! Went very well on 10 lb braid , head shakes and a two good runs..thought it was a Jewie at first.
  14. Narrabeen PB

    Last week. P.B Flattie = 84cm N.B .Post moved from another 'Title'
  15. Frustrating day

    Nope I wasnt rubbing it IN. The thread had shifted to a planned trip to that bridge by two guys, I thought it was encouraging rather than the opposite. But hey I will delete it ..and repost separately.