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  1. FishermanSteve this was boat based. Not many easy bank fishing spots down that way. Donna, Glenbawn is the go at the moment and supposedly Lostock is firing too.
  2. You fished the worst stretch mate. Try the other side of the rock groyne you finished up at and also the other side of Rodd Point from the rowing club. Have done hundreds of sessions down there and that stretch never produced much but the others can really fire up.
  3. Flattie was over 60cm. Me and my mate just looked at each other jaws dropped. Hahaha
  4. Fished out at Windsor with my fishing club (WSBB) today and nabbed a few more Bass. It rained all morning but we soldiered on. I converted all my hits into fish (3 Bass in total) and even landed a monster Flathead on a beetle spin in the fresh water above Windsor. Couldn't believe it. Thought I had nailed a big Bass!!
  5. Super stoked. 42cm fork length. This spot never gives up big numbers of Bass bit it makes up for it with big sizes. Going out again tomorrow somewhere else so hopefully can boat a few more!!
  6. Hi Cooper, You won't find many people willing to give up their Bass or EP spots on a forum. Most of us have invested years in finding our spots and learning the patterns etc. The best advice I can give you is to read articles online and search YouTube and then hit the water and put in the time. I can tell you that all of the fresh water reaches of the Sydney rivers hold Bass in varying numbers and that the upper reaches (brackish) all hold EP's and Bass depending on the time of year. If you do some homework and then hit the water, you'll find some fish.
  7. Plenty of references online about how to distinguish the two, however, at a very high level the EP's are more commonly silver compared to the bronze colour of the bass and the EP's have a concave forehead whereas the bass have a concave forehead. They are closely related and are often found together in most rivers at certain times of the year. Right now though the bass have moved further up to the fresh water after spawning and will be at the further reaches of the brackish water and above.
  8. Kelso Beach at Milperra.
  9. They are hyperactive little buggers. They love it worked fast with lots of fuss and splashing and then a small pause.
  10. Headed down the coast to our holiday house and made use of the perfect weather to round up some whiting on the surface. Here is a real elbow slapper taken on a little Storm popper. They wouldn't take the lure in anything deeper than 2 feet of water.
  11. 28 wraps would be OK maybe for 8lb but the lighter you go the more wraps you will need. The knot size is so small on ultra-light line that 50 wraps will still look tiny. I use 40 wraps when chasing bass and that is joining 6lb Fireline to 12lb leader. Pulling a big fish out of timber I want the best knot strength for the size that I can get.
  12. Nothing wrong with 2lb Fireline if it is used in the right hands. 4lb leader might be a bit of a stretch especially as you will encounter flathead and tailor while chasing bream. Use a FG knot with 50 wraps and you'll have no problem with leader to mainline knot. I use 40 wraps on 2kg Fireline Exceed to 6lb leader. Never gives up.
  13. Plastics-wise don't discount 4" Berkley Bass Minnows. Smelt Scales colour works a treat.